HANNOVER MESSE 2016, 25 - 29 April

HANNOVER MESSE 2016, 25 - 29 April
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Solutions for a market in transition

New technologies will ensure the success of the energy transition. Experts from a variety of disciplines are working now on trailblazing concepts which will allow us to generate, store, transmit and distribute electric power more cleanly and cheaply than ever before.

The pioneers of the energy industry – all at the same venue

Leading Trade Fair for Renewable and Conventional Power Generation, Power Supply, Transmission, Distribution and Storage

Smart grids, virtual power plants, renewable forms of energy: Discover new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s power market at the world’s biggest energy trade fair. Come into contact with the leading industry experts and witness innovative technologies from across the globe. Technologies which your company can take advantage of to benefit fully from the new opportunities presented by the energy boom.

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Environmental technology – a growth market

Focus on Industrial Automation

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies are at the top of the agenda in industry and the economy as a whole. At the Energy's exhibition category titled “Environmental Technologies & Resource Efficiency” you will see what new breakthroughs are in store for reducing your ecological footprint – from intelligently controlled LED lighting systems to weather-independent, regenerative power generation via power-to-gas systems.

“In 2017 the energy, mobility and communications networks will be so closely interwoven that new business and cooperation models will arise.”

From a study on the future of the energy industry by Think Tank Future Matters

What is shown:

Energy Generation and Storage
New concepts for fossil fuels and renewable forms of energy, for combined heat and power plants (CHP) and more.
Energy Transmission and Distribution
Solutions for intelligent, flexible network and load management and power distribution for industrial users. And for everything else connected with this purpose.
Environmental Technologies and Resource Efficiency

Topics & Program 2015

You’ll find even more in-depth information on burning issues at numerous special displays and forums, including the following:

Decentralized Energy Supply

Discover how cogeneration facilitates the efficient use of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources at this meeting place for the BKWK German cogeneration association and the contracting sector.

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Smart Grids

Smart grids are fundamental to our ability to transition the world to a green, sustainable energy system. At the Smart Grids display area, you will find fascinating information and exhibits on intelligently networked power grids, the latest trends in energy efficiency, and revolutionary ideas for tomorrow’s energy supply.

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Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries

Anybody who is anybody in the fields of hydrogen, fuel cells and stationary battery technology gathers here, at Europe's largest trade fair platform for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries. It’s a great place to experience tomorrow’s technology first-hand. You can even take a fuel cell-powered car for a test drive!

The Group Exhibit is Europe's largest trade fair platform for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries. Already for the 21st time 150 international exhibitors will showcase the entire spectrum of this technology on a 5.000 sqm large exhibition area.

Focal point of the Group Exhibit will be the storage of renewable energy e.g. wind and sun through the generation of hydrogen and in batteries.

All visitors are invited to professionally-moderated discussions and presentations in two forum areas at the Group Exhibit in Hall 27.

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Forum and central contact point for cost-saving and resource-efficient solutions – new in hall 13

The GreenSolutionsCenter is the central contact point to catch up on the latest technologies, methods and components in the field of Environmental Technologies. Be there when companies present their products for waste water recycling, exhaust air purification and Energy-efficieny in production. Learn how to reuse water and air and how to reduce your energy consumption in production in order to be more profitable. Listen to industrial experts, politicians, start-ups and associations and discuss the latest news in Environmental Technologies and Resource Efficiency.

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Environmental Technologies and Resource Efficiency

New Display Category in 2015 in Hall 13

Increasing resource scarcity is forcing manufacturers to rethink the way they operate. Many companies have come to realize that environmentally sustainable production processes will have a critical role to play in their long-term competitiveness and survival. But is it still possible to do more with less? The Leading Trade Fair "Energy" will present in 2015 a wide variety of eco-friendly and resource-efficient technologies and products that address this crucial question. Inform yourself about the latest technologies and methods for water and waste water treatment, air and waste air purification and energy efficiency in production.

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The InwaterSolutions exhibition is an international showcase for the marine engineering and research sector and – not surprisingly – one of the HANNOVER MESSE fair’s big highlights. Themed “Subsea in (e)motion” and housed on around 400 square meters (4,300 sq. ft) of display space, InwaterSolutions 2015 will feature eye-popping large-scale exhibits and live demonstrations and take a comprehensive look at the enormous potential of environmentally friendly underwater technologies and solutions.

Visitors will be able to experience marine technology product highlights "live in action" in giant-sized water tanks.

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Renewable Energy Economy Forum

How does a country go about transitioning its entire energy system to a more sustainable footing? This forum organized by Germany’s Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) is an excellent opportunity for you to talk to leaders in the field and learn about the products, solutions, services and funding needed to build a sustainable, economically efficient energy system.


Life Needs Power Energy Forum

What does the future hold in terms of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and storage? The Life Needs Power forum is your chance to find out. Be there as big-name experts from industry, business, science and government share their ideas on tomorrow’s energy supply.

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Video Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
3:14 min

It’s a key part of a software-controlled virtual power plant, that interconnects decentralized renewable energy plants and consumers.


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