Industrial Automation

Leading Trade Fair for Factory and Process Automation, System Solutions and Industrial IT

13 - 17 April 2015

The fourth industrial revolution is well under way. Intelligent factories are paving the way for a new technological age and creating prosperity for all our futures. In the field of automation pioneering innovations are opening up exciting new possibilities and setting new standards in all areas of production so that factory work is becoming much less arduous.

Industrial Automation – with its tagline "integrated Industry" – is once again focusing attention on the factory of the future and the continuing integration of new areas of industry. As an exhibitor this gives you a golden opportunity to present your cuttingedge, resource-efficient technologies to an international trade public. At Industrial Automation you'll be lining up with the best in the business to showcase your solutions for the smart factory to your target buyers and sectors.

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Program Your benefits
  • Automation technology
  • Process and production automation
  • Process and energy automation
  • Automation technology and IT
  • Large international presence
  • High-calibre visitors
  • Valuable contacts
  • Massive crossover potential
  • Maximum media exposure

Topics & Program

AMA Center for Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technologies

Meeting Point Sensorics

The market for sensors, measuring technology and automation with its own AMA Center for Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technologies, the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement Technology sponsors a compact and concentrated event at HANNOVER MESSE.

The exhibitors are showing under the motto “Finding instead of searching” practically everything from sensor elements to measuring technology to system solutions. This is where you will find the information forum on current technologies dealing with basic automation elements. The show is complemented by products and services in sensor, measuring and testing technologies as well as by microsystems with the aim of comprehensive practical realisation and documentation.

Within the Trade Fair "Industrial Automation", the AMA Center offers its own platform for an overview of products, developments, trends and solutions. Short communication paths will take you to companies, institutes and publishers. And the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement Technology will be there for you, too.

Thanks to the "fair within a fair" concept, comparisons and discussions among the competition can be carried out specifically and user oriented, all under one roof and with customer specific competence.


Application Park Robotics, Automation & Vision

The central platform for robot manufacturers, systems houses and industrial image processing

The central platform for robot manufacturers and systems houses is the perfect place to present your latest innovations live and demonstrate new advances in industrial image processing. On the live demonstration area for innovative applications visitors can see your impressive automation solutions up close.

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ROBOTICS AWARD is the prize for applied robotics solutions. This year marks the fourth time that robotics companies from around the world will compete for the prestigious ROBOTICS AWARD. Be there when Olaf Lies, the Lower Saxony Minister for Economics, Labor and Transportation, presents the top prizes for applied robotics solutions! We are looking forward to receiving your application

Automation & IT Tour

A red carpet marks the route of a circular tour of all the halls at Industrial Automation and Digital Factory . A wealth of exciting and unexpected new highlights await visitors as they follow this route through the show. Exhibitors can contribute their own attraction or sign up to a sponsorship deal.

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Forum Industrial Automation

Forum Industrial Automation

At the Industrial Automation Forum you can participate in a program of lecture-style presentations and round-table discussions on all aspects of production and process automation. New for this year are solutions and applications in medical and pharmaceutical technology. If you would like to give a talk or become a sponsor for the Industrial Automation Forum, please contact Ines Kirsch:, Tel.: +49 511 89-31145, for further information.


Industrial and Embedded Security + Product and Brand Protection, Authentication

€7.9 billion in damages from product piracy

Battling against growing product piracy and protecting expertise, innovative ability and competitive position are increasingly core concerns in industry. According to a representative German Engineering Federation (VDMA) survey, the economy suffered €7.9 billion in damages in 2013 from product counterfeiting, security incidents and knowledge leaks (would secure around 38,000 jobs in the industry) – and unreported cases are high.

The culprits are often invisible, and the threat seems abstract – but once a counterfeit product has entered the market, or expertise has been lost, the impacts become palpable in terms of loss of market leadership, loss of market share or decreasing margins.

To ensure a company’s future viability, it is crucial to know the interests, methods and resources of the perpetrators – by understanding this threat the related risks become apparent.

German companies' competitiveness, particularly in mechanical and facilities engineering, strongly depends on their ability to protect their research and practices.

Competition is becoming more global, more intense and tougher overall. For companies it is therefore not just a challenge but a requirement to secure their products and basic know-how.

