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Harmonic Filter Reactor

Ergun Elektrik

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Ms. Economist Sinem Ergun
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Product description

Facilities and factories with a high proportion of variable speed motor drives and/or other harmonic generating loads may require a detuned capacitor system. This would perform the function of power factor improvement while preventing any amplication of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains.
Therefore, we offer three phase filter reactors to be used in the capacitor banks.
Low-loss reactors are made of specially selected transformer sheets and manufactured with at or round copper wire technology. They are dried and impregnated in a vacuum which ensures that they can withstand high voltages and offer a long operating life. Reactors can be supplied with aluminium windings on request. Depending on their rated power, the reactors are provided with either terminal blocks, lugs or copper bars. If the operating temperature of 12oC is exceeded,
the reactor circuit is disconnected by a thermal switch.

Our company customizes special reactors in accordance with required capacitor capacitance value and detuning degree.
Eliminate the possibility of dangerous resonances
Avert the rise of harmonic currents
To lengthen the operating life of the contactors
To lengthen the operating life of the capacitors

Very low loss
High linearity
Temperature protection
Long operating life
Copper terminals
Low noise

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Limiting fault currents becomes very important at protecting generator windings. For that reason we are manufacturing generator neutral grounding resistor panels limiting fault current to 10 Ampere value. By limiting fault current damage at the fault point is also reduced; therefore, maintenance and more

De-tuned Capacitor Bank Module

Our company build de-tuned capacitor bank modules in order to increase the production of low voltage de-tuned capacitor banks. The capacitor bank module has a fuse, contactor, reactor and a capacitor cabled for each step. There is no need for bar installation because the module consists of NH-Fuse Switch more

Neutral Grounding Resistor


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Smoothing reactors are used on the DC side of the converter set for obtaining smooth DC voltage. Our company produces smoothing reactors in accordance with desired current value. SMOOTHING REACTORS TECHNICAL DATA Standarts: EN61558-2-20 , EN60289 Rated Voltage: 230V...400V...600V...1000V Rated Current: more

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When a motor is driven by a mechanical load in the case of cranes or lifts, it acts as a generator, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. If there is no a regenerative system, it creates unwanted and harmful energy for the electrical motor drive system. Braking resistor, which can be more

Harmonic Filter Reactor


Current Limiting Reactor

During the switch of a acapacitor bank ,the switching transient current is very high.The current can even be very close to the short circuit current level.By mounting a current limiting reactor to the system the switching transient current can be reduced to a much more safer level.As a result circuit more

MV Harmonic Filter Reactor

Power Transmission and distribution systems are designed for operation with sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms at a constant frequency. However, when non-linear loads - such as thyristor drives, converters and arc furnaces - are connected to the system, excessive harmonic currents are generated, more


We manufacture one phase , three phase and dry type transformators for different more

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Detuned Capacitor Banks Thyristor Switch

Our company produces de-tuned capacitor banks with thyristor switches for factories and facilities, which use lifts, elevators, arc furnaces, welding machines, etc.. This type of panel differs from the de-tuned capacitor bank panel because of the fact that the switching is done with thyristor switches more

Detuned Capacitor Bank

The traditional method of reactive energy compensation is to directly connect the capacitor banks to the main network. However, it is not suitable to connect the capacitor banks to the network without a reactor because of the reasons below: -If there are harmonic currents produced by non-linear load more

Current Limiting Reactor

During the switch of a capacitor bank, the switching transient current is very high. Such that the switching transient current can even be very close to short circuit current level. By mounting a current limiting reactor to the system, the switching transient current can be reduced to a much more safer more

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