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'WWTECH' Przemyslaw Wojcik

ul. Brzozowa 5
26-085 Miedziana Gora


Portable machine grinding

Grinding is a finishing prosess where we achieved a demanded surface structure by using a grinding tool. In situ machining methods allows to achieve the same effects e.g. the same structure and parameters that meet stringent tolerances and eliminates unnecessary spendings.weiterlesen

Boring and turining wby portable machine

In general boring and turning means removing from a processed obcest a layer of metal with a tool bit. Technology "in-situ" allows you to obtain a workshop manual standards without dismantling the assembly that requires intervention. This is not an adaptation of previously used devices to work in new ...weiterlesen

Portable machine milling

Milling i a type of machining when a key element is rotary movement of a cutting tool. With it is possible to obtain a flat surfaces meeting the required tolerances. Portable milling machine is attached directly to a workpiece and ongoing proces is veryfied on a regular basis. The results do not differ ...weiterlesen


WWTECH offers three-dimensional coordinate measuremants and a full 3D documentation. Due to accurate measuring devices FARO WWTECH makes it is possible to carry out uniquely accurate, fast and non-contact measuremants, results of which can be realized in real time.weiterlesen

Honing process

Honing proces is a removal of small allowances of max 0,1 mm, so we can rectify a hole shape errors and ensure very high quality surface structure. This method i soften refered to as cross grinding and is perfect in situations where small removal allowances are required and a tolerances are very tight.weiterlesen

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