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ADDINOL Gas engine oils - tried and tested in practice!

15 years and 108,000 impressive operating hours

Between 1999 and 2014 the association for sewage treatment Parthe near Leipzig has operated two MWM gas engines of type 226 with a nominal output of 70 kW each. ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40-Extra Plus, which is tailored to turbo-charged engines operated with special gases, and the continuous monitoring within the ADDINOL analyses service have allowed an impressive operating life of 108,000 operating hours over 15 years – in spite of heavy loads on the sewage gas in the form of silicon compounds. In the engine of a passenger car this equals about 5,400,000 km! And the long-distance runners were still equipped with their first main shaft and camshaft even!

Successful application in Scandinavia’s largest landfill gas plant
Only a few years ago the operation of gas engines with landfill gas, which is usually high in hydrogen sulphide, did mean enormous loads both for engine and engine oil. In the largest landfill gas site in Scandinavia in Espoo/Finland the content of hydrogen sulphide was about 600 ppm. (In comparison: according to standard the share in natural gas must not exceed 10 ppm.) This was a perfect challenge for ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40-Extra Plus. Acid components, which arise during combustion, could be neutralised reliably thanks to the engine oil’s powerful alkaline reserve. The four special gas engines TCG-2032 V16 manufactured by MWM have been in safe, trouble-free operation with ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40-Extra Plus since 2010 – it mastered the high content of hydrogen sulphide without any difficulties.  Today the plants are equipped with a gas filter according to currents exhaust standards and the content of hydrogen sulphide is under control. Therefore the plants have been changed over to ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD with perfect customer satisfaction.