HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April
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ATR Industrie-Elektronik

"Your demand will take us forward."

Logo ATR Industrie-Elektronik
Exhibition stand
Hall 16, Stand A10
Topic: German Pavilion - North-Rhine-Westfalia
Co-exhibitor with
Ministerium für MWIDE NRW

Company Data

ATR Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Siempelkampstr. 50
47803 Krefeld
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Fax: +49 2151 926 101


Ms. Bärbel Kornett
Administrative office electronics & business transactions electronics
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Fax: +49 2151 926101


Type of company

Year founded

No. of employees
51-100 (Status: 2016)

Company profile

ATR Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, a subsidiary of Siempelkamp Group, provides you with two core competences: the manufacturing of switchgear and the development/production of MCA technology.
Since January 2013 you will receive our MCA electronics in our web shop (only in Germany)! The digital cart is ready for your orders under!

Our products are used in almost all branches of industry. Quality, performance and reliability - exactly according to your needs - are your advantage! With 6.5 km switchgear assemblies per year is ATR one of the largest manufacturers in Germany in terms of the control cabinets.

We produce according to all current international and national standards, regulations and customer requirements. We are specialized in DIN, EN, ISO, NEC, UL, cUL, CSA and EAC. Another advantage is cUL and UL certification system (label, UL, cUL) by authorized employees in our house.

We deliver worldwide!

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Customized Development and Manufacture

ELEKTRONICS - DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION Take competitive advantages by applying electronics that has been especially made to meet your specific requirements. Put your trust in our 40 years of experience in the fields of development and production of industrial electronics. Plenty of projects have more

ATR Customized Development and Manufacture

Customized Development and Manufacture Also customized solutions such as derivatives of serial products and special developments are part of our daily business. ATR develops and produces electronic modules custom-built according to your conceptions and requirements for miscellaneous fields of application more

Switchgear Assembly

ATR SWITCHGEAR ASSEMBLY Are you looking for a qualified partner who produces state-of-the-art control- and automation systems? 40 years experience in the market and a qualified, highly committed expert team make us the ideal choice for all your needs. The manufacturing of serial and custom-made more

19" Rack Workstation PC - VPE52.2

The workstations are characterized by the use of high-end components from renowned manufacturers. A mechanically stable case with vibration-damped drive cages offers a stable basis for use in industrial environments. The case also offers a high degree of EMC compliance. The workstations are fitted more

Power Controller for high inductive loads ATR GEI3

Power Controller for high inductive loads ATR GEI3read more

DC Current Supply Unit 0.5 - 20A, ATR GG8

DC Current Supply Unit GG 8 field coil supply for dc motors current controlled with current monitoring field coil currents up to 20A The dc current supply unit GG8 has been developed to supply field coils in separately excited dc motors. The unit has an internal current regulator to ensure constant more

Power Unit, 5V, 15V, 24V, 0.7 - 0.8A, ATR NG8

Power Unit, 5V, 15V, 24V, 0.7 - 0.8A, ATR NG8read more

Power Unit, 5V, 15V, 24V, 0.3 - 0.6A, ATR NM324

Power Units linearly controlled output voltage 5Vdc, 15Vdc or 24Vdc output currents 300...600mA The power units NM324, NM415 and NM605 are linearly controlled power supplies incorporated in an insulating housing with snap-on feature for 35mm cap more

Power Unit +/-15V, 2 x 200mA, ATR NM200

Power Unit NM 200 + NM 210 linearly controlled symmetrical outputs 10V or 15V output current 200mA The power units NM200 and NM210 have two linearly controlled output voltages of 15V and 10V, with a load capability of 200mA each. The devices are built into plastic housings with snap-on feature more

DC/DC-Converter ATR GG115

DC/DC-Converter ATR GG115read more

Dancer Potentiometer UG30

Dancer Potentiometer ATR UG30read more

Set Value Unit ATR IG1

Set Value Unit ATR IG1read more

Potentiometer Unit ATR UG5

Potentiometer Unit UG 5 + UG 6 snap-on potentiometers for TS35 1-turn and 20-turn available resistance from 1k up to 10k available The potentiometer unit UG5 contains a linear setting potentiometer with front-side scale. The scale is calibrated in percent. The potentiometer unit UG6 contains more

