HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April



Colfax Fluid Handling to exhibit pump drive solutions for greater energy efficiency and reliability

Even today, the pumps used in many systems are operated outside of their optimal operating ranges. This not only shortens the service life of the pumps, but also costs the operating company more money every year as energy costs rise. In particular, systems with dynamic operating conditions require a means of pump control that is tailored to the needs of the consumers.

This is where pump manufacturer Allweiler comes into the picture, with a thorough, on-site examination of the system and individualized consultation. It can then deliver a drive package, consisting of a highly efficient synchronized reluctance motor (IE4) and pressure-dependent speed control, that is specifically adapted to their requirements. Power consumption, which is tied to pump speed, will then mirror the required pump performance, avoid overload conditions during fluctuations, and significantly improve overall efficiency. Combined with continuous and fully automatic monitoring of pressure, temperature, leaks, and vibration from the IN-1000 condition monitoring system, all other requirements for system safety can also be achieved. The resulting savings in service and energy costs pay for the cost of the systems in a short period of time and usually contribute to a higher operating profit within one year.

"With our individually dimensioned drive packages, we are specifically targeting those customers who are interested in savings from intelligent controllers, which go beyond the benefits of energy-efficient motors alone," according to Allweiler Sales Manager Gunter Connert.

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