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Thousand Hundred Industrial

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Thousand Hundred Industrial
Co., Ltd.

No.9, Alley 29, Lane 335,
Chenggong Road,
30342 Hukou, Hsinchu
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Fax: +886 3 5902243


Frau Ella Lai
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Telefon: +886 3 5994440
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Hight Frequency-Current Sensor & Rogowsk

High Frequency- Current Senses( CS ) UL/Approved & Fully RoHS Compliant Frequency Range:20KHZ to 50KHz and higher Operating temperature range:-20degree to +65degree Storage Temperature Range:-25degree to +85degree Hi-POT:2500VRMS/1min between windings Applications: Feedback Control Overload Protection Detecting ...weiterlesen

Current Transducers & Current Sensors

Current Transducers AC Current Transducers Transducer for the electronic measurement of AC sinusoidal waveforms, with galvanic isolation between the primary (High power) and the secondary circuit (Electronic circuit). Jumper selectable ranges and self powered transducers. Features AC sinusoidal measurement Average ...weiterlesen

Zero-Phase Current Transformers

UL/CE Approved and Fully RoHS Compliant Frequency band: 50/60Hz Operating temperature: -25degree to +65degree Storage Temperature Range -25degree to +85degree Conforms to IEC 60044-1 Hi-POT: 2500VRMS/1min between windings. Application: Heater Over Current Sensor Earth leakage breaker Ground ...weiterlesen

Potential Transformers (PT)

UL/CE-Approved & Fully RoHS Compliant Frequency Range: 50/60Hz Rated Primary Voltage V1(V): 100, 100V3, 150, 220, 380, 300, 400. 480V Rated current ratio of the current transformer: 1mA/1mA (2mA/2mA) Accuracy Class:1.0% @RL(smaller/equal to)100(OMEGA) Linearity Class:0.1% @RL(smaller/equal to)100(OMEGA) ...weiterlesen

Mini Precision Current Transformers ( CT )

UL/CE Approved and Fully RoHS Compliant Frequency Range:50/60 Hz Operating Temperature Range:-40degree to +85degree Storage Temperature Range:-45degree to +90degree Conforms to IEC 60044-1 Isolated Voltage: 4000V AC Rated System Voltage:600V AC Terminals:PC board or wire assemblyweiterlesen

Hall Current Sensor

For the electronic measurement of current: DC, AC, pulsed..., with a galvanic isolation between the primary circuit(high power) and the secondary circuit(electronic circuit) 1.Excellent accuracy 2.Very good linearity 3.Low temperature drift 4.Optimized response time 5.Wide frequency bandwidth 6.No insertion ...weiterlesen

Eero Phase CTs

The CT24 series are split-type current transformers. It was recognized by UL Inc. 1. easy mount 2. Current range from 0A to 600Aweiterlesen

Current Transformer

Use to sense sine-wave current 1.High accuracy 2.low cost 3.Use for analog and digital circuitweiterlesen

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