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Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment

Thema: Gemeinschaftsstand Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries
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Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen
Equipment Co., Ltd.

1 Taian Road, Jinghai County
Tianyu Science & Technology Park
301609 Tianjin
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Fax: +86 22 68661780


Large scale hydrogen plants

THE invented the technology of FDQ circulation flow process of water electrolysis and using it solely, the characteristic of this technology is that hydrogen electrolyte and oxygen electrolyte circulated separately: hydrogen electrolyte pumped into hydrogen cell directly, oxygen electrolyte pumped into ...weiterlesen

Alkaline high pressure electrolysers, PE

Alkaline high pressure electrolysers, PEM electrolysers Advanced flow process We invented the unique flow process of separate circulation which is our patent which differs from the traditional process which H2 separator and O2 separator are connected at bottom through pipeline, the alkaline solution ...weiterlesen

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