Industrial Supply

Leading Trade Fair for Industrial Subcontracting and Lightweight Construction

13 - 17 April 2015

Two key talking points dominate the global industrial landscape. Firstly, the realization of the intelligent factory, and this depends on the ability of subcontractors to seamlessly integrate their smart workpieces and materials into production processes.

Secondly, it is necessary to find supply solutions that optimize industrial processes and make end products lighter, more efficient, more economical and even improve durability. In an increasingly price-sensitive market the properties and quality of individual components are a major competitive factor.

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Program Your benefits
  • Forging and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and sub-assemblies
  • High-calibre lecture and discussion forum “Suppliers Convention”
  • Displays of foundry products, controls technology
  • Materials know-how, joining and adhesive bonding systems, along with lightweight design and construction
  • Materials Forum

  • Promising new contacts from all over the world
  • All your target sectors in one place
  • Knowledge-sharing and new networking opportunities

Topics & Program

Best Professional Supplier

The Best Professional Supplier Award was assigned to three top-class manufacturers of the suppliers market, producing and based in Germany. It is a general partnership of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the leading Assurance Groups in Germany, together with Hanser Verlag, as the premier publisher of the German Journal “ZulieferMarkt” and HANNOVER MESSE.

The three Winner of the Best Professional Supplier Awards:

  • Category Materials & Semi-finished products: Wieland-Werke AG
  • Category Components & Drawing Parts: LISI Automotive KKP GmbH & Co. KG
  • Category Assembly groups & Systems: Digades GmbH

Please note that “Best Professional Supplier Award” obtains only to the german domestic market.


"gegossene Technik"

The "Casting Technology" pavilion presents the strengths of Germany's foundry industry at HANNOVER MESSE.

Themed Presentation "gegossene Technik" (Casting technology)

Leading companies provides information on exceptional casting products, state-of-the-art production processes, design innovation and comprehensive services portfolios. Cost-effective, reliable and high-performance castings from a broad range of made-to-measure materials are crucial in almost all areas of technology. They provide a reliable service in all sectors, and the wide variety of casting processes deliver optimal solutions for designing end products of exceptional quality.

The German foundry industry is setting itself apart from the international competition with a formidable information and communication center and major exhibits under the theme “Product security through innovative foundry suppliers” located near end users and target industries.

Further Information

The Institute of Casting Technology (IfG) as an subsidiary institute of the BDG and as an industry institute working for the benefit of all foundry operators, it conducts research in joint enterprise with suppliers, foundries and users of castings to provide application-oriented and viable solutions relating to both materials and processes.

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Innovations Center Engineering Materials

Applied materials engineering and supply products are the focus of this joint pavilion.

Engineering Materials Innovation Center Theme Park

Novel materials and solutions for new applications are springboards for industrial innovation in many sectors. The Engineering Materials Innovation Center bundles international materials expertise to form the perfect presentation platform. This popular joint pavilion holds opportunity for you again in 2013!

Learn more about participating at:

Lightweight Construction / Solutions Area

Using lightweight materials and the corresponding lightweight construction technologies reduces energy and material consumption, which in turn improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the systems and optimizes the functionality and performance of products, thus ensuring key competitive advantages in the user industries.

Themed presentation Lightweight Construction

HANNOVER MESSE has long featured lightweight construction topics in the supplier market. These topics will be brought together in a dedicated display area to showcase products and systems made of lightweight materials, lightweight construction technologies and industry-specific lightweight construction solutions.

Solutions Area

The Solutions Area is the ideal platform for provides of lightweight solutions who want to stage large-scale exhibits, present displays of current projcts or run live demonstrations. Right in the heart of the marketplace for lightweigt solutions in hall 6, you exhibit in the immediate vicinity of the latest high-tech materials and process technologies.

In addition, the Solutions Area offers the possibility for providers who want to stage large-scales exhibits, present displays of current projects or run live demonstrations. Exhibitors can explain their innovative lightweight designs to guided visitor tour groups and top-level decision makers and thus lightweight design is made “tangible to trade visitors through exhibits they can touch and see live in action (Marc Bicker, Project Director, Leichtbau-Cluster Landshut)”.

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The Bulk Forming Industry Association is again hosting a major stand with its member companies at Industrial Supply in 2015. Additional individual exhibitors also present at the theme park.

