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Pepperl + Fuchs

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Hall 9, Stand D68
Topic: PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) Pavilion
Co-exhibitor with
PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation

Company Data

Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH

Lilienthalstr. 200
68307 Mannheim
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Fax: +49 621 776 1000


No. of employees
1.001-10.000 (Status: 2017)

Annual turnover
between 100M and 1 billion EUR (Status: 2017)

Dr. Gunther Kegel,
Werner Guthier,
Mehmet Hatiboglu.

Company profile

Pepperl+Fuchs offer a wide range of industrial sensors for electric automation that covers all standard functional principles and provides seamless service for all applications in today's automation industry. Technologies and products for use in hazardous areas are also designed for specific industries. Providing highest availability and maximum safety, a broad variety of components offer solutions for all types of ignition protection.
Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs is now firmly established around the world in a variety of markets

Sales: 630 Mio. Euro
Employees: 6000 world-wide

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die Generation Zukunft der Sensorikread more

Remote I/O Systems

Our modular Remote I/O systems - FB and LB - offer a cost-effective interface for your field signals in the hazardous and the safe areas to your process control system via the fieldbus. A variety of gateways are available for connection to different fieldbuses. Freely combinable I/O modules and high more

Universal Barrier

Simply Plug and Play ¿ The Pepperl+Fuchs Universal I/O Technologyread more

Sensors for Machine Engineering

In machine and plant engineering we offer our customers a broad spectrum of sensors and sensor systems: Proximity sensors (based on inductive, capacitive and magnetic principles), photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, rotary encoders, position encoding systems, AS-Interfaces, identification systems, more

Continuous Level Measurement

Today, level measurement technology is the basis for management and process control in the chemical, petrochemical, environmental and other related industries. Our comprehensive program enables us to help you solve your particular measurement and control problems and to detect the precise level of any more

Level Measurement Limit Detection

Today, level measurement technology is the basis for management and process control in the chemical, petrochemical, environmental and other related industries. Limit value switches signal whether the medium being monitored has reached, risen above, or fallen below, a set level (VDI/VDE Directive 3519) more


The FieldConnex® Ethernet Isolator combines intrinsically safe energy limitation and galvanic isolation into one product. Now Ethernet connections are plug and play in Ex-Zone 1. This compact device is designed especially for temporary installations and mobile apparatus. The FieldConnex® Ethernet Isolator more


Segment Coupler and Power Suppliesread more


PROFIBUS PA is part of the popular PROFIBUS family of protocols. Data formats are the same as in PROFIBUS DP making it easy to integrate devices on both networks seamlessly and transparently. PROFIBUS PA is a fieldbus according to IEC 61158-2 and supplies power and transmits communication digitally more


An Accepted Standard in Process Automationread more


Wireless communication based on HARTread more

Remote I/O LB Zone 2

LB Remote I/O for the safe area and Zone 2/Class I, Div. 2read more

FB Remote I/O for Zone 1/21

FB Remote I/O stations are mounted in hazardous areas Zone 1 or Zone 21. They form a modular signal conditioning system to interface signals from the field with a control system in the safe area. FB Remote I/O connects your conventional sensors and actuators to your DCS using a single standardized fieldbus more

HART Interface Solutions

HART Interface Solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs consist of two HART Multiplexer Systems for multiple signal loops and a HART Loop Converter for single loop applications. The Multiplexer is used to connect HART field devices to Asset Management Systems like AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager from Emerson more

Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners protect signal transfer between field devices in safe areas and control systems by galvanic isolation of the loop. Particularly in case of long transmission paths, signal conditioners avoid compensating currents which may occur from ground loops. Signal conditioners also offer effective more

Zener Barriers

Cost Saving and Easy Mounting Ex-Protectionread more

Isolated Barriers

Intrinsic safety barriers are the core of Pepperl+Fuchs' product portfolio. We offer the widest selection of products for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas. These intrinsic safety modules combine the energy limiting features of a zener barrier with galvanic isolation. Pepperl+Fuchs more

