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Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

KIT - The Research University in the Helmholtz Association

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Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Kaiserstr. 12
76131 Karlsruhe
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Fax: +49 721 608 44290


Ms. Katharina Daub
Project Manager trade fair, congress, event
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Fax: +49 721 608 25080


Type of company

Year founded

No. of employees
1.001-10.000 (Status: 2017)

Annual turnover
between 100M and 1 billion EUR (Status: 2017)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka
President of the KIT

Company profile

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is The Research University in the Helmholtz Association. Its major research areas are based on long-term societal challenges and seek to develop sustainable solutions to urgent future questions. The objective is to contribute importantly, by top-level research, teaching, and innovation, to the success of major societal projects, such as the energiewende, or safe and sustainable mobility or intelligent technologies for information society. The focus is on energy, mobility, and information. Other major topics are climate and environment; materials; man and technology; and elementary particle and astroparticle physics. Around 9200 staff members, of whom almost 6000 are engaged in science and higher education, and 26,000 students make the KIT one of Europes largest institutions for research and higher education.

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Photonic Markers

Unique Luminescent Characteristicsread more

High-performance Electric Motors

Electric traction motors of high efficiency and high power density are essential for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Years of research have led to new winding and cooling technologies. Using a new winding technique, copper filling factors of more than 70% can be achieved. The machine presented more

