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HYDAC Piston Accumulators Series SK280

Hydac International

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Open-air site (FG), South of hall 23, Stand D97

Product description

HYDAC is pleased to introduce the Piston Accumulator Series SK280 which benefits from a special fabrication process.

The patented end cap arrangement of this accumulator allows the end cap thickness to be reduced for the same pressure ranges. This reduces the weight of the SK280 for the equivalent volume. In addition, installation space is reduced.

In this way the special fabrication technology generates a piston accumulator that fulfils the requirements of the market.
This means:
· cost-effective and flexible manufacture,
· short delivery times and therefore
· excellent value but at the same time customized solutions.

The standard range of this series includes the following features:
· nominal volume: 0.16 to 6 litres
· internal diameter: 50 to 100 mm
· refillable and non-refillable versions
· complies with Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC

The impressive efficiency of this accumulator has been proved in long-term tests and is the result, not least, of over 45 years' experience in developing and building hydraulic accumulators.
All established requirements, which are a matter of course for HYDAC, such as the weight-optimized piston and a high-tech sealing system, have naturally also been included in the HYDAC piston accumulator series SK280 to produce the perfect accumulator.

All products offered by this exhibitor

Wombat Filterelement

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VarnishMitigation Unit VMU

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SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1200

The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1200 is a display unit for HYDAC fluid sensors and is designed to display and store measured data. The SMU is optionally equipped with an HSI or Ethernet interface (to easily connect the sensors to existing networks). - Simple installation alongside customer system (HYDAC more


The OXiStop is a tank solution with integrated, hydraulically driven degassing and dewatering unit. An integrated membrane prevents direct contact with the ambient air. This means that the tank can be designed for the differential operating volume actually needed, reducing its size. The pump flow rate more

OffLine Filter Pressure OLFP

The OffLine Filter Pressure OLFP is a stationary offline filter and is used to remove oil ageing products, water and solid particles from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Thanks to its compact construction, the OLFP is also ideally suited for use in even the smallest of installation spaces. The housings more

OffLine Filter OLF 15-60 CM

The OLF 15-60 CM OffLine Filter is a robust filter unit for fixed installation in a bypass flow of hydraulic oil systems, with larger oil volumes. The integrated CS 1000 ContaminationSensor serves to simultaneous monitor solid particle contamination in oil. The optional AS 1000 AquaSensor measures more

OffLine Filter BiDirectional OLFBD

The OffLine Filter OLFBD is a small, stationary filter unit, without a motor pump assembly, for the fine filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids, and removing water from the system. The direction of flow through the filter element is freely selectable (from inside to outside or vice versa). - more

OffLine Filter OLF 5

The OLF 5 series filters are used for the fine filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oils offline. The series encompasses numerous versions, for example with or without motor-pump unit, element removal from either top or bottom, tank-mounting, with the options of integrated cleanliness code determination more

Filtration Unit OFX

The filtration unit OFX serves as a portable service unit for filling preloaded systems, such as the supply circuits of hydrostatic transmission drives and work hydraulics in a closed circuit. The handy design and light weight make it ideal for service calls on mobile machines (e.g. construction, agricultural more

Filtration Unit OF 7 CM

The filtration unit OF 7 CM with ContaminationSensor CS 1000 is a portable service unit for filling hydraulic systems, rinsing smaller hydraulic systems and offline filtration.As an option, the additional ContaminationSensor CS 1000 allows the oil cleanliness to be monitored at the same time. The cleanliness more

Filtration Unit OF 5 CM

The mobile OF 5 CM filtration unit is designed to fill / drain hydraulic systems and to filter offline hydraulic and lubricating oils. The integrated CS 1000 ContaminationSensor serves to simultaneously monitor solid particle contamination in oil. The optional AS 1000 AquaSensor measures the water more

MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000

The MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000 is used for recording metallic solid particle contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The particles are determined in accordance with the inductive measurement procedure, whereby a coil system forms the core of the sensor. The MCS 1000 is used for more

FluidMonitoring Module FMM

The FluidMonitoring Module FMM series combines HYDAC's ContaminationSensor CS 1000 and AquaSensor AS 1000 condition monitoring products in one system. It provides the user with a robust and stationary system for online measurement of solid particle contamination and water saturation (e.g. for detecting more

Flexmicron FM

The candle filter elements of the series Flexmicron are used to separate out solid particles in the most different applications. They are characterized by enormous flexibility regarding to application, medium, filtration rate and adapters. The series Flexmicron offers the suitable element for each application more

FluidControl Unit FCU 1000

The FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 series is a portable fluid service unit for short-term measurement of solid particle contamination in hydraulic systems. The integral AS 1000 also measures water saturation and temperature. The measured values can be stored via the USB port on the USB stick provided, more

FluidAqua Mobile FAM 5

The FluidAqua Mobil FAM 5 serves to dewater, degas and filter hydraulic and lubricating fluids. It works on the principle of vacuum dewatering to extract free and dissolved water as well as free and dissolved gases. By using HYDAC Dimicron filter technology, with its high capacity to extract and absorb more

