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ISO - Flanged Ball Valve

Hydac International

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Topic: Predictive Maintenance 4.0 special exhibit

Hall 19, Stand A60, (10)

Product description

The ball valve is used to shut off media flows, and is used wherever the ball valve needs to be actuated manually even at high pressures.
Optionally, the ball valve can be supplied with a detent, a locking device for several padlocks and an electrical limit control.
Product advantages
- Double bearing
- One housing - two flange designs (F3 and F6)
- Compact design, therefore short in length
- Low operating torque
- Effective sealing when pressurized on both sides
- Easy operation, even if not used for a long period
- Options available: pneumatic actuator and / or limit control
Technical specifications
Materials: housing steel, zinc-plated
ball stainless steel
Nominal bore: DN13 - DN 80
Nominal pressure: up to 400 bar
Types of connection: fixed flanges to ISO 6164 (250 bar or 400 bar)
Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +80 °C
Operating media: Hydraulic oil to DIN 51524 part 1+ 2
Temperature of operating media: -10 °C to +80 °C

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Bladder accumulators are hydropneumatic accumulators fitted with flexible elastomer bladders that act as a separator between gas cushion and hydraulic fluid. They have enjoyed a reputation as reliable hydraulic components and energy accumulators for many years now. HYDAC has developed its bladder accumulators more

BIS - Bladder Integrity System

HYDAC has developed a new product, the Bladder Integrity System, or BIS for short. It consists of: - BIS bladder - BIS adapter - Electronic component BIS 1000 The BIS detects fluid which has penetrated the bladder and transmits a signal. A split is therefore detected in the bladder. In addition, more

ASP 5 - HYDAC provides Accumulator

When calculating the accumulator gas volume, the most important parameters are: pressure, volume and temperature. In the past these were used in complicated and unwieldy equations to calculate the required accumulator size. In 1997, through the use of program routines taking into account real gas behaviours, more

HYDAC accumulator accessories

HYDAC accumulators can be found in the majority of hydraulic applications worldwide. In the high-pressure range, such as high-pressure offshore applications, pressures exceeding 1000 bar are quite customary. HYDAC has now added a charging and testing unit (FPU-2) and a safety and shut-off block (SAF8) more

HYDAC Hydraulic Accumulators - light

HYDAC has been supplying reduced weight bladder accumulators to the aviation industry for over 30 years. With the aim of making weight reductions to meet market demands in many industries, HYDAC is constantly pursuing further developments, whether for bladder, piston, diaphragm or metal bellows accumulators. Here more

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Full-PTFE diaphragm for standard accumulators HYDAC has developed a full-PTFE diaphragm and has patented its design and application. It is resistant to aggressive operating fluids and can be installed in almost all screw-type and weld-type standard diaphragm accumulators which are available in both more

HYDAC metal bellow accumulators

Alongside bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators, HYDAC has added metal bellow accumulators to its product portfolio. HYDAC is thus giving the worldwide hydraulic market a useful complement to accumulators with elastomer separators. The metal bellow accumulator is suitable for applications with a more

HYDAC Spring Accumulator - Spring or...

HYDAC has been developing, designing and producing accumulator products for the worldwide hydraulic market for many years. In addition to the main types of accumulator - bladder, piston, diaphragm and the revolutionary metal bellows accumulator - the accumulator product portfolio also includes designs more

HYDAC Piston Accumulators - Series SK28

HYDAC Piston Accumulator Series SK280 benefit from a special manufacturing process. The patented end cap arrangement of these accumulators allows the end cap wall thickness to be reduced for the same pressure ranges and as a fact a reduction of their weight. Because of the combination of different more

Hydraulic Trainer HHT2

Hydraulic training for all areas with rugged industrial components HYDAC offers the Hydraulic Trainer HHT2 for education and training purposes. It consists of components from the current HYDAC product line, each one designed for rugged industrial use. The device features a coordinated overall concept, more


Compensating couplings are the focal point of our range. As positive-locking transmission elements, they compensate radial, axial or angular misalignment between the input and output sides. Gear couplings - Coupling hub in steel, coupling sleeve in polyamide - Temperature range: -25 °C to +80 °C for more

Bell housing with oil/air cooler

Bell housings are connection elements between drive motors and hydraulic pumps. Both connecting flanges are supplied ready for installation. The bell housings are made from an aluminum cast alloy and are available in dimensions to the VDMA 24561 standard. The drive of the fan wheel is done directly by more

Tank Set

In the HYDAC tradition, we don`t just offer standardised and individually designed high-tech products. As a system specialist, drawing on the expertise of HYDAC ACCESSORIES GMBH, HYDAC of course also provides every type of accessory required for operation, expansion, retro-fitting, equipping, optimisation, more

Coaxial valve, direct acting...