Synchronized Whirling

For Simultaneous Turning and Whirling to Increase Efficiency in Threadread more


A Revolution in Glass Processingread more

Targeting the radiation dose

Compact eye lens dosimeter for radiation and exposure to more

Adjusting X-ray grids

Precise alignment of X-ray grids for phase contrast more

Highly concentrated measuring of molecul

A microfluidic sample carrier for UV more

A reusable oil trap

A nano-structured plastic foil absorbs oil more

From chaos into light

Light transmission bars with a novel more

Shorn, not shaken

Micro-structured emulsifying device creates droplets in more

Form sensor technology as helix

Helically wound fibre Bragg grating glass more

Plant cells on a high-tech course

Optimising industrial processes for metabolite more

A data turbo for light signals

An ultra-compact photo-detector on a silicon more

Taking the right turn

A magnetically asymmetric rotor to make electric motors more more

A serendipitous sensor system

A modular sensor system with an extended detection more

Directing currents in heat exchangers

Defined flow guidance in heat more

White luminescence

Luminescence colouring agent that creates white luminescence in more

Drying in defined conditions

New dryer system enables product development in more

Beam-steering OLEDs

Organic light-emitting diodes enable targeted beam more

Structuring Films at Record Speed

Fast Production of Electrode Films for Lithium Ion more

Microseparator for Gas-Liquid Mixtures

Miniaturized Centrifugal Separator with a Gas-permeable more

Light Sheet Dyn. Detects 3D-Objects

Neue Methode ermöglicht dyn. Untersuchung makroskopischer more

Economic Microproduction

Micro-injection Molding of Ceramic, Metal and Polymer more

Trust in Your Own Mobile Phone only

Verify & Sign Digitally Video Screen Texts With A Mobile Phone more

Large Crowds Analysis from Aerial Images

Security During Big Events Through Aerial-supported Crowd more

True to Line

Collisionfree Movements for Telesurgery & Minimally Invasive more

Laser Diagnosis in the Combustion Chambe

Laser Diagnosis to Detect Ultrafine Carbon Black more

Grating-structured biosensors

High sensor sensitivity due to more

New method for desalination of seawater

Production of drinking water using efficient more

Bio. Ink for Dip-pen Nanolithography

More Possibilities Offered by Newly Developed Inkread more

Materials w (Anti-)Thrombogenic Surfaces

Setting Biofunctionality of Carbon Surfaces to Specific more

Correct Astigmatism in Ring Resonators

Prismcombination as Optical Switches for Laser Pulse Input and Outputread more

X-ray Lens for a Broad Range of Energies

Quasi-parabolic Profile Allows Greater Focal more

Catalysts Based on Epoxy Resin

Cost-saving Catalysts for a Wide Range of more

Microcomponents by Injection Molding

Technology for Large Outputs and a Broad Range of more

Laser Beam Penetration Welding

Rapid Manufacturing in Minute Cycles more

Plastic Deformation of a Workpiece

Rapid method with high production more


Consistent vehicle tests using the x-in-the-loop more

3D in the motor

Optical Analysis of the Combustion Process in Otto Enginesread more

Detection of Paint Damages

Automatic System for Visual Inspection of Painted Woodread more

Luminescent nanoparticles

New method to produce luminescent hybrid more

Flexible Section-machining

Automatic Handling and Processing of Bent Extruded more

Sustainable software architect. Palladio

Performance prognoses reduce costs in software more

Hybrid Bonding

Novel Technology for Bonding Structural more

Carbamates Based on Renewable Resources

Sustainable Synthesis Process to Produce for Chemical more

Printable Electrolytes

Special Electrolyte With Printable more

Chloride-ion Accumulator

Future Batteries Might Be Based on Inexpensive more

Cost-saving Semiconductor Production

Mineral Layer Allows for High Doping Densities of more

Switchable Magnets

Energy-efficient Adjustable Magnets for more

Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide

Microstructured Reactor for Production of Hydrogen more

Milling procedure for Battery Material

By Milling Fluorinated Graphite, Button Cells Can Store More more

Innovative Clutch Disk

Hybrid Design for the Transmission of High more

Phosphorus Detector

Automatable Phosphorus Detector that Does Not Need Any more

Perfect Crystalline Layers

Metal-organic Frameworks for Use in Molecule Separation or Gas more

Magnetization on Request

Thin Magnetic Layers with Variable Domain more

Flexible Hydrogenation

Compact Modular Reactor Allows Short Product Launch more

Odorless & Requiring almost no Cleaning

Reagent Bound to Polymer Facilitates Introduction of Protective Groupsread more

Pressing and Turning

Tool Solidifies Metals and more

Protected from Radiation

Structured Magnetic Layer Attenuates Electromagnetic more

Precision Welding

Strongly Focused Laser, Whose Shapes Can Be Set more

Tailor-made Extraction Technique

Magnetic Nanoparticles Allow Efficient Separation of more

Fluids on a Conveyor

Novel Microfluidic Chip for Complex Analysis more

Modular Plug-in Systems

Integration and Miniaturization of High-frequency Electronic more

Energy-efficient Algae Production

A Bioreactor with Accordion-shaped Surface for Optimal Algae more

A New Focus on Focusing

Optical System Whose Focus is Adjusted by Turning the more

Photon-based Structuring

Laser-manufactured Photonic Chips for Use in Quantum more

Filament Winding for Joining

Automatic Process for Joining Lightweight more

Ideal Adhesive Strip

Gecko-inspired Adhesive more

Hard Material Coatings of Tools

Nanocrystalline Protective Coatings Reduce Wear of Components & more

Shuttle for Material Specimens

Vacuum Box for Simple and Safe Handling of Dangerous more

Electronics from the Printer

High-speed Field Effect Transistors Can Be Produced more

Controlling Turbulences

Optical Tomography for Process Optimization in Combustion more

Metal-doped Polymers

New concepts and enlarged spectrum of more

Monitoring System for Emission Sources

Determining Location, x0, Intensity q0, and Onset of Action, more

Complex Modular Micro-optics

Innovative modular system meets high degree of more

Composites for lightweight construction

Plastics for automatic materials more

Safe bridges

Rapid test to control external stressing more

In the Green Area

Flexible Test Rigs for Electric Motors for more

Superfine, Robust, and Low Priced

An Alternative Process Line for Manufacture of Macroporous more

SupportStructures WeldedHollowArchitect.