Aqua Sensor AS 3000

The AquaSensor AS 3000 is the further development of the proven AS 1000 series for the online detection of water in oils, particularly as a sensor for condition monitoring (Condition Monitoring). It records the water saturation and the temperature of the operating fluid. The display allows you to more

HYDAC ASP5.0 - The New Dimension in Accumulator Sizing

When calculating the accumulator gas volume, the most important parameters are: pressure, volume and temperature. In the past these were used in complicated and unwieldy equations to calculate the required accumulator size. In 1997, through the use of program routines taking into account real gas behaviours, more

hydraulic cylinder

Through the bundling of know-how in the HYDAC Group a complex Offshore-tensioning system is made possible - cylinder - accumulator - valve - sensor Application The unit is located on a ship, equipped with a tensioning system. The cylinder system consists of 24 cylinders (12 main and 12 slave more

Fluid Cooling Systems

HYDAC Firmenporträtread more

Plate heat exchangers

HYDAC Firmenporträtread more


Optimized air cooler product line: OSCA / OSCAF The OSCA/OSCAF product line with integrated pump and filter provide efficient off-line cooling for small and medium size hydraulic systems.They offer high performance and a low noise level in a very compact design. Technical specifications and more more


New low-noise air cooler product line: AC-LN The new AC-LN cooler product line can be used in almost every industrial application where hydraulic oil or a water-glycol mix has to be cooled by air. By using a more efficient fan and a new housing design it was possible to optimize the air stream. The more

Tank Set

PT Zubehörread more

Coaxial Valve pilot operated

Pressure-compensated, pilot operated 2/2- & 3/2-way Coaxial Valves at NC-design used for controlling gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, highly viscous, pasty, contaminated and aggressive media and coolants Options Function NO, limit switch, manual override, special voltage, Solenoid coil M12 x 1, Pilot more

Fluid Level Sensor FSK

HYDAC Firmenporträtread more

Fluid Level Gauges FSA

HYDAC Firmenporträtread more

15000 psi Ball Valve

HYDAC Firmenporträtread more

Process Booster Block PBB for machine tools -Cooling and Lubrication

With the increasing use of internally cooled tools in machining processes, the high pressure supply for cutting fluid has gained in importance. This is where the new HYDAC Solution takes effect. The HYDAC Process Booster Block is designed to meet the requirements of the new generation of powerful and more

Auto Filt RF 4

The RF4 is the extension of our product range for small flow rates. The AutoFiltâ RF4 is a self-cleaning system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids, and is designed for continuous filtration. Flow rate: 40 - 220 l/min Operating temperature: up to 80° C Filtration rate: 25 um more


HYDAC stainless steel inline duplex filters, types PFMD and PFHD are designed for use in process engineering and chemical plants. They are suitable for removing contamination from low and high viscosity fluids. The range of different sizes, filters and sealing materials means that the filters can be more

Multiple NF Filter - Manifold Design

The new multiple NF filter in manifold design was developed for gearbox lubrication in big wind energy systems. With this innovation HYDAC expands its product range of NF filters. Through the very compact design, several filters of the NF type can be assembled on smallest space. Also, the manifold more

HYDAC Fluid Polishing Module (FPM)

With the new Fuel Polishing Module (FPM) HYDAC offers the opportunity of a 2-stage offline filtration for Diesel fuels to separate water and particulate contamination. In consumer units with huge reservoirs, which are rarely in use and where the Diesel fuel is permanently »stored« (e.g. emergency more

Inl.filters FMND + FLND successfully pass type appr.of German. Lloyd

Our filter ranges FLND and FMND successfully completed the type approval procedure by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The filters FLND and FMND (with single switching valve) received the approval for the sizes 40/63/100 and 160/250/400 (subject to DIN 24550) as well as for the HYDAC sizes 60/110/140 with all more

Stat-Free® Filter elements against electrostatic discharges

The trend of using ash-free hydraulic fluids, providing more compact systems and applying finer filtration, has led to an increase of electrostatic charging problems in hydraulic and lubrication systems during the last years. In its new Stat-Free® filter elements HYDAC combines excellent electrostatic more

High Pressure Stainless Steel Filter SSDF

The new stainless steel filter SSDF 30 was developed for the use in Oil & Gas applications requiring very high operating pressures (up to 700 bar). It is a cost-optimized version of the HPSSF (e.g. without oil drain plug) and also represents a competitive alternative to other stainless steel filters. Technical more

HYDAC Gas Safety Block GSB450 Flexibility and Safety for Accumulator

The HYDAC name represents many years of experience in R&D, design and manufacturing of hydraulic products. Specifically in the area of accumulators HYDAC has added another hydraulic accessories product to the standard product range: the Gas Safety Block GSB450. The motivation behind this development more

HYDAC Spring Accumulator Spring or Gas Cushion

HYDAC has been developing, designing and producing accumulator products for the worldwide hydraulic market for many years. In addition to the main types of accumulator - bladder, piston, diaphragm and the revolutionary metal bellows accumulator - the accumulator product portfolio also includes designs more

AutoFilt® TwistFlow Strainer ATF

The HYDAC AutoFilt® Twist Flow Strainer ATF is suitable for the intermittent filtration of solid particles from water or fluids similar to water. Since only a portion of the flow is used to clean the filter, filtration can continue virtually unaffected. The fluid enters the housing tangentially. As more