Thanks to their robust design, the high-pressure valves CXH are particularly suitable for liquid, highly viscous, contaminated and gaseous media. They are used, inter alia, for lubricating greases, CO2 cooling and gas pressure process for plastic injection machines. Product advantages -Compact design -Small more

Coaxial valve in cartridge design

The previous technology provided pressure compensation only on the inlet side. With back pressure (on A-side) up to 3 drive pistons were required in series to keep the valve open. On the CXC15 from HYDAC Accessories just one drive piston is required as a result of partial pressure compensation on the more

2/2 way Solenoid Valve force pilot opera

Force pilot operated valves are closed in the standard design always current. In case of failure of power supply, the valves close automatically. This actuation is a combination of direct-and servo-controlled valves. The valve operates from 0 bar. In the rest position the magnetic core closes off the more

2/2 Way Coaxial Valve Flange version

Coaxial valves from HYDAC Accessories have been used for years successful where it comes to high requirements. Their durable design enables especially applications with high pressure and high flow rates, high temperature and low viscosity to high viscosity, lubricating, abrasive, chemically neutral to more

Coaxial Valve Ex-design

Coaxial valves from HYDAC Accessories have been used for years successful where it comes to high requirements. Their durable design enables especially applications with high pressure and high flow rates, high temperature and low viscosity to high viscosity, lubricating, abrasive, chemically neutral to more

High pressure valve block

The wide product range of HYDAC Accessories enables optimization of corresponding components. Because of their robust design, the CX-valves are used not only to control, regulate and monitor of cooling lubricants (e.g. emulsion and low viscosity oils), but also meet the stringent requirements of modern more

Coaxial Valve pilot operated

Pressure-compensated, pilot operated 2/2- & 3/2-way Coaxial Valves at NC-design used for controlling gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, highly viscous, pasty, contaminated and aggressive media and coolants. Options Function NO, limit switch, manual override, special voltage, Solenoid coil M12 x 1, Pilot valve, more

Coaxial Valve direct acting

Pressure-compensated, direct acting 2/2-& 3/2-way coaxial valve; used for controlling vacuum, gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, abrasive, contaminated and aggressive media. Versions Brass, nickel-plated brass, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel Approvals PTB (Ex), TÜV, DVGW Options Special threads, special more

Fluid Level Sensor FSK

By using the FSK, the fluid level is monitored via an electrical switching signal. This switching signal can be used as an alarm or to adjust the fluid level. The fluid enters the unit via the lower connection bore and pushes the float up the tube. The float now shows the level of the fluid in the tank. more

Fluid Level Gauges FSA

FSA nominal sizes from 76 mm to 1000 mm FSA-TT low temperature range to -46 °C FSA-IB leak-free shut-off of the medium against to the FSA by check valve approved by Bureau Veritas and American Bureau of shipping SO2 with glass tube, end caps in aluminium and round shape SO7 housing, mounting bolts and more

Check valve for seal gas

The check valve is a type of shut-off valve. In the intended flow direction (A to B) the medium can pass freely through the valve, but in the reverse direction flow is prevented. The check valve RV 25 basically consists of a housing with an integrated valve seat, a closing cone and a spring. The spring more

Ball Valve for flap control

The modular extensible ball valve for flap control enables control of 6 operations with one supply line. Product advantages - Modular design - The ball position is shown by handle position - Less leakage by reduced piping joints - Material saving by reduced piping need - Space saving due to compact design - Mounting more

ISO - Flanged Ball Valve

The ball valve is used to shut off media flows, and is used wherever the ball valve needs to be actuated manually even at high pressures. Optionally, the ball valve can be supplied with a detent, a locking device for several padlocks and an electrical limit control. Product advantages - Double bearing - One more

Ball Valves pneumatically actuated

Modular adjustable ball valves for applications that demand special process requirements. We recommend using an adapter plate when fitting to block-type, sleeve-type and 3-way change-over ball valves. For flanged, manifold and 3-way and 4-way ball valves, a separate coupling is required for assembly. Product more

