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Ventos Compressors

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Ventos Compressors -
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Hydrogen Compressors

Ventos manufactures high pressure diaphragm compressors for hydrogen compression and storage. These compressors are leak tight and do not contaminate the compressed gas. All compressors conform to ATEX/CE/PED standards. Pressure range: 5 bar g to 900 bar g Flow range: 3 Nm3/hr to 300 Nm3/hr Booster ...weiterlesen

Biogas Compressors

Ventos manufactures non-lubricated biogas compressors. These are widely used to feed biogas at medium pressure to purification plants. Compressors conform to CE/ATEX/PED standards. The material of construction is specially selected for biogas application. This ensures a long life of the compressor ...weiterlesen

Oil-less & Oil-free Compressors

Our Oil-free compressors are compact and skid mounted. For helium gas the compressors are leak tight. This product range has two variants: Oil-less Compressors (Zero oil in the crank case), oil-free compressor (with oil in the crank case). *Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous ...weiterlesen

Non-lubricated Piston Compressors

Ventos non-lubricated compressors are designed for process & cylinder filling applications. An extra long distance piece design ensures purity of the gas. - Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Biogas, Methane, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide Wurzen Series: Medium Pressure compressor * Low power consumption * ...weiterlesen

Oxygen Compressor - Oil-less Design

Ventos oxygen compressors have an oil-less design. This is based on de-ionized water compression/ cooling technology. The compressor is suitable for pure, ultrapure, medical, food gases for human breathing. - All gas wetted parts are in stainless steel - Oxygen degreasing is as per international ...weiterlesen

Diaphragm (Membrane) Compressors

Ventos Diaphragm compressors are an ideal solution for compressing gases without contamination. * Gases: Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Methane, Syngas, Biogas -Conformance to CE/ ATEX/ PED European Standard -All gas contact parts are in stainless steel -Guaranteed Zero Contamination of the ...weiterlesen

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