R2000 Detection 2D Laser Scanner

The innovative R2000 2D laser scanner is the perfect combination of modern technology and design elements that raises the bar in scanning technology. This opens up a range of interesting new applications for the more

RFID UHF read/write head F190

RFID technology is on the leading edge: Reliable identification, seamless data transfer, and continuous system operation - the UHF F190 from Pepperl+Fuchs provides it all in a single device. These features allow global companies to use one UHF read/write head series regardless of location. Such standardization makes more

Data Coupler LS682

Data Coupler LS682read more

R2100 - Multi-Ray LED Scanner

A Distance Ahead ¿ Photoelectrics by Pepperl+Fuchsread more

Magnetic rotary encoder

Magnetic Precision. Under any more

Explosion Proection Equipment.

A flexible Portfolio for a Variety fo Applicationsread more

Cabinet Solutions

Switch cabinet engineering by Pepperl+Fuchs combines our various products to optimum complete solutions for every more

Industrial Monitors and HMI Solutions

VisuNet ¿ insightful solutionsread more

Purge and Pressurization Systems

Bebco EPS® purge and pressurization by Pepperl+Fuchs is a household name in the process automation industry. As the leaders in Purging Technology®, we manufacture innovative solutions that are remarkably simple to use and will easily handle just about any application. With Pepperl+Fuchs' Bebco EPS purging more


The actuator sensor interface (AS-Interface) with special yellow flat cable supplies power to the sensors and actuators as well as allowing you to transfer data to a maximum of 62 nodes per AS-Interface network. The installation time and costs are much lower compared to conventional wiring more

Special Proximity Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs offers Special Proximity Sensors for different more

Capacitive Sensors

In addition to metallic objects, capacitive sensors detect a large variety of other materials. They are used for level detection or flow more

Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors are the right technical and commercial solution for the reliable, non-contact detection of metallic objects for ranges up to 100 mm. With Pepperl+Fuchs sensors you opt for quality and service! Pepperl+Fuchs has been producing inductive proximity switches for industrial applications more

Sensors for Material Handling

Modern intra-logistics demand the application of outstanding sensors. Only the correct use of sensors can ensure the automatic and reliable flow of goods in modern warehouses and mechanical handling plants. Pepperl+Fuchs has the right solution for almost all material handling more

Sensors for Factory Automation

Pepperl+Fuchs is a pioneer and innovator in industrial sensorsread more

Sensors for Renewable Energies

Many applications in the renewable energy sector use Pepperl+Fuchs products. They play an important role in the reliable and efficient design of these systems. Wind energy system operators are concerned with productivity and demand minimum downtimes. Reliable rotary encoders (incremental and absolute) more

Sensors for Mobile Equipment

Designed with the mobile equipment market in mind, Pepperl+Fuchs provides the toughest and most versatile sensors on the more

Sensors for Automotive

For many years we have been a recognized supplier to the automotive industry. New concepts in plant engineering for vehicle production have been covered by products developed by Pepperl+Fuchs. In the areas of technology for the automotive industry, it would be hard to imagine the industry without Pepperl+Fuchs more

Sensors for Process Equipment

Worldwide, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a unique range of inductive sensors with ATEX Ex-approval for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. This range encompasses the broadest variety of types on the market. Applications include valve position and limit switches for mechanical flow and pressure more

Sensors for Packaging Industry

Packaging machines for the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic machines as well as labeling machines are a part of the target market of packaging industry. This market constantly demands new and innovative packaging solutions. This is only possible due to precision sensor systems in the corresponding more

Sensors for Print and Paper Industry

With Pepperl+Fuchs being a pioneer in precision sensors, which are used to control paper feeds in paper machinery, it would be difficult to find another manufacturer with such an extensive range of sensors for use in this area of industry. Whether printing, folding, punching or enveloping: the innovative more

Safety Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of no-contact safety equipment to limit the typical risks that are associated with machines and industrial more

