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Eddy current sensors measure distances, displacements, or positions of any electrically-conductive target. Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideally suited for applications in harsh industrial environments (pressure, dust, temperature). Furthermore, the eddy current sensors are integrated in semiconductor applications where nano-accuracy is demanded.

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scanCONTROL 26xx/29xx BL

The laser profile scanner of the scan control series were expanded to two models with blue laser diode. The specific features of this wavelength range (405 nm), it possible to use under conditions previously impossible. Also measurements on surfaces were possible, their reflective properties or transparency more

capaNCDT 6110

A new capacitive controller combines advantages of precision measurement technology with low cost. Thru the small size and easy operation, the capaNCDT 6110 is suitable for displacement, distance and position measurement in various industries from the test bed to automation. The compact controller features more


To minimize the position error in a machine tool, the eddy current sensor measures the thermal expansion of the high-frequency spindle. The new miniature eddy current sensor eddyNCDT SGS 4701 detects the thermal expansion of high frequency spindles by measuring the labyrinth ring. The measured values more

optoCONTROL 2520

With an integrated controller, the new laser micrometer optoCONTROL 2520 is designed to be particularly compact. The maximum distance between transmitter and receiver can be selected up to 2 meters. In the intermediate projected light curtain, the object to be measured can be placed anywhere. This comfortable more

optoNCDT 1700BL

The new technology Blue Laser allows the sensors, absolutely precise and reliable measurement results on red-glowing metals and glowing silicium. The blue-violet laser offers decisive advantages. Even in the case of measurements being effected on organic matters such as veneers, wood, or skin, the blue more

optoNCDT 2300

The optoNCDT 2300 is the latest high-end model of laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon. The new series offers an adjustable measuring rate up to 49 kHz. An impressive and worldwide unique fact regarding this sensor class is that the electronics of the system have already been integrated in more

eddyNCDT 3100

The new eddyNCDT 3100 eddy current measurement system includes a special, compact controller and corresponding new sensors. Sensors and cables are equipped with an integrated EEPROM chip, which includes all critical characteristics. In the case of a sensor needing to be replaced, only a simple 3-point more

Optical light conductor sensor optoCONTROL CLSK

Light conductor sensors operate according to the through beam technology (ThruBeam). Very wide application field due to various ThruBeam technologies (shadow, quantity of light of opacity). Dimensional measurement in production, quality assurance and service tasks. Diameter, gap, edge, height, position more

Video endoscopes - ELTROTEC Video

ELTROTEC endoscopes are highly developed optical devices that have been specially designed for use in the industrial field. With a flexible or rigid probe the endoscopes allow a direct image representation via connected PC or handheld display Thanks to their design, construction and special production more

Flexible endoscopes - ELTROTEC Flex

Endoscopic tasks often require flexible probes in order to access the desired point in concealed openings, interior cavities or in bent pipes or entrances. ELTROTEC Flex endoscopes are available in a range of lengths and diameters. With a diameter of 2.5 mm and larger they are equipped with a control more

Rigid endoscopes - ELTROTEC boroscope

ELTROTEC rigid borescopes were developed for the visual inspection of small bore holes and cavities. With diameters ranging from 0.7 to 25mm, they offer excellent image reproduction and with their excellent resolution and brightness facilitate the inspection of the smallest details. The Top-Line premium more

colorCONTROL ACS series

colorCONTROL of the series ACS is the first "Online colour measuring system" based on the spectral technology. A colour object is illuminated by white light which is generated in a compensated and temperature regulated LED light source via an optical fibre and an illumination optics. The within a given more


The new sensor family gapCONTROL offer complete solution particularly for the specific demands in the automated gap measurement in the industrial sector. Therefore, gaps can be detected and their centre position can be used for positioning. Furthermore, the gapCONTROL setup software which is easy to more


