HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April
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Industrie 4.0 | 16 Jul. 2015

Pass the torque wrench, C3PO

The fourth industrial revolution is all about cyber-physical production systems, which, it seems, will hinge on human-machine collaboration.... more


Industrie 4.0 | 16 Jul. 2015

What does Data Security really mean?

Industry digitization is forcing us to take a fresh look at data security from both an operational and legal viewpoint. What can industrial... more


HANNOVER MESSE News | 08 Jul. 2015

New Energy 2016

New layout for energy-related displays more


Integrated Energy | 03 Jul. 2015

Industry on an Eco-Trip: New Energy Policies emerge

The chemicals and metal-processing industries are among the biggest energy consumers. Across the globe governments are devising new... more


Integrated Energy | 01 Jul. 2015

MobiliTec: Combined efforts transform transport

Mobility and storage technology, infrastructure and intermodality – MobiliTec establishes connections. more


Industrie 4.0 | 01 Jul. 2015

Urgently needed: Lateral Thinkers

Companies worldwide are stepping up the pressure when it comes to digitizing industry. In Germany alone, 40 billion euros are set to be... more


Research & Technology | 26 Jun. 2015

Visualization: Seeing is believing

3D models are the means of communication in the industrial sector. Simulations can help increase product quality and process security and... more


HANNOVER MESSE News | 16 Apr. 2015

Real-Time Avatars

A virtual tour through a factory is nothing new, in and of itself. But TechViz in Hall 7 has taken it one step further. more


Research & Technology | 14 Apr. 2015

With a wave, FiFi carries for you

An automated transport vehicle controlled by gestures is a KIT attraction at Research & Technology. more


Integrated Energy | 14 Apr. 2015

Power to gas: Major source of hope for our energy future

The idea of converting and storing electricity from renewable resources in a way which lends itself to later power generation or use in... more


Integrated Energy | 14 Apr. 2015

Efficient lighting saves energy and boosts productivity

There are plenty of ways in which industrial companies can conserve energy and use resources more efficiently. more


Research & Technology | 14 Apr. 2015

Smallest particles – thinnest layers – greatest impact

Nanotechnology is already used in 15 percent of all goods. Thin film technology is giving new momentum to the industry. more


Additive Manufacturing | 13 Apr. 2015

Batch size 1, the easy way

Many observers consider additive manufacturing to be the new shining star of the fourth industrial revolution; HANNOVER MESSE is devoting a... more


HANNOVER MESSE News | 12 Apr. 2015

Seamless electricity supply

GP JOULE, the expert in solar power, wind power and biomass plants - the power gap filler is just one of the innovative products it is... more


Motion, Drive & Automation | 07 Apr. 2015

Industry 4.0 is the key theme at MDA

Project Head Arno Reich anticipates a very strong showing at MDA 2015 - backed by the extremely high number of registrants more


Additive Manufacturing | 01 Apr. 2015

Mega precision in micro space

In this field you usually need a magnifying glass – or even better a microscope – to find innovations. Now nanostructures can be fabricated... more


Additive Manufacturing | 01 Apr. 2015

Virtual reality – visualizing the future

Machines automatically initiate production and learn from their mistakes: This could be the future of Industry 4.0. Several companies are... more


Energy | 25 Mar. 2015

Smart grids, smart cities – everything will change

The "Life needs Power" forum addresses the major energy policy and industry issues of our times. more


Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives | 25 Mar. 2015

Industry 4.0: Software providers bridge the gap

The IT sector is well represented at HANNOVER MESSE 2015. Its purpose? To create better links between development and production. more


Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives | 25 Mar. 2015

Drive engineering and automation in collaboration

The trade shows MDA and Industrial Automation are marked by strong synergy effects linked by Industry 4.0. more