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dbk+4 ultrasonic double sheet control


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Hall 9, Stand H34

Product description

The task of double sheet detection is to identify two or more pieces or sheets inadvertently adhering together.

The functional principle
A high-frequency ultrasonic transmitter beams against the sheet from the underside. The beamed signal induces the material to vibrate. The effect of these vibrations is a very small sonic wave on the other side of the sheet being spread. This wave is evaluated by the ultrasonic receiver opposite. The signal from the stacked sheet ("double sheet") is so weak that it hardly gets to the receiver. The dbk+4 detects missing, single and double sheet.

The working ranges
The new dbk+4 has 3 control inputs by means of which 3 working range can be pre-selected. The standard working ranges covers the sheet material weight range from 20 g/m2 to 1,200 g/m2. Extremely thin materials such as bible printing paper with weight per unit areas of less than 20 g/m2 are scanned with the use of the "Thin" setting. The "Thick" setting is available for paperboard containers and finest corrugated card. Changes between the working ranges can be undertaken under on-going operations. A teach-in for the material to be scanned is not necessary. If the 3 control inputs stay unconnected, then the dbk+4 operates in the standard working range. As such, a very broad material spectrum can be scanned.

Range of uses of dbk+4:
- Sheet printing machines
- Assembly machines
- Folding machines
- Paper processing machines
- Manufacturing of solar cells and silicon wafers
- Labelling
- CB manufacturing

Support through LinkControl
dbk+4 can be comprehensively parameterized with the aid of the LinkControl software. To this end, the dbk+4 is connected to the LCA-2 LinkControl adapter. Using the LinkControl software, a USB cable connects the LCA-2 to the PC.

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