HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01 - 05 April
Guided tours: apply now!

Guided tours

Your advantages as a guided tours 2018 sponsor are clear: direct exposure to and contact with specific target groups, sharp differentiation from competitors and valuable business contacts for meeting sales and turnover goals.

Take advantage to up the profile of your corporate brand and/or products, and to make a lastingly positive impression on a choice audience.

Trained guides lead visiting professionals and interested members of the general public right to your stand, in groups of up to 25. Tours are on offer, each on a topical theme. Only seven to eight exhibitors can sign up for each tour, so the time to apply is now!

The application process for exhibitors will begin from November 2017.

Please apply via the HANNOVER MESSE Shop

The Tour Themes 2018 at a glance

Tour 1 – Industrieautomation & IT

What are the prerequisites for efficient and flexible production? What do manufacturers need to respond to changing market conditions and the growing customer demand for product individualization? The answer: automation. To be part of the digital age and stay competitive, manufacturers need to invest in the latest automation technology. This tour focuses on advanced production technology and the associated software solutions. It highlights the importance of seamless data flows – from the initial product idea and the associated planning and engineering processes to production and after-sales service. This is an ideal opportunity for you to present the latest IT and industrial automation solutions and demonstrate how your robotics and automation technology can make factories even more efficient.

Tour 2 - Industrie 4.0 & Industrial Internet

The smart factory, virtual reality, the Internet of Things – all of these factors have already become an integral part of today’s industry. The digitization and integration of industrial processes has moved from vision to reality, as the fourth industrial revolution gathers steam. This tour highlights the latest technologies for integrated industry, offering you the ideal opportunity to showcase your solutions for "self-programmed" products as well as for individualized mass production and machines that can communicate with each other via sensors.

Tour 3 – The industry in digital transformation – connect & collaborate

The digital transformation of industry requires cross-industry, interdisciplinary cooperation – for example, between automation technology and IT providers. This tour allows you to highlight your examples of cooperation, promoting trailblazing solutions and applications for integrated production. Examples include the interconnection of data acquisition and data processing and integration as well as solutions for the utilization of data and the resulting business models along the entire supply chain. Set your sights on users from manufacturing, logistics and energy.

Tour 4 - Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Predictive maintenance based on intelligent data analysis has become a key driver of value in the modern manufacturing context. The Internet of Things is all about interconnectedness – the digital integration of machines, products, components and up- and downstream systems. Predictive maintenance is a cost-saving improvement on conventional maintenance strategies, not to mention a pivotal part of the Industry 4.0 landscape. Has your company already implemented a predictive maintenance system? If so, then you will definitely want to be part of our Predictive Maintenance 4.0 display, where you can use this tour to demonstrate your ideas, applications and solutions to an interested trade audience.

Tour 5 – Process Automation

Process automation confers benefits on companies from a broad range of industries, including chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and metalworking. This tour is an opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate how process control systems, measurement and control technology as well as instrumentation products and solutions and smart ways of automating and optimizing industrial processes can boost plant productivity while at the same time conserving energy. Seize this opportunity to inform tour guests about the latest intelligent sensors used to measure gas, dust and process liquids. Demonstrate the positive impact of intelligent measuring and control systems on production efficiency.

Tour 6 - Integrated Energy

How is Industry 4.0 impacting the energy sector? And what effect will tomorrow’s energy systems have on digitized industries? What new business models will be opened up by tomorrow’s integrated energy systems? Present your solutions for the interaction of microgrids, virtual power plants, renewable forms of energy and energy management and storage systems. Show how industrial plant and buildings as well as the mobility and transport sector can profit from increased decentralization. Showcase yourself as a driver of innovations in tomorrow’s energy systems and demonstrate the advantages of integrated energy for industry and business.

Tour 7 - Innovations for mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is an important and at the same time highly innovative sector of industry, in which smart, efficient and sustainable solutions play a key role. In this context, lightweight design is playing an ever more important role, developing into a strategic factor. Visitors on this tour will receive a compact overview of the innovative solutions on display at HANNOVER MESSE. Exhibitors will showcase their leading-edge automation solutions, supplier solutions and systems, lightweight design solutions, control and measuring technology and condition monitoring systems. Highlight your company as an innovations and development partner for mechanical and plant engineering.

Tour 8 - Logistics 4.0 meets Industrie 4.0

There is no question that logistics is crucial to the successful implementation of Industry 4.0. Key objectives like full transparency, integrated processes, small batch sizes, a high rate of variables and decentralized control are not only a major factor in leading-edge production, but along the entire supply chain as well. This tour focuses on the interface between Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 and shines an applications-oriented spotlight on automated processes and transparency.

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