HANNOVER MESSE 2017, 24 - 28 April

HANNOVER MESSE 2017, 24 - 28 April
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Digital Twin

Getting it right the first time

With digital twins helping to ward off manufacturing defects, maybe product recalls will soon be a thing of the past? more


Robot or cobot: The five key differences

Cobots are on the rise. How do they differ from conventional industrial robots? more

Digital Twin

How digital twins are revolutionizing industry

When the physical and digital worlds meet, digital twins are born. They have what it takes to change our economy and society forever. more

Digital Twin

Conventional manufacturing on the verge of intelligence

Digital twins are the key to achieving smart factories. They will open the door to the manufacturing industry’s cyber-physical future. more


The cobot controversy

Are cobots taking factory jobs away? The risks and opportunities of a groundbreaking technology. more

Industrie 4.0

machineering: Simulation and Virtual Reality

As a simulation specialist machineering GmbH knows how to present itself. It enabled visitors at HANNOVER MESSE 2016 to take a look into the... more

Young Tech Enterprises

WonderLogix: Using Cartoons to Look for Partners

A television, a video, and an outgoing attitude were all that WonderLogix needed for its appearance at the world’s leading industrial trade... more

Industrie 4.0

Creating Value

Sensors and software take Robert Bosch’s lathe from 1887 into the age of Industry 4.0 more

Integrated Industry

Self-reliance as a workplace skill

What will people do when factories run by themselves? They may play a bigger and more valuable role than ever. For this, companies must make... more

Integrated Industry

Integrated processes deepen partnerships

Industry 4.0 just a vision? Not for the Hannover-based Jäger Group. The networked smart factory is already a reality at this supplier's... more

Integrated Industry

Single-unit batches in chaotic order

Bender is an ideal example for how Industry 4.0 technologies can boost value creation. more

Global Business & Markets

InterGest: Small Area – Global Effect

The Investment Lounge at Global Business & Markets is the perfect place for service provider InterGest® Worldwide. It’s at the center of... more

Deutsche Messe’s industrial fairs:

on the road to the year 2025

From 1 to 4 November 2016, visitors will see what China’s industrial future looks like at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre,... more

Smart Materials & Coatings

Next chapter in success story

to include surface technology and new event formats more

Predictive Maintenance

Low-Voltage Motors Now Integrated in the IoT

At HANNOVER MESSE 2016, ABB was using Smart Sensors to present a Condition Monitoring solution that makes the predictive maintenance of... more


Robot on wheels

Manufacturing 4.0 must be extremely flexible, in order to permit mass production up to the largest batch sizes. And robotics is one of the... more