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Herr Adolfo Esteban
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Safybox CPM Outdoor - CPM 1TV

FOR THE OUTDOOR INSTALLATION OF A SINGLE-PHASE OR THREE-PHASE METER. Used mainly for supplies to buildings with a single subscriber with land around, e.g. refubishment in villages, rural dwellings, isolated apartmentes, etc. Can be mounted on or embedded in outside walls. - Cabinet built of self-extinguishing ...weiterlesen

Safybox BRES

New range of enclosures made reinforced polyester with 30% glass fibre which gets high resistance against impacts (9), together with its lightness in comparison with steel enclosures. They are particulay suitable for mounting electrical or electronic equipment in those "aggressive" enviroments where ...weiterlesen

Safybox TRM 40

1500 Kg SUPPORTED MULTIPURPOSE MANHOLE COVERS A new product line to add to our widely accepted electrical range. Manhole covers masonry works, made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester capable of bearing the traffic of light vehicles, ideal for indoor and outdoor use with neoprene seals between teh ...weiterlesen

Safybox ART

IP 65 O IP 55 / IK10 - Enclosures of hot-dip fibreglass reinforced polyester, RAL-9002 light grey colour, resistant to the elements. - Self-extinguishing material in accordance with UNE 20-672-83/2-1. - Non-hygroscopic material with minimum water absorption. - Material is easily mechanised. - In the ...weiterlesen

Safybox CA

With the wide range of enclosures and accessories shown here, different sized assemblies or panels can be formed, maintaining the same double insulation and protection features. Enclosures can be used individually or jointly for the insullations of panels in general, with ammeters, voltmeters, meters, ...weiterlesen

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