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Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd.

A2 Office Building
1303 Wanda Plaza Of Lingjiao Lake
430024 Wuhan
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.Material: Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is the most commonly occurring of severalaluminium oxides, and specifically identified as aluminium(III) oxide. It is commonly called alumina, and may also be called aloxide, aloxite, oralundum ...weiterlesen


CERAMIC BALL(ZIRCONIUM DIOXIDE ZRO2) 1. Material: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO 2), sometimes known as zirconia (not to be confused with zircon), is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium. Its most naturally occurring form, with a monoclinic crystalline structure, is the mineral baddeleyite. A dopant stabilized ...weiterlesen


CERAMIC BALL ( SILICON NITRIDE SI3N4) 1. Material: Silicon nitride is a chemical compound of the elements silicon and nitrogen, with the formula Si 3N 4. It is a white, high-melting-point solid that is relatively chemically inert, being attacked by dilute HF and hot H 2SO 4. It is the most thermodynamically ...weiterlesen


1. Material: Metal, Steel, Copper, Graphite, etc 2. Type: JDB series, JFB series, JQB series, JTW series, JSP series, SF series, FZ series, FD series, etc. 4. Feature: High density, good load capacity and wear-resistant. 5. Application: Mostly applied under middle or low speed usage, such as heavy-duty ...weiterlesen

Spherical Plain Bearing

1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Type: GE...E, GE...ES, GE...ES 2RS, GE...C, GEG...ES 2RS, GEF...ES, GEEW...ES, GEEM...ES (ID: 5mm-300mm) 3. Grade: P0 4. Notes: 1) Heat treatment: Inner side and outer side are phosphate treatment and quenching. 2) Structure: No oil trough or oil hole in inner side and ...weiterlesen

Bolts and Nuts

Bolts and Nuts, Bolts, Nuts, ISO4014, AS1252, IFI C-10(A-10), DIN933, DIN931 provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Grade: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 2. Material: 35#, 45#, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, 42CrMoAweiterlesen


V-belt, belt, Rubber Flat Belt, Rubber Ribbed Belt, Double Sided Synchronous Belt, Automotive Synchronous Belt, Industrial Synchronous Belt provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co. Ltd. 1. Rubber Flat Belt Employing reinforcement with high intensity, slight eIongation and anti-wearing out as strong ...weiterlesen

Pillow Blocks

Pillow block 1. Material: Insert ball bearing as chrome steel, stainless steel, etc. House as steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc. 2. Model No.: UCP, F, FL, T, FC, pH, PA, HA, FB, FA C, PP as 200, 300 series, etc. In metric or inch size. Or special size as customer's requirement. 3. Application: Motorcycle, ...weiterlesen

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove ball bearing 1. Material: Stainless steel, chrome steel 2. TYPE: 1) 6000 Series Model: 6000-6048 6200 Series Model: 6200-6248 6300 Series Model: 6300-6348 6800 Series Model: 6800-6848 6900 Series Model: 6900-6948 62200, 62300 Series Model: 62200-62224, 62301-62318 6400 Series Model: ...weiterlesen

Rod End Bearing

1. Material: Steel Surface: Zinc plating, chrome plating 2. Type: 1) Maintenance-Free Rod Ends: SI...T/K, SA...T/K 2) Rod Ends (Lubricant type): PHS...PHSB...POS., POSB... 3) Maintenance-Free rod Ends: SI...C, SA...C 4) Rod Ends (Lubricant type): SI...ES, SA...ES 5) High Misalignment Type Rod ...weiterlesen

Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearing 1. Material: Stainless steel, chrome steel 2. Type: Single Row Ball Structure, Single Row Crossed Roller Structure, Double Row Ball Structure, Three Row Roller Structure and non-standard type. 3. Application: Cranes, excavators, mining/heavy equipments, port/marine machinery; Light ...weiterlesen

One Way Bearing

1. Material: Chrome steel. 2. Type: A) CSK series(ID8_40mm), CSK8 (P/PP/2RS), CSK12( P/PP/2RS), CSK15( P/PP/2RS), CSK17( P/PP/2RS) CSK20 (P/PP/2RS) CSK25( P/PP/2RS), CSK30( P/PP/2RS), CSK35 (P/PP/2RS), CSK40 (P/PP/2RS) CSK 305, CKS306 etc. B) TFS series, TFS60, TFS62, etc. C) non standard types as ...weiterlesen

Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearing, Chrome Spherical Roller Bearing, Spherical Rolling Bearing, Roller Bearing Provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Bearing Material: Chrome steel 2. Cage Material: Brass, steel 3. Type: 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200 series. Suffixes with CA, K, W33 types available, ...weiterlesen

