HANNOVER MESSE 2016, 25 - 29 April

HANNOVER MESSE 2016, 25 - 29 April
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Research & Technology

From vision to reality

What was dismissed as science fiction yesterday is within reach today. Experts from science and industry will be coming together at HANNOVER MESSE to lay the foundations for visionary products and applications. Take a look at the future with them: from adaptronics and bionics to nanotechnology and organic electronics.

Innovation as teamwork

Leading Trade Fair for R&D and Technology Transfer

Research and development are the key pillars of the economy. From the smallest particles of nanotechnology to giant bionic robots that have adopted Nature as their role model, this wide spectrum is made possible by a variety of disciplines joining forces. This results in new opportunities and possibilities for all sectors. You'll be inspired.

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An ideal venue for exchanging ideas

Focus on Industrial Automation

Representatives from all areas of science, industry and politics will be gathering at Research & Technology. Make the most of this unique combination and lay the foundations for future success. You’ll discover how to overcome the challenges of the energy turnaround, how to benefit from high-tech surfaces and how to use transport robots.

“Research concerns us all. It provides the basis for safeguarding Germany’s innovative strength and for developing new products and services in partnership with industry.”

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister for Education and Research

Topics & Program 2015

You’ll find even more in-depth information on burning issues at numerous special displays and forums, including the following:

Special Displays


Adaptronics (aka adaptive structural systems) is a multidisciplinary technology that picks up where conventional mechatronic systems leave off. Discover the exciting new opportunities opened up by adaptronics at the Adaptronics pavilion. Specialists from a wide range of R&D backgrounds will be on hand to give you an overview of the latest application areas and tell you about solutions that are specific to your industry.

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Bionics is engineering inspired by nature. And visiting this presentation is a great way to find out all about it. It’s really a must if you want to pick a few valuable pointers from Mother Nature and gain a quality, first-hand impression of a whole range of disciplines – everything from functional surfaces, to optical technologies, to microsystems.


Energy Research

Making the transition to a sustainable energy system is one of the greatest and most important challenges of our time – and one that demands cooperation across sectors as diverse as industry, science and politics. The Energy Research display area is where representatives of high-tech companies and the finest minds from research institutes, universities and institutes of technology gather to explain their role in the energy transition and shed light on the enormous potential just waiting to be tapped in their various areas of energy research. And for you, it is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn about the current state of the art in this vitally important discipline!

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Organic Electronics

There is much to be gained – both economically and ecologically ¬– from substituting organic materials for inorganic materials in electronic systems. It also promises many exciting new application areas. Organic electronics clearly has a big future. And at the Organic Electronics display area, it also has a big platform where companies, research institutes and universities can showcase their latest market-ready products and solutions. So take a look and find out what’s hot in organic electronics!

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Textile Solutions

Discover the materials that the future of industry is made of – at the Textile Solutions pavilion. You’ll be amazed by the many fascinating potential applications of technical textiles in the aerospace industry, medicine and architecture.

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WON - World of Nano

Maybe it’s time you discovered the world of nanotechnology for yourself? The latest technological developments, processes and visionary ideas from this fascinating area of technology are there and waiting for you at the World of Nano. The presentation’s main emphasis is on nanotech-sector networking, technology transfer, project initiation and project management.

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Forums and Events

tech transfer - Gateway2Innovation

This event is an absolute must if you want to grow your global networks and benefit from technology transfer. It’s an interdisciplinary information-sharing and networking hub that uses a forum program, matchmaking platform and start up presentions to match supply with demand in the ideas market. Don’t miss it!

Start-ups Matchmaking Exhibitors Events HERMES AWARD

Visitor Guide tech transfer

Start-ups & New Technologies

Prompt reactions, always focussing on the latest product and committed to a shared vision or common goal. How can all this be achieved if costs have to be kept to a minimum? Increasingly it is innovative start-up companies that answer this dilemma with individual products, tailor-made to meet customers’ demands.

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Night of Innovations

This is the night that no HANNOVER MESSE exhibitor or visitor wants to miss. The Night of Innovations awaits you with a richly varied evening of inspiring shows and presentations, not to mention the opportunity to rub shoulders with senior figures from research, industry and government.


Get-together "Composites meet Automation"

The Get-togehter, the ideal platform about automation in composites lightweight construction, is gearing up for its third run at HANNOVER MESSE 2015.

  • Thursday, 16th, 2015, 5 p.m., Hall 14, Stand L17, Forum Industrial Automation


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