Universal color sensor series for color evaluation of surfaces, light sources (LED), color changes, Lab, Luv and XYZ color spaces, color- and intensitivity evaluations independ of distances, TEACH possibilities, white light source, high switching frequencies to 35kHz, to 255 color memories, color, color more

turboSPEED DZ140

The new eddy-current-based sensor system detects the rotational speed of turbochargers in the test and driving test. turboSPEED DZ140 is optimized for thin turbine blades made of aluminium or titanium. The system is thermally stable and extremely safe to interference. With the turboSPEED DZ140 the third more


boreCONTROL has been designed for the inspection of small bore holes starting at ø4mm. The measuring system consists of a sensor with an integrated rotation drive and an exchangeable sensor lance that is loaded on a magnet flange. Due to the rotation of the sensor lance the measurement is effected in more


mainSENSOR is based on an innovative measuring principle, which has been developed by Micro-Epsilon in order to combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. As different strength magnets are applied, measuring ranges of up to 55mm can be achieved. The standard sensors are designed in more


optoCONTROL systems are laser / LED based measuring systems with integrated high resolution CMOS or CCD camera for geometrical measurements according to the thru-beam principle. Non contact measurement of diameter, gap, width and position for applications within the production line or in more


scanCONTROL profile sensors are designed for high speed and high precision 2D/3D measurement of dimensional sizes. The scanCONTROL provides a complete solution for various measurement tasks. Angles, steps and positions can be recognised and tracked. The same is also possible for profiles, including more


Draw-wire sensors in the wireSENSOR series measure linear within the complete measurement range. They are used for displacement and position measurement between 50 and 50,000 mm. They are ideally suited for both integrated as well as subsequent installation. There are extremely attractive variants particularly more


Laser distance sensors are designed for non-contacting gap and distance measurements. The ILR series consist of gaging sensors (range up to 10 m) and laser distance sensors (range up to 250 m). The optical distance sensors are designed for positioning and type classification in machine building and handling more


Capacitive sensors of the capaNCDT series measure displacements, distances or positions of any electrically-conducting targets (e.g. metals). A linearization function is integrated for measurement against insulator materials. Capacitive sensors are available for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, more

optoNCDT 2402/3/5

confocalDT IFS 2402/3/5 are confocal displacement sensors for extremely precise applications. The sensors are available in standard and worldwide unique miniaturized design. Confocal sensors measure on many different surfaces with different reflection properties and are used for one-sided thickness more


Laser sensors in the optoNCDT series operate according to the triangulation principle. Laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure displacement, dimension, distance and position. Laser sensors are also suited for measurements against special surfaces such as lustrous metals, high speed measurements or large more


Eddy current sensors measure distances, displacements, or positions of any electrically-conductive target. Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideally suited for applications in harsh industrial environments (pressure, dust, temperature). Furthermore, the eddy current sensors are integrated in more

C-frame thicknessCONTROL MTS8202

The C-frame system for strip thickness and length measurement ensures all advantages of a flexible measuring system: extreme robust construction, non-contact and wear-free measurement and a continuously reliable measurement due to automatic calibration. Only 50mm system width. Measurement depth up more


The measurement of the thickness profile during the manufacture of plastic film is a measurement task which not only provides data for quality assurance but which can also be used directly in the manufacturing process. The combination of different measuring principles facilitates the use directly after more

O-frame thicknessCONTROL MTS8201

The measuring system for strip lines and service centre has been developed in order to document the strip thickness and width. The particular challenge is in the application area directly after the cut to length shear. Thereby, the thickness trend over the length and the thickness across the track width more


IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER series incorporate state of the art technology to achieve one goal: Measure accurate and non contact temperature. With this method the infrared thermoMETER measure precise, wear free and without any physical effect or impact on the target. IR temperature sensors more


The thermoIMAGER TIM measures detects and monitors the temperature distribution on a surface. Powered from just one USB cable, the system is truly plug and play. Data is streaming from the camera to the software via USB 2.0. in real time. This process and analysis tool, provided with every camera, enables more


Linear inductive displacement sensors are used extensively in applications for automated processes, quality assurance, test rigs, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders, and automotive engineering. The advantages of these displacement sensors are well known and highly valued, and include ruggedness, reliability more

optoNCDT 1710-1000

New laser sensor with a 1m measuring range. The optoNCDT 1710-1000 sensor has a measuring range that starts from a distance of one metre from the sensor, so displacement can be measured at a distance of 2m from the sensor. The sensor comes with an integrated controller in a compact housing. With a measuring more

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