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Wenling Xinlei Air Compressor

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Halle 26, Stand A60
Thema: China Gemeinschaftsstand
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Wenling Xinlei


Wenling Xinlei Air
Compressor Co., Ltd.

Wenling Industrial Zone
317500 Wenling
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Fax: +86 576 86425199


Frau Xia Mao
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Telefon: +86 576 86425221
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
1.001-10.000 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 50 Mio und 100 Mio USD (Stand: 2016)




Permanent magnet synchronous integrated screw air compressor: most of the working conditions of the frequency conversion system is lower than the rated speed of the work.Air end noise and wear are reduced, extending maintenance and use life. Whole series of permanent magnet synchronous integrated machine ...weiterlesen



Combine compressor, and dryer and air tank together. You can use forklift to put the machine instal in any place where you needed. It's convenient for the customers to use, and will save the space and cost. The integration of the structure of the shortest pipeline, reducing investment in pipeline and ...weiterlesen


Compressor air end

High temperature resistance rare earth permanent magnet is adopted to ensure no demagnetization. The motor has high power factor, small power dissipation, and efficiency higher than ordinary motor by 5-8%. Frequency application scope(0Hz-200Hz) is wide, and motor efficiency under different load is basically ...weiterlesen

One-piece screw compressor

Advanced technology,make excellent quality. Humanization design,maintenance convenient operation safely. Parts modular,change is convenient,strong compatibility. Host integration,compact structure,superior performance.weiterlesen

Frequency converter screw air compressor

High efficient electricity saving return. Special frequency conversion motor,frequency can be low to 0Hz.weiterlesen

Direct screw air compressor

Remove the old type of industry door lock and replace it with permanent magnetic closure without damage ever to guarantee beautiful appearance. Initial filter screen which can maintain cleanness for both of the inside of the air compressor and the cooler is installed.weiterlesen

Screw air compressor

Belt screw air compressor is of humanization design and with reasonable space arrangement. It is convenience in maintenance, easy to get wearing parts. Paten design, belt tensioner convenient and quick. The most simple replace belt structure, and permanently eliminate mechanical resonance.weiterlesen

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