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Tianjin Sure Instrument

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Tianjin Sure Instrument
Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

10, Hua Ding Xin Qu
Hai Tai Chuang Xin 6 Lu, 2 Hao
300384 Tianjin
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Fax: +86 222798 4210


Herr Yanbin Deng
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Telefon: +86 22 2798 4345
Fax: +86 22 2798 4210




Ultrasonic flow meter

Handheld Ultrasonic flow meterweiterlesen

Variable Area Flow Meter

Variable area flow meterweiterlesen

SURE1031 Magnetic Flowmeter

Specifications and features include: - For fluid: Liquid with conductivity - Not for: Gas, Steam, Oil - Negative pressure may damage the PTFE lining. - Great resistance to causticity - No moving Part - Less requirements on (straight pipe) meter runweiterlesen

Gas Turbine Flowmeter

gas turbine flowmeterweiterlesen

Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

Specifications and features include: - For fluid: Liquid (Water, Diesel, Gasoline) - Not For: Gas or steam - Filter should be installed; fluid with high viscosity is NOT available - High Accuracy: 1.0% or 0.5% or rate - Pressure Rating can be customized on requestweiterlesen

Inpipe Vortes Flowmeter

Vortex flow meter catalogweiterlesen

SURE2011 Series Pressure Sensor

Features include: - Imported diaphragm. Best Accuracy: 0.2% - Compact structure; Easy installation - Different installations are available - Stability: better than 0.1% per yearweiterlesen

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