HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01 - 05 April
Energy themes

Energy Management

Will the energy transformation process succeed? This will be decided at a senior management level – i.e. by those who initiate investments in the generation and distribution networks.

Hall 12

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Energy Management

The digitization of industry depends on the precise control of the flow of energy in production and infrastructure. The goal is to raise energy efficiency and reduce costs. Located directly adjacent to the automation show IAMD in Hall 12, this exhibit category centres on smart industrial energy management – i.e. the acquisition, analysis and visualization of energy data, building automation, measuring and testing equipment, plus switches and housings.

Digital Energy

Digital Energy Hall 12 Hannover Messe

ISO 50001, DIN EN 16247-1, EMAS – Manufacturing enterprises face various challenges.

Legal obligations relating to energy audits, rising costs and the prospect of tax concessions and government grants are leading to increased interest in energy management systems, especially in energy-intensive sectors such as the pulp industry, steel and food production, metalworking and earthworks. However, energy flows in manufacturing and production and the associated infrastructure can only be optimized through effective acquisition and analysis of the relevant data. This is where the new special presentation "Digital Energy" comes in. Embedded in the world’s leading industrial technology show, it will feature solutions for the measurement, visualization and analysis of energy data in conjunction with production data, and for the optimization of the industrial energy balance.

This also means that "Digital Energy" shares common ground with the neighbouring leading trade show Industrial Automation, as many solutions developed for Industrie 4.0 are increasingly finding applications in energy management.

Visitor and user target groups Main display categories
  • Operators of industrial plants and buildings
  • Plant managers
  • Specialists in plant and mechanical engineering #
  • Operations managers
  • Works electricians
  • Technical facility managers
  • Energy managers, especially in energy-intensive sectors
  • Internal auditors
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electrical wholesalers
  • Industrial services departments of utilities
  • Networking through Digitalization
  • Instrumentation and Sensor Systems
  • Energy Technology/Energy Automation
  • Monitoring & Data Analysis Software
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Display Technology
  • Communications and Network Components
  • Energy IoT Solutions
  • Building Control Systems/Automation
  • Intelligent Lighting Control
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Energy Costing and Consultancy

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