New Approaches to Diffusion Welding of Complex Hollow Systemsread more

Viewed from a Distance

An optimized MIMO technology for Remote Sensing more

Micro-scale Skyscrapers

Technique of Manufacturing Microstructures with High Aspect more

Cleansing by Daylight

Photocatalysts Active in Daylight for Cleansing of Surfaces & more

Microbial Sensor for Biogas Plants

Biosensor Directly Converts Concentrations of Detected more

Customized Pores

Layers of Highly Porous Metal-organic Frameworks onto more

Rapid and Homogeneous Heat Transfer

Temperature-sensitive Fluids with Cross-flow Micro Heat more

Nanoparticles from the Printer

Printable Electrolyte-nanoparticle Mixture Opens up New more

Grape Berries under High Voltage

Innovative Treatment of Grape Mash Improves more

Efficient Thermal Management

Gas Discharge Lamp with Vacuum Space for Thermal more

Versatile and Robust Ceramic Filter

Monolithic Ceramic Filters for Stepwise Separation of Substance more

Nanofur Separates Oil from Water

Nanostructured Plastic Foil for Use in Case of Oil Spill more

Connection of Polymer Components

Laser Welding Replaces Bonding and Heating for Joining more

Highly Precise Microcomponents

Microcomponent Produced with a Novel Injection Molding more

Product categories

Additional energy production utilizing renewable and future primary energy sources Adhesives and sealants for composite materials Apparatus, vessels, tanks (pressurized) Applied research on digital communication Applied research on energy storage Applied research on harmful substances, toxicology Applied research on process techniques Applied research on production techniques Applied research on quality control and quality assurance Applied research on recycling of wastes and garbage, pyrolysis Applied research on water pollution prevention Applied research on welding and fastening Assembly systems and handling systems for the provisions industry, foodstuffs industry Assembly systems and handling systems for the semiconductor industry Automatic control engineering for the automotive industry Automation software solutions for general machine building Basic research in the field of materials technology Basic research on chemistry, biochemistry Biodegradable primary material for the production of packaging, outer packaging Biogas systems Bracket systems, supports, bedding systems for pipelines and piping Casting compounds, putties and cast resins, polyester/polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, methacrylates Casting systems for microtechnology Chemistry and chemical process technology (innovative technologies) Communication networks for process automation Communication technology (innovative technologies) Complete spraying systems for surface coating Components and systems for microchemistry and microbiotechnology Concentration measuring devices (CSB, BSB, TOC, ph, etc.) Conception of customer-specific microsystem solutions Control, automation and robot technology (innovative technologies) Couplings Cutting dies and punching tools, forming and drawing tools Data transfer and data concentration for high-voltage equipment Development of economical engine concepts Drive system solutions for the automobile industry Energy technology (innovative technologies) Engineering, contract development for microfluidics Environmental technology (innovative technologies) Fibre optic systems and fibre optic components Fibre-plastic composite materials for lightweight construction Fine filter plants for water Flow control monitors and flow monitors, flow limiters Fluidic control systems Functional ceramics for microtechnology, microsystem technology Gas turbines Glass and ceramics research Heat exchangers for various fluids Image processing systems for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology Industrial services for the provisions industry/foodstuffs industry Integrated solutions for data acquisition and data storage in process technology Joining of plastic parts Lamp control modules, LED control modules Lasers for the plastics industry LED lamps, LED lights LEDs Lighting systems, lighting technology for buildings Lightweight composites Lithium ion accumulators Magnetic switches Magnetizing devices and demagnetizing devices Materials and process technology (innovative technologies) Measuring technology and testing technology for the medical technology Measuring and testing technology for microtechnology Measuring devices for industrial safety applications Measuring equipment for laboratory applications Measuring instruments for i.c. engines Measuring systems for quality assurance Measuring technology and testing technology with radiation systems Medical ceramics Metal forming technologies, other for lightweight construction Micro injection molding Micro technology and nano technology (innovative technologies) Micro-optics systems and components Microstructure production systems Microsystem technology development systems Microtechnical solutions for analytics Microtechnical solutions for biotechnology and gene technologies Microtechnical solutions for coatings Microtechnical solutions for dosing, dispensing Microtechnical solutions for environmental engineering Microtechnical solutions for microstructure technology and microelectronics Microtechnical solutions for power engineering and energy extraction Microtechnical solutions for the pharmaceutical industry Motor vehicle clutches, clutch components Nano materials Nanoceramics Nanofilters Nanometals and nanometal alloys Nanoparticles Nanopigments Nanosemiconductors Nanostructures New developments in sensor technology Occupational medical care, occupational medical services Oil separators, light-density material traps Operational research in particle production in the field of nanotechnology Operational research in X-ray lithography Optical components and systems Optical information technology and communication technology Optical measuring technology and testing technology Optical nano-coatings Optical technologies for industrial light Optical technologies for medical applications Optoelectronic components Organic electronics components, diodes, transistors, microprocessors, solar cells Organic materials for electronics and optics, organic materials Other accessories for i.c. engines and gas turbines Other accumulators Other applied materials research Other applied research in the field of information transmission and communication Other energy-efficient lighting Other environmental measuring technology (systems, devices) Other fasteners elements Other functional drive solutions Other lightweight applications (parts, semi-finished products, processes) Other measuring and control technology for energy technology Other microfluid technology components Other microtechnology systems and plants for ultraprecision manufacturing (not machine tools) Other nano technology materials and components Other optical data transfer Other permanent magnets Other photometry and spectroscopy Other plants for exhaustion, separation and recovery of coating materials Other structural steelwork Other systems and components for micro-optics and optical engineering Parts and accessories for accumulators Plants for micro-optic manufacturing, micro-optic processing Plastics, artificial resins Plastics, elastomers, plastic fibres for lightweight construction PLC programming systems, application development systems for automation equipment Precision engineering and optics (innovative technologies) Precision mould making for microtechnology Primary elements and batteries, battery systems, also for electric mobility Process substitution for energy-saving joining technology (e.g. adhesive bonding instead of welding) Production processes for microsystems Production technology methods (innovative technologies) Protective systems and regulator systems (for boilers, generators, turbines) Radar distance sensors Research in the field of nanobiotechnology Research in the field of nanostructuring Research on pharmaceutical biotechnology Research to biological materials Research to biotechnological processes for the production of raw materials and reuse thereof Research to cell biology and molecular biology Research to electronics, semiconductors, power electronics Research to lighting engineering Research to medical analysis technology and diagnosis technology Research to microsensor technology Research to optics, image technology Rotors and stators for electric motors and generators Safety and control valves Sample cylinders, sample receptacles for fluids and gases Sensors and metrology (innovative technologies) Sensors for assembly, handling and robotics Sensors for dust density, particle density, soot density Sensors for gas analytics and fluid analytics Sensors for precision engineering and the optical industry Sensors for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology Software and solutions for the medical technology Software for machine-to-machine communication, M2M Solutions and components for medical technology and pharmaceutical industry Special accessories for analytics Stationary and mobile multicoordinate measuring technology Synchronous machines System-on-a-chip components Systems for laser beam welding Testing equipment for other safety applications Threaded spindles Trade fair equipment for air quality control Waste-to-value recovery of valuable recyclable materials from waste water Whirled parts X-ray inspection systems in quality assurance 3-phase synchronous motors

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