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

1. Material: Chrome steel 2. TYPE: NJ series, NU series, NUP series 3. Grade: P0, P6, P5, P4 4. Feature: High precision, long life, low noise 5. Application: Automotive, electric motors, construction machinery, transmission shafts, gear shafts and various kinds of profession. 6. Packing: Single ...weiterlesen

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing (1200, 1300, 2200, 2300) provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd 1. Material: Chrome steel for bearing, steel or plastic for cage 2. Type: 1200, 1200k, 1300, 1300k, 2200, 2200k, 2300, 2300k Bore Size: 5 - 80 mm 3. Grade: P0, P6, P5, P4 4. Feature: 1) Self-aligning ...weiterlesen

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearing 1. Material: Chrome steel. Cage as steel or nylon. 2. TYPE: Single row 7000-7064(C/B/AC), 7200-7244(C/B/AC), 7300-7328(C/B/AC), double row 3200-3222(C/B/AC), 3300-3322(C/B/AC), 5200-5322(C/B/AC) 3. Grade: P0, P5, P6; Tolerance as ABEC1 ABEC3, 4. Feature: It can be subject ...weiterlesen

Thrust Ball Bearing

Product Description 1. Material: Chrome steel, stainless steel 2. Size: Type as 51XXX, 52XXX, 53XXX, 54XXX, (ID10-460mm) or special size based on client OEM. 511series: 51100-51184, 512series: 51200-51280 513series: 51304-51368 514series: 51405-51440 522series: 52202-52232 523series: 52307-52340 ...weiterlesen

Ceramic Ball

Ceramic Ball 1. Material: AL2O3, ZRO2, SI3N4 2. Size: 1 mm-50.8mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Color: White, black, etc. 4. Feature: Ceramic balls are self-lubricating, so it's both OK to use grease or not use. It is of low density, medium elasticity, small thermal expansion, high hardness, ...weiterlesen

Brass Balls

Brass balls 1. Material: Red copper, Bronze etc. 2. Size: 0.5-50.8mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Application: Electric, apparatus, Instrument, 4. Packing: Dry packing, plastic bag, carton box(22kg or so), pallet or steel barrel.weiterlesen

Tungsten Carbide Ball

Tungsten carbide ball 1. Material: Tungsten carbide G10-G100, K20, K30, YG6, YG8 etc. 2. Size: 0.3mm-1.2mm, 4mm-100mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Grade: G10-G100 4. Application: Manufacturing industry, engineering machinery, metallurgical and mining industry... 5. Packing: Plastic then ...weiterlesen

Hastelloy Ball

Hastelloy ball 1. Material: Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy D 2. Size: 3mm-60mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Grade: G10 to G500 4. Notes: Hastelloy balls are resistant to strong oxidizing agents such as free chlorine and aqueous solutions of ferric and cupric salts. 5. Packing: Dry packing, plastic ...weiterlesen

Spherical Thrust Roller Bearing

1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Structure: Spherical thrust roller bearing are spherical shape and the spherical racewaysurface of the housing washer is self aligning. 3. Loading: These bearings are featured by the extremely big axial load carrying capacity and meanwhile they can carry also carry certain ...weiterlesen

Thrust Needle Roller Bearing

Thrust needle roller bearing, Series AXK, AXW, AX, TC, NTB. The thrust needle roller bearing is such a manner that the needles with cage are set up in the space between rollway and collar and the cage reliably guides and clamps a lot of rolling bidies. There is a little difference amonge the rolling ...weiterlesen

Combined Needle Roller Bearings

Combined Type Needle Roller Bearings are combinations of a radial bearing and a thrust bearing. Caged needle roller bearings are used as radial bearings and thrust ball bearings or thrust roller bearings are used as thrust bearings. They are compact and very economical, and can be subjected to radial ...weiterlesen

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

Drawn cup needle roller bearings(DC type) is made of cold rolled steel strip accurately formed. Structure of DC needle roller bearings features space saving and higher capacity. Metric series: HKBKFFHFYMFMFHMFY Inch series: SCEBCESCHBCHSNBBHMMH Inner Diameter: 3MM-160MMweiterlesen

Linear Shaft

1. Material: Chrome steel, stainless steel 2. Types: SH series, SHF series 3. Hardness: HRC62+-2 4. Surface Hard-thickness: 0.8-2.5mm 5. Diameter: 3mm-80mm, Max length: 8meters 7. Feature: Good performances, low friction coefficients and long lifespan 8. Packing: Industrial package. Wooden or steel ...weiterlesen

Linear Bearing

Linear Bearing provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd 1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Types: A. Linear bearing series 1)LM series 2)LME series 3)LMB series 4)KH series China Linear Bearing LM8 LM16UU LM20 LM25 LM30 LM35 and China Linear, Bearing, provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., ...weiterlesen

