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Zhejiang Eternal (EMC)

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Zhejiang Eternal
Automation Sci-Tec Co., Ltd.

No.228 of Jiangning Road, Jiangkou,
315500 Fenghua, Ningbo
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Fax: +86 574 28565767


Frau Lucy Lu
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Telefon: +86 574 55876970
Fax: +86 574 28565767




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2016)


SF (ISO21287) /SD/SQ/SE Series compact

1.Strong bronze bearing with better guiding 2.Riveting structure for piston rod/piston, barrel and cover 3.Japan seals, Germany grease, CNC machining 4.800KM long loaded stroke lifeweiterlesen

RV Series revolutional valve

Globally leading supply chain, Robots + fully automatic CNC machining streamlines + assembling/testing streamlines, 30M/50M cycles. Production capacity: 3 Million pcs/yearweiterlesen

NRV Series Low Power Solenoid Valve0.9W

Low Power Technology, 80% Power Saving, NOT ONLY Better!weiterlesen

EXS/EN Series Double Piston Cylinder

Japan seals, Germany grease, Japan linear guide, MAZAK machining,Strict tolerance between Cover/Plate and rods, longer bearing, precise and reliable 1, Body is one time processed by four-axis machine, guarantee precision of every index 2, High anti-rotating precision, low piston rod deflection , proper ...weiterlesen

EXH Series high precision slide cylinder

Japan seals, Germany grease, Japan linear guide, MAZAK machining,Strict tolerance between Cover/Plate and rods, longer bearing, precise and reliableweiterlesen

SHC/SHZ Series pneumatic gripper

1.Integrated design of linear guide rail assures high rigidity and high precision 2.Japan sealing, Germany grease, MAZAK machining 3.Less friction with integral magnet (NdFeB material) 4.TPU bumper gives better cushion performance 5.High precision positioning, more reliable grippingweiterlesen

ZS/SLP Series fluid solenoid valve3.2~8W

ZS/SLP Series fluid solenoid valveweiterlesen

Mechanical Valves

Mechanical valves are controlled by hand or other mechanical force for different conditions, including 1 series 2/2 way valves, 2 series of 3/2 way valves and 1 series of 5/2 way valves, each type offers 7 kinds of buttons, with the most convenient control options for choices, the button with arrow mark ...weiterlesen

E.MC series angle valve

The EMC series full stainless steel angle seat valve covers a wide size ranges from 3/8 to 2, with actuator sizes from 40mm to 100mm, available with single acting normal close/open angle valve,double acting normal close angle valve and doulbe acting free installation angle valve. With every metal parts ...weiterlesen

QS Series Shuttle Valve

1, Compact Structure and Size 2, Pleasing appearance: Hard aluminum alloy surfaced-treated to beige color + Laser treatment 3, Simple Rubber ball sealing mechanism for fast switching and reliable sealing 4, Superior uniformity of valve body by one-step machining & milling; Highly concentric rubber ball ...weiterlesen

Pneumatic accessories

Pneumatic accessoriesweiterlesen

EJPS Series Servo Electric Cylinder

High accuracy and consistency, positioning accurately at multi-points; Re-positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm; Imported core parts and accessories ; Several installation way of motor, including DP Direct installation type, LP Left-side installation type, RP Right-side installation type.weiterlesen

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