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Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
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Product description

1 Digital design, human-computer interface using large-screen LCD English liquid crystal display.
2 Real-time display of power factor,voltage,current, reactive power,active power,THD-V,THD-I, frequency, capacity output and switching alarm.
3 Different controll method operated by menu.
4 Control procedures support the switching mode of cycle,coding and fuzzy control methods.
5 Offer measure function of harmonic voltage and protection function.
6 Have overvoltage and undervoltage protection function.
7 Automatic / manual control operation working methods.
8 RS485 communication interface, enabling remote monitoring of computer.

Application environmental conditions
Altitude: <=2500 meters
Operating temperature: -20°C
Storage temperature: -25°C
No corrosive gas, no conductive dust, no inflammable medium around.
No oscillation and rain snow corrosion in the installation space.

Input/output signal
Sampling voltage: L1,L2,L3 phase voltage
Sampling current: Current transformer secondary signal 0-5A of L1, L2, L3 in bus bars
Control output: Delay dry contact 5A/250V resistive(static);
12V 30mA/circuit branch(dynamic)
Sampling voltage and current should be the same phase.

Display function
LCD monitor data refresh cycle<=1s

Measurement accuracy
Voltage: +0.5% Reactive power: +1.0%
Current: +1.0% Frequency: +0.1Hz
Active power: +1.0% Power factor: +1.0%
Above calibrationdata is got after the controller is running 10 a year.

ID setting
RS485 Port for PC or remote control unit, modbus ID number is the address number 001
255 in the system network, communication speed is 4800

Hall 13, Stand C72

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