Ball Screw

1. Type: SFU Series, DFU Series, SFI Series, DFI Series, SFS Series, DFS Series, SFK Series, SFE Series ball screw. 2. Diamater: 6mm-80mm, Pitch: 1mm-50mm, Length: 0-6000mm 3. Accurany Grade: C7(Rolled ), Preload code: P0-P5 Ball screw assembly is consisted of screw, nut and balls. It is to transfer ...weiterlesen

Linear Guide Way-Linear Rail

Linear guide is consisted of rail, block, rolling elements, retainer, recirculator, seal etc. By using the rolling elements, such as balls or rollers between the rail and block, the linear guide can achieve high precision linear motion. 1. Max length is 6meters 2. The grade is C3-C10, P3-P7 3. Adjustable ...weiterlesen

Carbon Steel Ball

Carbon steel ball 1. Material: AISI1010,AISI1015,AISI1045,AISI1080 & AISI1085 etc 2. Size: 0.8mm~50.8mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Grade: ISO G5-G1000, AFBMA G5-G1000, DIN I-VI 4. Hardness: HRC60-66. 5. Application: Bearings, Automotive, Castors, Locks, Drawer Slides, bicycle parts, hardware, ...weiterlesen

Stainless Steel Ball

1. Material: AISI302,AISI304/AISI304L,AISI316/AISI316L,AISI420/AISI420C,AISI440/AISI440C etc 2. Size: 0.8mm~~200mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Grade: ISO G5-G1000, AFBMA G5-G1000, DIN I-VI 4. Hardness: Around HRC55. Feature: Good rust resistance. Excellent surface quality. Application: Machines, ...weiterlesen

Univesal Joint

1. Material: 20Cr or 20CrMnTi 2. Surface hardness: 58-64HRC 3. Inner hardness: 20Cr: 25-45HRC; 20Cr MnTi: 33-48HRC 4. Excellent quality with reasonable priceweiterlesen

Auto Bearings Wheel Bearings

1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Inner diameter: 8-150 mm 3. High quality wheel bearing Wheel bearings are typically located right at the spindle of the wheel hub to allow free wheel movement. By minimizing the friction that goes with metal to metal surface contacts as your car rotates, the functionality ...weiterlesen

Stainless Steel Bearings (HH73)

1. Material: AISI440, AISI420, AISI304, AISI316 etc. 2. We can supply all kinds of stainless steel bearing as follows: 1) Stainless steel ball bearings 2) Stainless steel taper roller bearings 3) Stainless steel double rows angular contact ball bearings 4) Stainless steel thrust bearings 5) Stainless ...weiterlesen

Taper Roller Bearing

Taper Roller Bearing and China Taper Roller Bearing, Metric Taper Roller Bearing, Taper Bearing, provided Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd 1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Type: A. Metric size as 30200 series, 30300 series, 32300 series, 32000 series, 31300 series, 33000 series, 33200 series, 32200 series, ...weiterlesen

Needle Roller Bearing

1. Material: Chrome steel 2. Type: A. Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing Bearing NO.: HK, BK, HK...2RS, HK...RS, BK...RS, FFH, MF, MFH, FY, MFY, etc. It is for a thin outer ring of needle roller bearing stamping molding. Its main characteristic is a low sectional height and higher load capacity. It ...weiterlesen

Roller&Needle Roller

Roller, needle rollers, crank roller, chrome rollers provided by Wuhan Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd. We can offer all kinds of rollers, crank roller, chrome roller, needle rollers, and bearing cages with good quality at most competitive price. The details are: 1. Material: Chrome steel, stainless steel, ...weiterlesen


We sell all kinds of bearings, in material of chrome steel/ stainless steel: Deep Groove bearing, Taper Roller bearing, Pillow block, Spherical Roller Bearing, Self-Aligning Ball Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearing, Linear Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Spherical ...weiterlesen

Chrome steel ball

Chrome steel ball (AISI52100) 1. Material: AISI52100 2. Size: 0.8mm-200mm, or as per clients' requirements 3. Grade: ISO G5-G2000, AFBMA G5-G1000, DIN I-VI 4. Feature: Good wearing, excellent surface quality. 5. Hardness: HRC60-66. 6. Application: Bearing, ball screw, linear motion guide, auto ...weiterlesen

Roller Bearing

Wuhan HongHao Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all roller bearing types. We offer cylindrical, tapered, spherical, thrust and needle roller bearings for use a wide range of applications. Cylindrical Bearings Tapered Roller Bearings Spherical Roller Bearings Thrust Bearings Needle ...weiterlesen

ball bearing

We sell all kinds of bearings, in material of chrome steel/ stainless steel: Deep Groove bearing, Miniature Ball Bearing Pillow block, Self-Aligning Ball Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearing, Water Pump Bearing, etc. We can offer standard types and non standard types as per ...weiterlesen

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