Precision Potentiometer Unit ATR UG3

Precision Potentiometer Unit ATR UG3read more

Relay Module with Driver Unit, 2-channels, Relais-Baustein ATR RM3

Relay Module with Driver Unit, 2-channels, ATR RM3read more

Gold Contact Relay Module, 2-channels, ATR RM2

Gold Contact Relay RM 2 two gold contact relays, one change-over each hermetically sealed relays control voltage 24Vac/dc and 230Vac The unit incorporates two relays with one change-over contact each. They are hermetically sealed and so protected for environmental influences. The contacts more

Analog Switch, 2-channels, ATR OM2

Analog Switch, 2-channels, ATR OM2read more

Analog Switch, passive, ATR OT10

Passive Analog Switch no supply necessary potential-free change over signals from 1mV up to 150V max. 100mA narrow design 6.2mm The analog switch OT10 is suitable for non-contact switching of smallest signals up to 150V/100mA, without additional auxiliary energy. Compared to conventional relays, more

Power Optocoupler, 4-channels, ATR VM5

PowerOptocoupler, 4-channels, ATR VM5read more

Power Optocoupler ATR OT4

Power Optocoupler ATR OT4read more

Optocoupler, push-pull output, ATR OT1

Optocouplers with Push-Pull Output · frequencies up to 200kHz (OT1) and 500kHz (OT2) · push-pull output 100mA · narrow design 8.4mm (OT1) and 6.2mm (OT2) The OT1 and OT2 devices are optocouplers with pushpull output particularly suitable for the transmission of signals via long lines or in EMC-disturbed more

Level Converter 3-channels, HTL/TTL => TTL, ATR HM14

Level Converter HM 14 level converters 24V (HTL) or 5V (TTL) to 5V (TTL) three-channel type up to 500kHz galvanic separation Input / Output narrow design supply 24Vdc The units HM14 are three-channel level converters for converting 5V or 24V signals to 5V (TTL). The outputs are supplied more

Level Converter 3-channels, HTL or TTL => RS422, ATR HM13

Level Converter HM 13 level converters 24V (HTL) or 5V (TTL) to RS422 three-channel type up to 500kHz galvanic separation Input / Output narrow design supply 24Vdc The units HM13 are three-channel level converters for converting 5V (TTL) or 24V (HTL) to RS422 signals. The units are galvanic more

Level Converter 3-channels, RS422 => HTL/TTL ATR HM11

Level Converter HM 11 level converters RS422 -> 24V (HTL) or RS422 -> 5V (TTL) three-channel up to 500kHz galvanic separation Input / Output narrow design supply 24Vdc The units HM11 are three-channel level converters for converting RS422 signals to 5V (TTL) or 24V (HTL). The units are more

Level Converter 4-channels, 5V/24V => 24V, ATR HM1

Level Converter HM 1 + HM 2 four-channel level converters up to 200kHz push-pull output (HM2) supply 24Vdc The units HM1 and HM2 are four-channel level converters for converting 5V (TTL) or high-impedance 24V sig-als to 24V/100mA. The units HM1 have plus-switching outputs and the units HM2 have more

Line monitoring for outputs ATR KM30

Line monitoring for outputs KM30read more

Norm Signal Value Switch ATR KM212

Norm Signal Value Switch ATR KM212read more

Limit Value Switch ATR KM211

Threshold switches KM 211 · six measuring ranges, from 10mV...200V · high accurate · wide-range power supplies 19Vdc...255Vac The threshold switch KM211 can capture DC voltages of 10mV...200V. In order to be able to exactly set the desired limit value, the total range is divided into 6 measuring ranges more

