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The Industrial Supply trade show is a fantastic opportunity for you to delve deeper into the inner world of industrial subcontracting and develop an expert understanding of what is arguably one of the most important sectors of industry. You’ll be amazed at the ingenious ways in which subcontractors manage to seamlessly integrate their innovations into the production and supply chains of their industrial customers. With their high degree of specialization and their equally high degree of flexibility, subcontractors are the quintessence of integrated industry.

Industrial subcontractors offer innovative services in fields as diverse as joining and adhesive bonding, intelligent production and storage technology, latches and locking systems, operating elements, fittings and fixing systems to name but a few. They really are the superstars of the industrial world. And the Industrial Supply show in Hannover gives you exclusive ‘back stage’ access!

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Best Professional Supplier

The Best Professional Supplier Award 2013 which was founded in 2011, was assigned to three top-class manufacturers of the suppliers market, producing and based in Germany. It is a general partnership of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the leading Assurance Groups in Germany, together with Hanser Verlag, as the premier publisher of the German Journal “ZulieferMarkt” and HANNOVER MESSE.

The three Winner of the Best Professional Supplier Awards 2013:

  • Category Materials & Semi-finished products: Wieland-Werke AG
  • Category Components & Drawing Parts: LISI Automotive KKP GmbH & Co. KG
  • Category Assembly groups & Systems: Digades GmbH

Please note that “Best Professional Supplier Award” obtains only to the german domestic market.

"gegossene Technik"

Outstanding cast products, state-of-the art production methods and comprehensive support services – the “gegossene Technik” pavilion showcases the German foundry at its high-performance best. So take your time, take a look and see this vitally important part of the subcontracting industry for yourself!

Innovations Center Engineering Materials

Get ready to be inspired by this concentrated showcase of international materials ingenuity. The concepts on display at the Innovations Center for Engineering Materials show that advanced materials are driving innovation in a whole range of industries. Specialists in the field will present their products and solutions for new material- and energy-efficient applications. Definitely worth a visit for you and your company!

Further Information:

Adhesive Technology

Adhesive technology is playing a growing role in industries as diverse as aircraft and automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and the renewables industry. At this year’s Adhesive Bonding Technology display area, you will find big-name partners such as the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA), the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM). With heavyweights like that on board, the adhesive technology sector is clearly one you should watch!

Lightweight Construction / Solutions Area

Efficiency. Cost effectiveness. Commercial success. Three good reasons to check out the latest material and energy-saving technologies at the Lightweight Construction display. Because lightweight design can make all the difference in today’s world of increasingly finite raw materials and energy resources. And while you’re there, you should definitely take a look at the Solutions Area, where you will experience demonstrations and current project studies live in action. With all this on offer, why wouldn’t you visit HANNOVER MESSE?


This year, the German Forging Industry Association (IMU) and its members are once again setting up their “solid forming” group pavilion at HANNOVER MESSE in preparation for your visit. Dotted around the pavilion you will also find a number of independent displays. A visit to this display area is a great way to learn how companies in the forging industry are adapting their production processes to offer you forged parts and components made from the latest new lightweight materials. See you there!

Suppliers Convention

What are the technologies that in the future will make products and processes more eco-friendly? What sorts of materials will the future be made of? These are just two of many questions that technology suppliers and users will address in detail at this year’s Suppliers Convention. By taking part in the Convention’s stimulating discussions, you will gain new insights that will help make your business more efficient and profitable.


The subcontracting sector is all about systems-focused collaboration – the art of partnering intelligently across multiple specialist disciplines to build integrated systems. In this sense, subcontractors are system partners – high-tech value chain partners who work flexibly to deliver tailored solutions that meet the high expectations of their industrial customers – customers like you. See for yourself at the SystemPartners special display!

Engineering Ceramics

The Engineering Ceramics display area presents cutting-edge developments in technical ceramics which not so long ago were considered impossible. Organized by the German Ceramics Industry Association (VKI) and its Engineering Ceramics Information Center, the display area showcases an industrial future made possible by high-performance ceramics. This is your chance to discover the most exciting innovations in the pioneering field of engineering ceramics.

Latches, Locking Systems + Operating Elements

The “Latches, Locking Systems + Operating Elements” brings together a broad array of little things that play a big role in virtually every industry. It encompasses knobs, industrial and machine handles and levers, inspection windows, locks and latches, tension levers, compression latches, fittings, electric locking systems, hinges, locking blocks, cam locks, electric and mechatronic security systems for server cabinets and laboratories and much more besides. You’re sure to find to something here to make your systems safer, more secure and more efficient.

WeP - Value-adding Partner ContiTech

The “WeP – Value-Adding Partner ContiTech” display showcases an example of the perfectly balanced symbiotic relationship that exists between today’s subcontractors and their industrial customers. It also demonstrates how subcontractors and suppliers form network-like alliances in order to more effectively meet their customers’ requirements. Not that exemplary teamwork is the only thing on show. On your visit, you will also discover the pioneering elastomer products developed by ContiTech and its partners and their innovative systems for automotive and industrial applications.

Materials Forum

Used in combination with the latest jointing, bonding and cutting technologies, today’s application-optimized high-tech materials deliver extreme efficiency gains. Not surprisingly, they have a lot to offer business and the environment – a fact that will make your visit to the Materials Forum a rewarding experience in more ways than one!


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