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Clever ungluing

Thermolabile glue enables easy loosening

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In industrial joining technology, gluing is increasingly replacing methods such as riveting or welding. Glues reduce the overall weight of joined components and perform further functions such as sealing or insulating. However, industrially used glues are usually irreversible - loosening the adhesive bond, e.g. during repairs or in recycling, may damage or even destroy the individual components. Here, the use of adhesive bonds that can be deglued would make more sense. As a rule, the glue is heated or irradiated, which reduces its solidity, so that components can be loosened from one another. However, conventional methods are either tedious if careful heating is required, or they consume large amounts of energy, since only greater heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius makes the glue melt. At the KIT Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (ICTP), scientists have developed a thermolabile glue that can already be removed at more moderate temperatures, below 100 degrees Celsius, but nevertheless remains stable at room temperatures. This is enabled by the chemical composition of the glue. Its chief component is a thermolabile polymerisation resin combined with further functionalising additives: polyfunctional co-monomers to dilute the glue, thermolabile monomers for improved connecting properties and bulking agents to adjust viscosity. Furthermore, so-called radiation-heat converters are added that turn electromagnetic radiation into heat in order to intensify the heat effect. This mixture makes the glue removable under moderate heat impact or the influence of UV light. Depending on the field of application, the composition of the glue, and hence its properties, can be individually adapted - from self-healing material to bonding construction components that can be detached again. The detachable glue is predestined in particular for mounting and securing elements in construction, such as dowels, anchorages or fittings.

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