HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April



Tough coils by ATAM

ATAM, a leading company for encapsulated coils and industrial connections is introducing during MDA Hannover its new range of coils, the 471, the 472 and the 473 one, with an external armature.

The  coils are offered with the 3 different external diameters of 37mm, 45mm and 65mm, and with different electrical connections, DIN, Deutsch and AMP JT, to meet several customer requirements.

The new family of coils has been designed for use in all applications where very high resistance under highly demanding conditions is required, such as in case of extreme temperatures.

The coils feature an external armature that protects them against physical damage and improves the magnetic flux; IP65, IP67 and IP69k protection degrees, depending on the electrical connection chosen by the customer; a salt spray resistance for the white rust of 120h and for the red rust of 180h.

The 3 coils are encapsulated in a high-quality plastic material with a Class H thermal resistance.

The technical interaction between the development and the production of encapsulated coils and industrial connections, together with a state of the art test lab, allow ATAM to simulate the combined use of the 2 products in every condition, thus allowing the company to offer optimal solutions in terms of reliability, quality and convenience.

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