HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April
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Auto Bearings Wheel Bearings

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Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
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Product description

1. Material: Chrome steel
2. Inner diameter: 8-150 mm
3. High quality wheel bearing

Wheel bearings are typically located right at the spindle of the wheel hub to allow free wheel movement. By minimizing the friction that goes with metal to metal surface contacts as your car rotates, the functionality of the part is crucial to the overall performance of your vehicle.

DAC20420030/29 DAC358047BW2RS
DAC25520037 DAC36680033
DAC25520042 DAC3668-2RS
DAC25520043 DAC36720034
DAC25550043 DAC367600292/27
DAC25550045 DAC37720033
DAC2556206/29 DAC37720037
DAC2560206/29 DAC37740045
DAC25720043 DAC38650050
DAC27520043/515 DAC38700037
DAC27520045 DAC38700038
DAC27520045/43 DAC38710033/30
DAC27520050 DAC38710039
DAC27600050 DAC38720034
DAC286142 DAC38720036
DAC29530037 DAC38720040
DAC30580042 DAC38720236/33
DAC30600037/34 DAC38740050
DAC30600038/34 DAC38740236/33
DAC30600337 DAC39680037
DAC30630042 DAC39680037
DAC30640042 DAC39720037
DAC30650021 DAC39720037
DAC32700038 DAC39740036/34
DAC32720345 DAC40720036/33
DAC34620037 DAC40720037
DAC34640037 DAC40720037
DAC34640037 DAC40720037
DAC34660037 DAC40720040
DAC34670037 DAC40730055
DAC34720037 DAC40740036
DAC34740037 DAC40740036/34
DAC34740040 DAC408000302
DAC35620040 DAC40800031
DAC35640037 DAC40800036
DAC35650035 DAC40800036/34
DAC35650035 DAC40800036/34
DAC35660032 DAC40800037
DAC35660033 DAC408000381
DAC35660035 DAC42750037
DAC35660037 DAC42760033
DAC35680037 DAC42760038/35
DAC35680037 DAC42760039
DAC35680045 DAC42800036/34
DAC35680233/30 DAC42800037
DAC35720028 DAC42800042
DAC35720033 DAC42800045
DAC35720034 DAC42800045
DAC35720042 DAC42820036
DAC35720233/31 DAC42840034
DAC35720433 DAC42840036
DAC35760054 DAC42840039

Hall 5, Stand B48

Chinese Pavilion

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