Window Discriminator ATR KM42

Window comparator + Schmitt trigger Schmitt trigger function for fill level control two measuring ranges, 0...10V and 0/4...20mA threshold adjustment by 3 decade switches high accurate three way separation power supply 24Vdc The unit KM42 functions as a window comparator with its output more

Limit Value Switch, 2-channels, adjustable per Decade Switches KM41

Limit Value Switch, 2-channels, adjustable per Decade Switches KM41read more

Limit Value Switch, adjustable per Decade Switches ATR KM40

Limit monitor with tare function KM 40 two measuring ranges, 0...10V and 0(4)...20mA with taring threshold adjustment by 3 decade switches high accurate three way separation power supply 24Vdc The limit monitor is designed for the standard signals 0...10V and 0/4...20mA. DIP switch S5-1 more

Limit Value Switch ATR KT1

Limit switch KT 1 two measuring ranges, 0...10V and 0/4...20mA monitoring output for adjusted threshold output non inverting/ inverting selectable hysteresis 2% or 10% from the switch-point narrow design 6.2mm power supply 24Vdc The limit monitor KT1 is designed to monitor the standard more

Signal Delay / Pulse Delay ATR DT6

Signal Delay / Pulse Delay DT6read more

Impulse Extension ATR DT4

Impulse Extension ATR DT4read more

Impulse Extension 2-channel ATR DM3

Pulse prolongation DM 3 two channel pulse prolongation trigger pulse 10 micro seconds output pulse 100ms ±1% power supply 24Vdc The two channel pulse prolongation allows to prolongate 24V signals, that may be at minimum 10 micro seconds, to 100ms. It is thus possible to prepare short pulses more

Frequency Divider ATR DT11

Frequency Divider DT 11 divider for frequency up to 1MHz division ratios form 1:2 up to 1:20 narrow design 6.2mm supply 24Vdc The DT11 frequency divider can process frequencies of up to 1MHz. Division ratios of between 1:2 and 1:20 are possible. The duty factor at the output is 1:1. The division more

Analog Value Memory ATR BM102

Analog Value Memory ATR BM102read more

Analog Value Calculator ATR BM101

Analog Value Calculator ATR BM101read more

Limiting Amplifier ATR VM290

Limiting Amplifier ATR VM290read more

Meter Rectifier ATR VM237F

Meter Rectifiers VM 237F absolute-value generator for 0...±10V signals adjustable amplification high accurate, linearity error 0.003% wide-range power supplies 19Vdc...255Vac These device allow to rectify signals from 0...±10V with-out signal loss, an operation that is not possible using bridge-connected more

Digital Run-up Transmitter ATR IM7

Digital Run-up Transmitter Atr IM7read more

Steepness Limiter ATR IM31

Steepness Limiter IM 31 ramp function generator ramps are separately adjustable power supply 24Vdc The steepness limiter IM31 can limit set value jumps (0...±10V) or steep ramps to a steepness of 0.5 to more

Voltage to PWM Converter ATR BM108

Voltage to PWM converter Basic frequencies 10Hz, 100Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz Resolution 16 Bit Supply voltage 24Vdc The BM108 voltage / PWM converter is based on the BM100 universal controller. It converts a voltage of 0...+10V into a proportional PWM signal. Four basic frequencies (see above) of the more

PWM to Voltage Converter ATR BM107

PWM to voltage converter for PWM basic frequencies of 20Hz to 2kHz resolution 16 Bit Supply 24Vdc The BM107 PWM/voltage converter is based on the BM100 universal controller. It converts the duty factor of PWM signals into a proportional voltage of 0...+10V. The basic frequency of the PWM signal more

Frequency/Analog Converter with direction recognition ATR WM80

Frequency/Analog Converter with direction recognition ATR WM80read more

Frequency/Analog Converter ATR WM275

Frequency/Analog Converter WM275read more

Signal Converters ATR VM 237/1

Signal Converters U/I and I/U ATR VM 237/1 precision signal converters convert standard signals high accurate linearity error 0.003% wide-range power supplies 19Vdc...255Vac This series of devices allows to transmit standard signals (impedance transformation) or to convert them into another more