The Industrial and Embedded Security + Product and Brand Protection, Authentication exhibitor area at HANNOVER MESSE 2015 in Hall 8 offers the perfect platform for presenting your products and solutions. Various presentations at the neighboring Industrial IT forum also address the topics of IT security, product and knowledge protection.

Further information about the industry association can be found at:


Industrial IT

Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, industrial PCs, servers, communication, software, security

The importance of server- and network-based IT solutions for the world of automation has grown rapidly in recent years. Industrial Automation has responded to this trend by focusing on key themes at the display category Industrial IT.

Ongoing advances in hardware and software are opening up more and more ways of using automation technology to great advantage. Meeting today's exacting automation challenges means being in the know about what is possible – and that applies to everyone involved. Industrial IT is the right place to show your promising optimization technologies and strategies, giving users what they need to evaluate their operational realities and explore future scenarios. Server-based production automation is rapidly opening up new markets and applications for IT manufacturers.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, important issues such as research, fail-safe capability, efficiency, quality enhancement and, not least, standardisation an IT security will play a key role at Industrial IT.

Forum Industry 4.0

A real highlight: More than 3,500 trade and business professionals visited the Forum Industry 4.0 (formerly Forum Industrial IT) in 2014. State-of-the-art technologies, latest methods and service-offerings were presented by and discussed with experts from all over the world.

Among the experts were representatives from companies, such as Hewlett Packard, Siemens, BSI, DFKI and the Fraunhofer Institute. At the daily panel discussions, experts from industry, science and politics exchange their points of view concerning current topics in Industrial IT.The ideal showcase for your innovative topics and products, in which you can choose as how to participate within.

The Forum Industrial It is organized in cooperation with the VDMA, the ZVEI and the newly founded Institution Plattform Industrie 4.0.

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MES Conference

Symposium MES in practice - 16 April 2015

Taking place for the seventh time and in conjunction with Digital Factory and Industrial Automation is the MES Conference.

It addresses topics relevant to discrete manufacturing and issues of importance for the processing industries.

The event receives the professional support of several top German industry associations, including NAMUR, VDI, VDMA and ZVEI. Attendance at the Conference is always excellent. This is due, not least, to the many interesting and noteworthy examples of applications presented by leading companies.

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Laser Technology

Smart Systems for Automation

Forming part of Industrial Automation the display category “Laser Technology” will present the entire spectrum of microsystems engineering as well as innovative processes based on the latest laser technology.

  • Laser
  • Optics/Photonics
  • 3D Measurement Technology

Mobile Robots & Autonomous Systems

Special Display for Intelligent, Mobile Systems and Components

Thanks to a variety of sensors and high-performance navigation systems, mobile platforms can move freely in different environments. They are programmable for individual purposes as basic robots, can be augmented with components such as a robot arm and thus can handle a number of tasks.

Mobile Areas

The stars of this special display are the demonstration areas. At no additional cost, they provide a dedicated presentation area right next to your stand and are ideal for demonstrating robot systems in action or bringing other innovative technologies to life.

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Pumpe DE PUMPplaza

The Competence Centre for Pumps, Pump Systems and Components

The PUMPplaza offers a high quality, casual atmosphere of communication, in which the receipt and exchange of information are at the center - a meeting place for all involved in manufacturing, research, development and application of pumps and pump systems.

In this special display area in Hall 15 the manufacturers of pumps and pump systems present their products and services.

The PUMPplaza displays the following main categories:

  • Pumps and pump systems
  • Technology for powering pump systems
  • Instrumentation for pump systems
  • Frequency converter
  • Pumps components
  • Maintenance


  • "Learning events" on 16 April
  • international party on 15 April

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Wireless, M2M & IoT

This display category puts you in direct touch with international trade visitors who are specifically interested in your offerings for wireless communication. The "Internet of Things", along with wireless technologies and all the associated new product developments, will be at the focus of attention.

The Wireless – M2M – IoT Pavilion is a unique platform for providers from the M2M sector to showcase their latest products and innovations.

Meet exhibitors from the entire M2M value chain here:

  • Software (Applications)
  • Hardware (Components)
  • Service (Concepts)
  • Communication (Systems)



Product and Trademark Protection

This special display gives you an ideal platform for presenting innovative solutions in the area of product and trademark protection. The special areas covered include encryption technology, software protection and laser marking.



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