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WON ST Co., Ltd.

Yuram-gil 224
18529 Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korea, Republik
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Fax: +82 2 8550031


Herr Myung Ki Hong
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Telefon: +82 2 855 8484
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LM Guide

High Positional Accuracy Highly accurate and precise linear motion is achieved through low frictional resistance and small difference between the dynamic and static frictional coefficient. Capability to maintain precise movement for a long time Rolling contact has little wear so machines can achieve ...weiterlesen

Crossed Roller Bearing

High Rotational Accuracy The spacer retainer fitting among cross-arrayed rollers prevents rollers from skewing and the rotation torque from increasing due to friction between rollers. Unlike conventional types using steel sheet retainers, the Cross-Roller Ring does not cause displacement or locking ...weiterlesen

Cross Roller Guide

Long Service Life & Rigidity 1.7 times longer effective roller contact length, shorter roller pitch interval, and more effective rollers can be achieved using special roller retaining method. Therefore, two times greater rigidity, and six times longer travel life is obtained. As a result, it can be ...weiterlesen

Compact Ball Spline

Features of Ball Spline WON Ball spline is an innovative linear motion system. Balls assembled in the spline nut can transmit the torque while doing smooth linear motion on precisely ground raceways on a spline shaft. Moreover, preload can be exerted with a single spline nut unlike conventional structure. ...weiterlesen

LM Shaft Support

LM Shaft that WON ST CO., LTD. has been manufacturing is hardened and ground shaft featuring high precision for rectilinear motion which can be used in conjunction with Ball Bushing. LM Shaft used in conjunction with Ball Bushing has a role as a guide of the ball bushing and the inner raceway of the ...weiterlesen

TR Guide

High Speed & Reduced Noise Drawbacks of the conventional LM guide; noises and slow speed due to the circulation of the ball are completely resolved . In case of the TR guide, balls do not circulate so, quiet and high speed movement can be assured. - Maximum speed : Maximum acceleration : Load-bearing ...weiterlesen

Linear Ball Bushing

Structure and Features Linear ball bushing is a linear motion system with LM shaft which undergoes unlimited stroke. Because of the point contact between the balls and LM shaft, frictional resistance is minimal even though the permissible load is small. WON linear ball bushing provides the alignment ...weiterlesen

Super Ball Bushing

3 times higher load-bearing capacity & 27 times loner travel life Super Ball Bushing guarantees 27 times longer travel life and 3 times higher load-bearing capacity compared to that of conventional ball bushing in the same dimension. 0.5 degree of self-alignment Loads on the balls can be equally ...weiterlesen

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