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Yeong Long Air Hydraulics

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Yeong Long Air Hydraulics
Co., Ltd.

No.682 Sec.2, Bixing Rd.
Caotun Township
54255 Nantou County
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Frau Christina Huang
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Frau Alice Wu
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11-50 (Stand: 2018)


Mobile Crimping Machine

User can choose the size and voltage 11/4 inch or 2 inch on 12V / 24V. This machine is easy to use, carry and store, also it can be dismantling and repair at any location.weiterlesen

Workshop Crimping Machine

General type crimper which user can having the common request size on 11/4 inch or 2 inch for their further service. YL-20, YL-20S provide on 11/4 inch for 1700kN crimping force. YL-32 provide on 2 inch 2200kN crimping force. These two crimpers can be install on maximum dimension dies set 78mm.weiterlesen

Serial Production Crimping Machine

Service for large production with the variety size, which user can freely to choose for further need 5/8 inch, 11/4 inch, 2 inch & 4 inch. For the crimping force which correspond with 500kN, 1500kN, 2400kN, 3200kN. Quickly crimping speed and non-maintenance can increase productivity.weiterlesen

Industrial Crimping Machine

YL-330 Industrial Crimper - Large Diameter Service for 12 inch size industrial hose which give for 8300kN titanic crimping force and max opening 485mm (without dies set). To let user have no interference, easy crimp hose ends with large size fittings & flanges for the operating.weiterlesen

Nut Crimping Machine

Giving the user who needs to crimp the end of hose fittings, bush, nut ferrule or cables. Which supplied two sizes 11/4 inch & 2 inch for user have choices to choose. The user can having the most efficiency way to raise production.weiterlesen

Side Feed Crimping Machine

Catering to whose hose or air -conditioner hose belong in multi-bending that cannot directly used in general crimping machines, it need from broadside to put your accessories in and crimp it. Mostly enable used in auto-parts like, air-conditioning pipe, breaking hose, turbocharger water pipe, engine ...weiterlesen

Hose Skiver

Service on dual function for user can easy to change for both external & internal skiving, which skiving capacity attain to 2 inch 4 wires. External skiving 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1'', 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2'' Internal skiving 3/4, 1'', 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2''weiterlesen

Hose Cutter

New machine for the clients can have further automatic or manual options to cutting up to 2 inch 4SH hoses. Which installed the blade on 350mm *2.5mm *32mm to able cut the capacity on 2 inch 4SH.weiterlesen

Hose Test Bench

New machine with 2058 bar /2100 kg for client have the further testing on finished hoses pressure are.weiterlesen

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