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Thema: Grenzenlose Zulieferkompentenz - Gemeinschaftsstand
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Additive Manufacturing (AM)/ 3D printing

Within the Uitslag company the application of 3D printing is being fully developed. Here the printing of metals receives special attention. The printing of metal in 3D metal can be applied instead of milling and is an alternative option when dealing with smaller volumes and more complex shapes.weiterlesen


As stated earlier the origin of the Uitslag company lies in traditional moulding craftsmanship. It should be obvious that this expertise and this craftsmanship are still available within the present enterprise. Next to the production of models and moulds the Uitslag company can also take care of aluminium ...weiterlesen


The manufacturing of high-quality moulds has almost automatically sprung from the expertise the Uitslag company possesses in the development and production of models. The moulds are primarily made out of aluminium. On account of that same company history the Uitslag company has the possibilities to cast ...weiterlesen


Historically speaking, the Uitslag company was and still is an enterprise based upon solid traditional workmanship. This is very explicitly expressed by the model department, where a team of highly experienced and inspired mould builders are in a position to work with all the tools and machines required. ...weiterlesen


Concerning the state-of-the-art software, including Solid Works and Creo (pro/engineer), the Uitslag company is capable of powerfully and, in a timesaving way, anticipating the diversity in design and drawing systems that the customers use. The software is here fully geared up for optimal programming ...weiterlesen

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