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Antiresonance harmonic filter


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Anitresonance harmonic filters (reactors) to protect capacitors in PFC-systems and to reduce harmonics.
- Very low losses
- high linearity
- Temperature protection by microswitch (NC)
Voltage range: 400 V, 440 V, 690 V
Measurement output range: 10 - 100 kvar
Detuning factor: 5,67 %; 7 %; 14 %

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Capacitor Contactors

Soft switching of capacitor steps to avoid current peak values. This increases the life time of the capacitor and has a positive impact on the power quality. Damping of inrush currents in LV-PFC-systems. Voltage range: 230 - 690 V Output range: 12.5 - 100 kvar cUL file 224924 CCC up to 75 kvarread more


Three-phase grid measuring device in panels, e. g.feed-ins (V, I, P, Q, S, cos-phi, f, W, T, THD-V, THD-I) Measuring of power and harmonics For integration into existing networks via interface RS485 (MODBUS-RTU) Compatible with software MMI-energy for storage, display and evaluation of power and energy more


Three-phase measuring and display of numerous parameters: V, I, P, Q, S, cos-phi, f, W, T, THD-V, THD-I Display of harmonics as bar chart: harmonic of voltage up to 51st and harmonic of current up to 51st Oscilloscope mode: for graphic display of a complete oscillation incl. harmonics Display editor: more


Single-phase measuring of V, I, P, Q, S, cos-phi,f, W, T (read out via RS485) Coupling with PF controller BR7000, BR7000-I/S485 and BR7000-I-TH/S485 via interface for determination of real capacitor current Capacitor protection by step switch-off at current limit Fast trigger for dynamic PFC Independent more

Output-filters and -reactors 4-1500 A

Output-filters or -chokes are needed for converters to solve the following problems: EMC, overvoltage at the motor, HF reactive currents in motor cable, Motor noises, Damage of motor insulation and leakage current. The EPCOS output-filter solutions includes dv/dt chokes, sine-waves filters and Sineformer®read more

Key Components

Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

4-line filters up to 600A

In the EPCOS product range there are filters for all kinds of three-phase applications. For applications with an unbalance load there is a range of 4-line filters with the neutral line available. Applications are EMC for the whole cabinet, UPS systems or power more

3-line filters up to 2500A

EPCOS offers filters for all kinds of three-phase applications, for inverters for motor drives, elevators, pumps, air condition, for power supplies, wind- and solar energy converters or for more

SineFormer output filters up to 320 A

No need for shielded motor cables: SineFormer are high-performance output filters for frequency converters. They reduce significantly common-mode and differential-mode disturbances and allow to use unshielded motor more

Power line reactors B86305L*

New to the EPCOS product range are Power line reactors for frequency converters. 3-Phase-Line reactors B86305L* are available from 4A up to more

LCL-filters for active infeed converters

EPCOS LCL-filters for active infeed converters offer a significant improvement of power quality and higher efficiency for the entire system. THD typical below 5%. Rated current from 16A up to 400A. B84143GxxxxR/S405read more

IEC plug filters up to 20 A

With the new B84771*, B84773* and B84776* series of IEC inlet filters EPCOS now offers compact filter solutions that are cost effective. They combine an IEC connector with an EMC filter, along with fuse holder and ON/OFF switch - if requested. Despite their space-saving design, they have very good symmetrical more

LeaXield - minimizes leakage current

Leakage currents can generate problems in power electronics applications. The new LeaXield filters active minimizes the leakage current thus RCD's do not tripp unwanted. LeaXield filters support safe operation of industrial elecronic installations and improve the EMC performance of the more


Power Capacitor for Power Electronicsread more


Power Capacitor for Power Electronicsread more


Power Capacitor for Power Electronicsread more


Power Capacitor for Power Electronicsread more

Thyristor Modules TSM-Series

Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

PhaseCap Compact

The PhaseCap Compact PFC capacitor is based on the EPCOS MKK (metallized polpropylene) technology. PhaseCap Compact offers higher inrush current capability (up to 400 x IR) and over current capability (up to 2.0 x IR) even compared to PhaseCap Premium. With an output of up to 33 kvar at very small height more


Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

PhaseCap Premium

Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

PF-Controller BR6000 and BR7000 series

Power Quality Solutions Product Briefread more


Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

PhaseCap Energy

Product Brief 2017 PFC/PQSread more

PQSine Series

The PQSine series is an active harmonic filter system designed to mitigate harmonic oscillations in order to consequently reduce wasted energy, improving the system efficiency while reducing harmonic pollution. It could also be used for phase unbalance correction, und current unloading in the neutral more

2-line filters up to 1600 A

In the EPCOS product range there are filters for all kinds of one-phase or DC applications, e.g. SMPS, industrial converters, converters for traction applications, solar more

Lithium Ion Battery for Energy Storage

Lithium Ion Battery for Energy Storage Systemsread more

Dy-free neodymium and La-Co-free ferrite magnets!

TDK's neodymium magnet NEOREC47HF material is completely free of dysprosium. TDK's ferrite magnet FB9RF material is free of lanthanum and more


Power Capacitor for Power Electronicsread more


Three-phase measuring, display and storage of electrical parameters in low voltage grids. Software allows a fast and comfortable evaluation of measured data. - Three-phase measuring of voltage and current - Automatic calculation of required kvar - Evaluation of measured harmonics - Graphical display - more

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