HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April
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Young Tech Enterprises

The global hub for industry startups

So you had a great new idea and launched your own company? But you’re searching for the right supporters to help you really get things rolling? Look no further: Young Tech Enterprises puts you in touch with people who have what it takes to put your budding business on the right track. HANNOVER MESSE’s dedicated showcase for startups is the place to be!

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The people who can support your venture. All in one place.

Big ventures require intelligent thinkers with the courage to make the right decisions. But nobody can do it all alone. Anyone who wants to make a splash in industry needs a competent team. And HANNOVER MESSE is the place that attracts the cream of the crop. This is your opportunity to showcase your company and its objectives. For example:


Even the best startup needs an occasional cash injection. Good thing that Young Tech Enterprises draws countless investors, who come looking for bright new ideas and company founders with a propensity for success. Only people with the right potential can gain the trust of classic investors, venture capitalists or even fund raisers. Are you one of them?


Successful entrepreneurs obviously need to have natural talent, but they also have to learn along the way. In academies or boot camps, for example. An “accelerator” can help you find out what’s missing to turn your bright idea into a successful business enterprise. But first, you need to convince an accelerator to support you at Young Tech Enterprises. Tag, you’re it!


Who are your target groups – and what kind of people will they trust? Tech bloggers, tech writers and of course, even celebrities – all of these are capable of influencing potential supporters, due to their authority or ability to spark people’s interest. And because they have lots of coverage. At Young Tech Enterprises you’ll find the right influencers for your team who can inspire other people for your product. But of course, you need to influence the influencers first, before they can inspire other people.

Business angels

Young, creative minds are crucial for tomorrow’s enterprise. But experience is also critical. Anyone who can combine the two has a fine chance of success. At Hannover you’ll find lots of so-called “business angels”, i.e. successful entrepreneurs who know how to make the right decisions, but also how to compromise. Find the right business angel – the right mentor – for you, someone who will let you harness your business to his or her network. This can mean everything for the future of your enterprise.


Good ideas are always welcome. At Young Tech Enterprises, you’ll find not only established businesspeople, but also young people with ideas similar to your own. Creative people who are facing the same kind of challenges, and would like to team up with someone like yourself to achieve more than they could otherwise accomplish by themselves. Let yourself be inspired by other people, and inspire other people in the process. Combine different business models and personalities and reap the benefits.


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