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Zhejiang Bom Precision Machinery

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Zhejiang Bom Precision Machinery
Co., Ltd.

Sanjiang Road Economic
Development Zone Of Paojiang
312000 Shaoxing
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Herr Xunwu Wang
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Rubber connector

Rubber connector, there are a variety of size forms according to different applications. The old structure: metal connector outer lining rubber damping pad, it makes two parts with two connection function, its characteristic is rubber easily deformed, worn, poor precision. The new structure: after the ...weiterlesen

Flange bearing

Flange bearing, there are a variety of size forms according to different application, older structures press the bush into the flange hole inside by assembly stress, the new structure bearing processed the outer ring into flange shape. This guarantees the concentricity between the inner hole and outside ...weiterlesen

Double groove ball combined bearing

Double groove ball combined bearing is the new product that designed by our company according to the work condition of sewing equipment. Old structures press two sets of ball bearing into steel pushing, the new structure combing the steel pushing and bearing in whole so that can be a set of double groove ...weiterlesen

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