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The First Ever IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Solcon Industries

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The DriveStart is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque.
* Providing solution for applications which do not require motor speed and/or torque control during operation, but where SCR-based soft starting is impractical
* Starting current at nominal motor current or lower
* Integrated bypass function using a specialized synchronization system
* Soft Start and Soft Stop
* Starting capacity of 100% of full load current for up to 600 seconds

Saving costs, energy and space while meeting top performance requirements.
* Significantly lower price point than a Medium Voltage VFD, yet providing similar soft start and soft stop features
* Integrated bypass ensures no energy loss during operation, reducing energy waste and operational costs
* Streamlined design translating to at least 50% reduction in space requirements vs. a VFD with comparable performance

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The First Ever IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starterread more

MV-TPS, Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller

The MV-TPS is a heavy duty three phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to resistive heating elements. Ratings: 60-300A, 4160-6600V Features: * Three phase control * Zero crossing & phase control (field programmable) * Comprehensive protection package * Communication: Modbus more

Protection Relays

Advanced protection relays that combine built-in communication and programmable output relays. * The MPS-3000 for Medium and Large Low Voltage Motors * The MPS-6 for Large Low Voltage Motors * The TPR-6 Temperature Protection Relay * The MIP-6 Monitors Motor Insulation Resistanceread more

Solbrake, DC Injection Brake

Provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking of standard motors by injecting controlled DC current into the motor windings after the line contactor has opened. This DC current induces a stationary magnetic field which exerts a braking torque on the rotor. Ratings: 8-820A, 208-690V Features: * more

HRVS-TX, Medium Voltage Inrush Current Limiter

The HRVS-TX is a unique solution for limiting high inrush current to Medium Voltage Transformers. The specialized algorithm in the TSR-6 Protection Relay ensures the complete elimination of the large magnetizing inrush current and dynamic shock to the transformer winding's and to the electrical network. more

SolStart, Low Voltage Soft Starter

A cost effective soft start alternative using soft start & soft stop controls combined with built in motor protection control make the SolStart an ideal product for OEMs. The SolStart is a miniature, two phase control, Electronic Soft Starter with an internal bypass. By supplying a slowly increasing more

RVS-AX, Low Voltage Analog Soft Starter

An optimal solution for small to medium size motors, the RVS-AX with analog control, built in bypass, Current Limit and Motor Protection is easy to install and operate. It is a cost effective replacement for Star-Delta and Auto-Transformer type starters. Ratings: 8 - 170A, 220-600V Features: * Range more

iStart, Digital Low Voltage Soft Starter

Solcon's Flagship digital Soft Starter the iStart is supplied with built in bypass in either a 2 phase or 3 phase model. Ratings: 17-1100A, 200-690V Features: * Two phase model for all sizes * 2 phase mode for on site phase fault restart * Interchangeable Control Module for entire line * Optimized more

HRVS-DN MEGA, Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Ratings: 2300-15000V, up to 48MW The largest soft starter in the world, the HRVS-DN MEGA can control up to 48 MW and has the same capabilities as the HRVS-DN. Applications: * Turbo blowers * Sinter fans * Centrifugal blowers * Blast furnace blowers * Wind-tunnel drive * Gas compressors * more

TPS, Low Voltage Thyristor Power Control

The TPS is a heavy duty single, two or three phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to either inductive or resistive heating elements. Ratings: 8-1400A, 230-1000V Range 8-1400A, 230-1000V Features: * Two phase or three phase control * Zero crossing & phase control (field programmable) * more

SCP-C, Cathodic Protection

The advanced digital Impressed Current Rectifier for Cathodic Protection includes a wide range of protection and measurement features and provides the ultimate solution for continuous supervisory operation. The SCP-C is designed and built according to the stringent standards of NACE, CE, and DNV. Ratings: more

HRVS-DN, Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Solcon Medium Voltage Soft Startersread more

RVS-DN, Low Voltage Soft Starter

RVS-DN The most reliable soft starter in the world to-dateread more

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