Code Readers

Pepperl+Fuchs has a very wide range of innovative, camera-based code readers. These readers use high-resolution CMOS and CCD image converters to support a number of more


Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) are the preferred way to solve automatic identification tasks in demanding industrial environments. This is possible because tags can be constructed to survive many chemical environments, including solvents, oils, acids and caustic solutions. Tags for high more

Identification Systems

Identification systems are used for object identification. They can be used to automate manufacturing processes and to control the entire logistics of merchandising management through flexible networking. This reduces throughput times and makes variant manufacturing more flexible. Pepperl+Fuchs offers more

Inclination and Acceleration Sensors

The new F99 inclination sensor from Pepperl + Fuchs combines durability and simplicity into one small housing, making it ideal for industrial more

Position Encoding System

For positioning over long paths of travel, we offer the position encoding system WCS, a product with a long record of success. The position encoding system WCS excels in systems with curves, switchpoints, inclines, or more

Angular Measurement System

Pepperl+Fuchs offers different products angular more

Distance Measurement Devices

One of the basic applications in sensor technology is determining distance, or distance measurement. The VDM series laser distance measurement (displacement) sensors monitor and measure the distance between products to keep equal spacing and positioning, making them ideal for automotive and material more

Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders can be used in all applications that require monitoring rotation rate, speed, acceleration and direction. These sensors can be utilized in many applications found in mechanical engineering, the conveyor industry, material handling and the packaging more

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors present the ideal solution for non-contact position and distance measurement in all industrial areas where environmental conditions such as dust, smoke or steam may affect the sensors. Objects consisting of a variety of materials can be detected to within millimeters regardless of more

Vision Systems

Pepperl+Fuchs offers Vision more

Vision Sensors

Vision sensors are industrial vision systems that are customized for a special type of application. They have been set up for easy installation and operation without programming language. Vision sensors are significantly more efficient and flexible than light barriers, for example, and they are distinctly more

Radar Sensors

Radar Sensors are used for doors, gates and more

Thru-Beam Sensors

In automation, photoelectric sensors in general provide all the benefits of fast and noncontact detection. Among standard sensors, a distinction is made between the three functional principles of Thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, and diffuse mode sensors, depending on the function and the relative more

Photoelectric Measurement Sensors

Distance measurement devices work with laser light or powerful LED transmitters and satisfy almost all user requirements. For example, automatic storage and retrieval units and transporters can be positioned to the millimeter, precisely and accurately, even over large distances. Range measurement relative more

Photoelectric Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of photoelectric sensors, fiber optic cables, & accessories. We have the photoelectric sensors you need to keep your applications running. Pepperl+Fuchs with the brand VISOLUX is an innovator of photoelectric sensing technologies. For precise, optical control of positioning, more

