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auto brake spring

brake spring

Shenzhen ChengFa Spring

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Logo auto brake spring

Exhibition stand
Topic: Chinese Pavilion - CMEC

Hall 4, Stand G65

Product description

Description ISO9001,TS16949, RoHS compliant Auto brake spring
Material SWC-72A
Specification Wire diameter=0.2, Outline dimensions (Ø x L): 6 x 120mm
Ends type default
Surface finish galvanization
Capacity Wire diameter ranging from 0.08-8.0mm .
Wire shape option Coil,flat , rectangular,square, triangular. etc
Material option
Stainless steel:
Carbon steel: SWC-72A,SWC-65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 55CrSi(55SiCr),SAE1070,
SWPB(Music wire), EN10270-1 SH, DIN 17223, ASTM-A228 .etc
Copper/Brass: Brass(CuZn36,CuZn40),copper(C1100), phosphor bronze copper(CuSn6), beryllium bronze copper,enamelled wire .etc
Alloy: titanium alloy etc.
Surface finish option
Nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, galvanization ,passivation, ultrasonic washing,silver plating,gold plating,electrophoresis,phosphorization, dacromet, teflon coating etc
Aviation,automotive, motorbike, bicycle, automatic equipment, household appliance, medical device ,toy, telecommunication,computer, instrument and meter,furniture, electric tools,mold and other industries
Advantage We are good at producing high-difficult,extremely-accurate, reliable products,and providing innovative solution, Solid service for you!
Engineering Product analysis , design, test, validation etc
Manufacturing Machines CNC spring formers, tempering furnace, ends grinder, shot-blasting, lathes ,millers, punches etc.
Test equipments Projector , digital hardness tester,digital torsion strength tester. digital tension and compression strength tester . elasticity tester. life tester , salt spray test machine etc.
Quality control
1. PPAP.APQP,SPC,FMEA,MSA quality management.
2. Tolerance control : DIN, JIS Standard.
3. Manufacturing processes inspection per hour and per batch.
4. Traceable management thoughout all process from raw material to customers.
Certification ISO9001,TS16949, RoHS compliant .

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