HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April

ARCO 400

Universal test set for recloser controls

OMICRON electronics

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Logo ARCO 400
Logo ARCO 400

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Hall 12, Stand B57

Product description

ARCO 400 is a smart and rugged testing solution for all recloser controls. It provides the fastest way to perform simple manual trip and close checks. Using the OMICRON Smart Connect technology, ARCO 400 is capable of detecting recloser specific test adapters. The device simulates the recloser and enables three-phase testing of the controller in both lab and field environments. ARCO 400 is equipped with accurate 3-phase 12.5 A current amplifiers, 6-phase voltage amplifiers (8 V or 150 V range), six binary inputs, and nine binary outputs.

The ARCO Control software provides additional testing functionality through specific test tools, with the ability to control the ARCO 400 wirelessly. The execution of predefined ReCoPlan test plans allows for standardization and time savings.

Several ARCO 400s can be time-synchronized to GPS and simultaneously test high-speed distribution automation schemes using RelaySimTest. This allows for a complete testing of the scheme that includes both logic in the controllers and communication channels.

> Easy testing solution for any recloser control
> Smart Connect for recognizing recloser specific adapter cables
> Compact and lightweight for easy transportation
> Rugged design for use in harsh weather conditions
> High testing flexibility and wireless control
> Easy-to-use software requires no special training
> Guided testing workflow reduces test time
> Creation of test plans and pre-defined test values
> Application of standardized testing procedures
> GPS synchronized automated distribution scheme tests
> Creates detailed test reports for documentation purposes

Video ARCO 400 - ARCO 400 is the universal test set for recloser controls.
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