The Bulk Forming theme park focuses in particular on trends and technical innovations in material and resource efficiency. Materials play a significant role in this field, which is why extensive research is being devoted to materials for bulk forming. Newly developed materials made of lighter-weight steel and aluminum can be found in nearly every sector that uses bulk forming today, including vehicle construction, wind energy, aerospace engineering and medical technology. Casting simulation is another highlight of the theme park. This is now common practice with bulk forming companies. It allows them to reliably predict the performance of a given component under operating conditions, which makes these companies important partners for their customers in very early phases of product development.

The forging industry in Germany is a technology leader and, after China, the largest producer of hot and cold forged components.

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Suppliers Convention

Expert and Discussion Forum

For it is precisely in times of economic upheaval that industrial companies look to their suppliers and subcontractors for innovation and answers. The Suppliers Convention facilitates this by matching industrial suppliers' innovative flair and solutions directly with the requirements of their industrial customers.

What are the technologies that in the future will make products and processes more eco-friendly and cost-effective? What sorts of materials will the future be made of? How can industrial suppliers best position themselves as a key, innovation-driving link in the industrial applications process chain? These and many other fundamental questions will be addressed in-depth at the international Suppliers Convention.

The subcontracting industry is under pressure to supply products with greater functionality, reduce CO2 emissions and compete in increasingly globalized markets. Subcontractors are taking on ever-increasing levels of complexity and responsibility as they diversify their expertise base to accommodate growing manufacturer expectations. These issues will be discussed at the Suppliers Convention. The debate will center around the following main theme areas: Partner Country India, Forging technology: the latest trends, Wind Energy Suppliers Forum, BME Buyers’ Day, Electromobility in the context of component supply, foundry technology and Surface technology.

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In the special SystemPartner display, exhibitors demonstrated the innovative structures of a supplier industry that cooperates on a systematic basis.

As high-tech value-adding partners, system suppliers meet the high requirements of consumers for complete systems and assemblies. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility and clear focus on solutions, they serve as strategic partners for manufacturers, thereby optimizing the effectiveness and cost efficiency of their production processes. This display pools the know-how of systems suppliers at all stages of the product lifecycle. The focus will be on profitable collaboration in the areas of product design, development, engineering, process optimization, logistics and cost reduction.


Engineering Ceramics

The Themed Presentation Engineering Ceramics demonstrats how industrial high-performance ceramics plays a key role in shaping the future and how they enable new applications that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Engineering ceramics drives innovation in virtually all sectors of industry, making it possible to open up new, advanced areas of application. Today, such materials have already carved out a niche for themselves in many areas where it is difficult to achieve the same level of functionality using other materials. The product portfolio ranges from low-wear cutting ceramics and substrate plates for the electronics industry, through porous structures for membrane and filter technology, up to high-strength valves for plant engineering, bearings and much more. As the interface between ceramic manufacturers, users and research institutes specializing in ceramics, the German Ceramics Industry Federation (VKI) is showcasing their portfolio at a pavilion in hall 6.

Use your know-how to demonstrate how industrial high-performance ceramics play a key role in shaping the future and how they enable new applications that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The offerings are rounded out by additional individual presentations.


WeP - Value-adding Partner ContiTech

ContiTech presents examples of effective collaboration between suppliers and logistics partners, all aimed at providing a better service to the customer.

ContiTech is joining with supplier partners in a presentation of elastomer products and systems for automotive- and industry-applications. And so ContiTech and its value-added partners are staging a group show of force at a joint booth. The presentation illustrates the perfect interplay between suppliers and manufacturers. Together with its suppliers, ContiTech demonstrated how the demands facing manufacturers can be met with networked alliances.

Materials Forum

This showcase covers the world of materials in all its complexity, from intelligent surfaces and nanotechnologies to smart materials, lightweight materials and composites.

Lightweight construction currently offers the most intelligent solutions for sustainably improving efficiency. From fiber composite materials to high-strength steels and hybrid materials – modern application-tailored high-tech materials, combined with new manufacturing, joining and parting technologies, can meet every requirement for material and energy efficiency and are therefore at the center of attention of the business sector and the environmental sector alike.

Practical solutions for intelligent lightweight construction are the core focus of the 15th Materials forum. Experts from industry and science present cutting-edge material innovations and their design features and technologies in the following areas: Lightweight alloys and lightweight structures, high-performance steels, ceramics, fibre-reinforced composites, polymer materials, multi-material design, materials of the future, joinig and cutting technologies.

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