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WooJin Industry

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WOO JIN Industry Co.

Siudong-gil, 59-1
11168 Pocheon-Si
Korea, Republik
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Fax: +82 31 5422864


Frau Manager Jane Jang
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Telefon: +82 2 753 2313
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Office supplies

MAX DYNAMIC COUPLING We have three types of couplings, standard (orange), HT (red), and HS (blue). HT and HS couplings are certified ATEX no. II 2GD c T5. Strengths 1. Competitive price 2. Enough stock and prompt delivery 3. Global standard qualityweiterlesen

Rubber products

Specifications: - Manufactured by order - O-ring - Packing - Bumper - Dad - Pipe - Roller Features: 1. Used in special products which need elasticity. 2. Excellent abrasion proofness 3. Excellent conduction and internal combustion. 4. Excellent forming capacity 5. High elasticityweiterlesen


Specifications: - Various lift Guide Roller - Disc Wheel for fiber - Wheel in fork-lift truck - Various wheels Features: 1. Wide hardness range 2. Heavy load fork-life truck wheel 3. Excellent abrasion-proofness 4. High elasticityweiterlesen

Industrial Roller

Specifications: 1. iron manufacture, Papers, veneer board, Roller 2. Industrial machine Roller 3. Fiber machine Roller 4. Color Coater Roll for printing Product features: 1. Excellent abrasion proofness 2. Strong adhesive 3. High tension strength 4. Excellent water proofness and abrasion ...weiterlesen

Max Dynamic Coupling

1. Protect equipment from twist, shocking, and vibration. 2. Easy to maintain. No oil and grease 3. Simple structure (Easy to exchange motor and undulating M/C) 4. Assemble with same Hubs. 5. Excellent poly urethane which features Water-proofness, Chemical-proofness, Medicine-proofness. 6. Flexible ...weiterlesen

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