Product categories

Acceleration measuring instruments Actuator Sensor interface (AS interface) for fieldbus systems Angle measuring equipment Application-specific image processing system solutions for non-contact measuring and quality assurance Barcode scanners for automation Bus couplers for fieldbus systems Capacitive proximity switches Capacitive sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level Colour measuring instruments Command equipment housings Diagnostic tools, programming devices, AT cards for fieldbus systems Diagonal light barriers Ethernet for industrial automation Explosion protection equipment for machinery and plants (ATEX) Explosion-proof operating equipment for switching systems Fieldbus systems in areas subject to the risk of explosion Filling level measuring devices Flexible interface systems for areas subject to explosion risk (control systems) Frame light barriers Hall effect sensors Hand-held barcode readers for automation HART interfaces, HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer), HART Communication Foundation (HCF) Headway control systems (mobile automation) High-temperature identification systems and coding systems Identification systems and coding systems by means of microwaves Identification systems and coding systems by means of radio frequency (high-frequency signals) and transponders (RFID) Identification systems by means of image analysis, codeless identification systems Identification systems by means of radio frequency and transponders (RFID) Identification systems for difficult operating conditions Identification systems using microwaves Image processing systems and image processing processors Image processing systems for adhesive coating inspection Image processing systems for positioning Inductive identification and coding systems in areas subject to explosion risk Inductive identification systems and coding systems Inductive proximity switches Industrial Ethernet systems, industrial Ethernet Industrial PCs (IPCs) for explosion-proof areas Interface converters for industrial networks I/O modules with separation for explosion hazardous areas for fieldbus systems Isolating amplifiers Laser measuring instruments for geometrical parameters (spacing, distance, thickness) Machine integrated sensors, sensor systems and sensor modules for assembly, handling and robotics Measuring technology and testing technology for the printing industry Measuring amplifiers Measuring and control equipment for wind energy systems Measuring technology and testing technology for general machine building Measuring technology and testing technology for other vehicle construction Measuring technology and testing technology for the automotive industry Measuring technology and testing technology for the chemical industry Measuring technology and testing technology for the packaging industry Measuring technology and testing technology for the paper industry Measuring transducers Measuring transducers/isolating transformers for standard busbars, PCBs, measuring heads Navigation systems for autonomous, driverless vehicles One-way light barriers Optical distance measuring devices Optical identification systems for image processing Optical 2D scanners, laser systems for two-dimensional surface measuring Optoelectronic equipment and systems Optoelectronic proximity switches Other identification systems and coding systems Other industrial networks on TCP/IP Other optical data transfer Other sensor/actuator bus systems Other sensors for image processing Other sensors for optical measured variables Other special sensor systems and sensors Other speed measuring instruments Other wireless data transmission systems PC-based operation systems Photoelectric barriers (photoelectric security barriers) Photoelectric measuring instruments Photoelectric sensors Positioning systems for handling technology Process automation solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical industries Process automation solutions for petroleum industries (refineries and petrochemical industries) PROFIBUS-DP interfaces PROFIBUS-DP (manufacturing automation) PROFIBUS-PA (process automation) Proximity switches and limit switches with safety function Proximity switches for assembly, handling and robotics Proximity switches in areas subject to explosion risk Proximity switches on ultrasound basis Proximity switches with bus capability Proximity switches with protection class (IP) Radar distance sensors Reflection light barriers Remote I/O systems for fieldbus systems RFID transponders and transponder readers for mobile automation Rotary pulse generators Rotary transducers and resolvers Safe sensors Safety-oriented communication Segment couplers for fieldbus systems Sensor/actuator interface modules Sensor/actuator interface systems (actuator sensor interface/AS-I) Sensors for length, paths (measuring range < 0.1 m) Sensors for length, paths (measuring range < 0.5 m) Sensors for length, paths (measuring range < 5 m) Sensors for length, paths (measuring range >= 5 m) Sensors for acceleration, vibration, shock Sensors for angle, inclination, orientation Sensors for angular acceleration, rotational acceleration Sensors for assembly, handling and robotics Sensors for general industrial applications Sensors for general machine building Sensors for manufacturing technology Sensors for measuring technology and control technology Sensors for mobile automation Sensors for other branch-specific applications Sensors for other vehicle construction Sensors for precision engineering and the optical industry Sensors for process technology Sensors for reflexion, remission, gloss Sensors for the automotive industry Sensors for the chemical industry Sensors for the construction industry Sensors for the metal producing and working industry Sensors for the packaging industry Sensors for the paper industry and printing industry Sensors for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology Sensors for the semiconductor industry Sensors for the textile industry Sensors for the timber and woodworking industry Sensors for ultrasound Sensors for wind energy plants Sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level according to the floating principle Sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level according to the pressure principle,differerential pressure principle Sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level according to the radar principle Sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level according to the ultrasonic principle Sensors, measuring equipment and transducers for level according to the vibration principle Sensors on ultrasound basis Signalling devices (incl. optical and acoustic signalling devices) Software for industrial networks Special housings for Automation Speed (rpm) monitoring devices Steering angle sensors Switch cabinet systems for Automation Systems for Operating and Observing (O and O) Visualization systems (man-to-process communication) Wireless communication systems Wireless fieldbus systems 2D barcode systems, 2D symbol systems for automation

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