Measuring Converter for effective values ATR VM221

Measuring Converter for effective values ATR VM221read more

Strain Gauge Amplifier IP66 ATR VG140

Strain Gauge Amplifier IP66 VG140read more

Strain Gauge Amplifier ATR VM150

Strain Gauge Amplifier ATR VM150read more

Thermo couple Temperature Transducer ATR VM270

Thermocouple Amplifiers with cold junction compensated terminals for thermocouples type K and type J wide-range power supplies 19Vdc...255Vac The measuring amplifiers convert thermocouple signals into standard signals of 0...10V or 0(4)...20mA. Thermocouples of the type K (nickel / chromium-nickel) more

Pt1000 Temperature Transducer ATR VM255

Pt1000 Temperature Transducer VM255read more

Pt100 Temperature Transducer ATR VM250

Pt100 Temperature Transducer VM250read more

Pt1000 Temperature Transducer, loop powered, ATR VT57

Pt1000 Temperature Transducer, loop powered, VT57read more

Pt100 Temperature Transducer, loop powered, ATR VT52

Pt100 Temperature Transducer, loop powered, VT52read more

PID-Controller digital, ATR BM104

Universal PID Controller BM 104 Min. reaction time 1ms Parameter input via serial interface Setpoint value precontrol possible Supply voltage 24Vdc Narrow design 22.5mm The BM104 PID controller is a universal continuous controller with a minimum reaction time of 1ms. The control parameters more

PID-Controller analog ATR VM201

PID - Regler analog ATR VM201read more

Proportional Amplifier ATR VM6/VM8/VM9

Proportionalverstärker ATR VM6/VM8/VM9read more

Servo Amplifier ATR VM7

Servoverstärker ATR VM7read more

Limiting Amplifier ATR VM290

Begrenzerverstärker (Analogwert - Begrenzer) VM290read more

Precision Differential Amplifier ATR VM150C

Precision Differential Amplifier linearity error 0.005% universal applicable amplification 0.9 - 99 adjustable power supplies 24Vdc The differential amplifiers work in the entrance with real instrumentation amplifiers which show a high common-mode rejection from min. 75dB with an amplification more

mV Amplifier ATR VM150

mv-Verstärker ATR VM150read more

Feed Separation Amplifier ATR VM240

Speise-Trennverstärker ATR VM240read more

Isolating Amplifier, unipolar, ATR VM180

Trennverstärker VM180 Datenblattread more

Product categories

Automatic control systems for special applications Building of special electrical or electronic assemblies Compact industrial PCs (IPC) in 19" installation technology Counters and integrators Development of customer-specific measuring and testing apparatus Development of electronic components Devices for measuring force, pressure, mass, extension, and oscillation Flat component manufacture in SMD, COB, and wired General measuring acquisition systems (measuring data acquisition systems) General temperature measuring devices Industrial PCs (IPCs) for harsh environmental conditions Industrial PCs (IPCs) for normal environmental conditions Instrument manufacture for electronics, electrical engineering Isolating amplifiers Manufacture of electronic assemblies Measuring amplifiers Measuring controllers Measuring transducers Measuring transducers/isolating transformers for standard busbars, PCBs, measuring heads Other automatic control systems Other controllers Other electrical and electronic control systems Other industrial chronometers, frequency meters Other low-voltage switching systems Other measuring and monitoring relays Other measuring transformers Other outsourcing product development Other single loop controllers for process automation Other task-specific control applications Other voltmeters, ammeters Parts and accessories for automatic controls and automatic control systems PID controllers Power supply units Process controls Set-point value transmitters and actual value transmitters Special electronic relays Subcontracted development work Switching desks, switching panels for low-voltage switching systems and low-voltage distributor systems Switching relays, auxiliary relays Switching systems with fixed equipment up to 1 kV Temperature measuring instruments with thermocouples Temperature measuring transducers U/F-converters - F/U-converters U/I-converters - I/U-converters Universal automatic control systems

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