HYDAC Gas-Coalescer Filter GCF for Seal Gas Systems

The HYDAC Gas Filters GCF are high quality, switchable duplex filters made of stainless steel, which have been developed especially fort the application in seal gas systems of turbo compressors. In principle all filter devices as well as the particular filter housings consist of turned parts made more

HYDAC Process Inline Filter - PLF1

The HYDAC Process Inline Filter series PLF1 is suitable for the continuous removal of particles from low viscosity fluids, e.g. different kinds of water from a wide variety of sources as well as cooling lubricants, washing emulsions and machining oils. The core of this filter series is the specially more

New filter series ALFD and GCF subject to API guidelines

The new filter series were developed for the use in compressors as well as gas and steam turbines. We offer two different filter lines - one for seal gas filtration (Coalescer), GCF, and one for the lube oil filtration, AFLD. Both filter solutions are made by HYDAC. Consequently, HYDAC offers the full more

Electronic Pressure Transmitters and Switches

Pressure sensors suitable for all applications! The wide ranging product choice from HYDAC offers solutions for all industries, whether manufacturing systems, machinery, mobile, laboratory applications or for extreme environmental conditions. In addition, our electronic pressure switches offer many more

Charge Pump Filter MFX

The MFX was mainly developed for charge circuit filtration in hydrostatic drives or CVT-gear boxes, where typically low-cost spin on filters are used. The MFX sets new standards in these applications. As a high-performance filter it follows the development of the mobile sector also regarding the more

Measurement and Maintenance Equipment

To assist with the general tasks of development, service, maintenance, laboratory and test equipment, HYDAC ELECTRONIC provides various hand-held measuring instruments offering different capabilities. The product choice ranges from portable 2-channel measuring devices for simple measuring tasks in more

Electronic Temperature Sensors and Temperature Switch

Monitoring and control of the fluid temperature is one of the most important measuring tasks in almost all fluid technology applications. As with the pressure sensors, HYDAC ELECTRONIC also has a range of temperature sensors to suit every industrial and mobile application. Depending on the application more

Life Cycle Cost Management by HYDAC Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is the collection and interpretation of data from machines, systems and their components, with the aim of conducting predictive maintenance programs based on the system condition. The term Life Cycle Cost (LCC) describes the cost analysis of a machine cycle or facility cycle from more

Electronic Level Sensors

In the mobile and industry sector level sensors are used for the most diverse variety of tasks. The sensors used are mainly capacitive, magnetostrictive or based on ultrasonic measurement. Each measuring principle has its individual advantages and disadvantages. HYDAC ELECTRONIC offers a level sensor more

Linear Position Sensors and Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

The linear position sensors from HYDAC ELECTRONIC are used for high-definition measurement of position, length of travel or speed. These non-contact and wear-free sensors based on run-time measurement operate according to the principle of magnetostriction and can be used across all sectors, both more

Electronic Flow Rate Transmitters

For measuring the flow rate in machines and systems HYDAC ELECTRONIC provides various flow rate transmitters and flow switches. The flow rate transmitter series EVS 3000 operates according to the turbine principle, i.e. the speed of an impeller turning in the fluid flow is measured and converted into more

Monitoring and Control for Hydraulics and pneumatics

HYDAC measurement technology highlights performance limits and reserves in machines & systems and as a result their performance and output is safeguarded. HYDAC measurement and control technology can be found wherever fluid and gaseous media are used: in the air, on and under water, underground, on more

HYDAC Compact Power Unit DCM for robust mobile applications

For robust mobile applications, HYDAC developed a new Compact Power Unit, the DCM. A specially shaped plastic case offers a maximum protection against salt- and sparkling water. The DCM is derived from the construction kit of the existing DC-Compact series, and therefore uses the potential of experience more

HYDAC AC Compact-Power Unit CO3 for machine tools

In the design process of Hydac CO3-power units special attention was paid to oil maintenance and energy efficiency. The two flows of the dual pump are providing high speeds for the consumer and in addition to this pressures up to 250 bar at lower flows. This significantly reduces the required engine more

HYDAC Compact Power Units DC1 with integrated hand pump

In the range of standard Compact-Power Units DC1/CO1 with DC or AC motor HYDAC offers a new basic control module B1/HML with hand pump. A power unit equipped with this module B1/HML offers the possibility to actuate the function manually in case of electrical breakdown. This solution could generally more

HYDAC Compact systems for pilot control in mobile machines

The hydraulic system of an excavator is normally consisting of two hydraulic circuits. A high-pressure circuit (210-400 bar) for the work hydraulics and a low pressure circuit (20-40 bar) for the control of the work hydraulics (Pilot circuit with main control valves). Depending on the type of machine more

HYDAC Proportional Valve technique in high performance transmission

The gear technology in mobile working machines is more and more changing. Simple mechanical gears were exchanged by automatized, stepless gears. This trend towards automation requires appropriate hydraulic components. HYDAC hydraulic valves and customized manifolds are guaranteeing reliable, standardized more

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