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The unique B3 enables efficient heat exchange in applications with small flows and extreme demands for compactness. Easy to install and use, the product is small yet flexible, which makes it a particularly good choice for economizer applications and small water coolers.weiterlesen


The B65 is the perfect choice for high-capacity applications where the most robust plate heat exchanger is sought. With different plate combinations, it offers a solution for the most demanding industrial and heating applications, and is also a very effective condenser.weiterlesen


The B35TDW targets applications such as boilers for tap water heating, transformer oil cooling, chiller and refrigeration desuperheaters, and heat recovery from air compressors. SWEP's Double Wall technology ensures that liquids do not mix and makes any internal leaks visible - important factors in applications ...weiterlesen


The B30 is an asymmetric cross-flow heat exchanger. It is particularly suitable for gas-to-liquid applications and for tapping tributary flows from main streams. With 2 1/2" piping, it handles water flow of up to 58 m³/h (255 gpm). It can be used as a suction gas heat exchanger in chillers of up to 350 ...weiterlesen


The B633 is a high flow capacity BPHE, suitable for a diverse range of demanding applications, such as condenser and evaporator in power generation, engine oil cooler, steam condenser, heat recovery in chillers, or for specific district heating installations. The product offers PHE-like capacities at ...weiterlesen

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