Ball Valves Stainless steel design

The ball valves are used to shut off media flows, and are used wherever the ball valves need to be actuated manually even at high pressures. Since ball valves stainless steel react with barely a medium, they are not only the perfect fitting for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry but can used more

3-Piece High Pressure Ball Valve KHB3H

The 3-piece high pressure ball valve with a swing-out centre section was designed for a working pressure of up to 6000 psi in continuous operation.It is installed in the pipeline system by means of socket welding. Due to its reliability it can be used in demanding applications such as offshore, the petrochemical more

3-piece butt welding Ball Valve in alumi

The ball valve made of aluminum has been specially developed for use as a drain valve for hydraulic tanks. It is directly welded to the tank, using the weld-on ring. The construction method related eccentric through-hole favors a deeper emptying the tank. The KHF3S is particularly suitable in all cases more

15000 psi Ball Valve

Constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel the three-piece 2-way high pressure ball valve is used primarily in systems for chemical injection in oil / gas production. Product advantages - High strength, corrosion resistant Duplex 2205 material - Trunion ball design reduces torque more


Up to now, installing and maintaining power cables has been a costly and time-consuming procedure. With the development of the HYDAC shows how it should be done. This innovative design for supporting power cables simplifies both installation and replacement considerably. Being modular, the installation more

Clamps to DIN 3015

The HY-ROS pipe clamp is suitable for clamping pipes, hoses and electric cables. HY-ROS clamps make installation clean and simple. Product advantages - Recommended mounting system for safely mounting pipes, hoses and cables - The clamps to DIN 3015 represent a complete mounting program for all common more

HY-ROS Corrosion Protection Clamps

Based on the DIN 3015 series with the HY-ROS Corrosion Protection Clamp an effective, simple and cost-effective system against crevice corrosion, which occurs preferentially in the microclimate between the stainless steel pipe and mounting clamp, was developed. Applicable to HY-ROS clamps of the DIN3015 more

Quick release swivel bolt band clamp

As further development of HRGKSM, HY-ROS Quick release swivel bolt band clamps HRVMS and HRVMW are specifically designed for high dynamic loads, thermal stresses, changes in diameter and large force effects. HRVMS - for medium load - a crosspiece increases the strength of the console HRVMW - for heavy more

Buegu Clamp

Buegu clamps keep pipes, hoses, cables, etc. safely and securely in place. They are executed as single or double clamp (different diameters are possible) and are also available with stacking option. They are primarily used in stationary hydraulics and in mobile technology. Product advantages - Shock-damping, more

LowViscosity Housing LVH

The LowViscosity Housing Filters LVH-F are used to separate particle contaminate from diesel fuel. Thanks to the design, these are perfectly suited to removing large dirt volumes from diesel in a single pass, thus ensuring the required purity. If the diesel fuel also has to be dewatered in addition to more

ContaminationTest Module CTM

In many industrial applications, technical cleanliness testing in accordance with ISO 16232 and VDA 19 standards is essential. Ever increasing demands are made on individual components and modules, not only in the automotive and automotive supplier industries, but also in gearbox and engine building, more

VarnishMitigation Unit VMU

VarnishMitigation Unit VMUread more

SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1200

The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1200 is a display unit for HYDAC fluid sensors and is designed to display and store measured data. The SMU is optionally equipped with an HSI or Ethernet interface (to easily connect the sensors to existing networks). -Simple installation alongside customer system (HYDAC more


The OXiStop is a tank solution with integrated, hydraulically driven degassing and dewatering unit. An integrated membrane prevents direct contact with the ambient air. This means that the tank can be designed for the differential operating volume actually needed, reducing its size. The pump flow rate more

OffLine Filter Pressure OLFP

The OffLine Filter Pressure OLFP is a stationary offline filter and is used to remove oil ageing products, water and solid particles from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Thanks to its compact construction, the OLFP is also ideally suited for use in even the smallest of installation spaces. The housings more

OffLine Filter OLFCM 15-60

The OLFCM 15-60 OffLine Filter is a robust filter unit for fixed installation in a bypass flow of hydraulic oil systems, with larger oil volumes. The integrated CS 1000 ContaminationSensor serves to simultaneous monitor solid particle contamination in oil. The optional AS 1000 AquaSensor measures the more

OffLine Filter BiDirectional OLFBD

The OffLine Filter OLFBD is a small, stationary filter unit, without a motor pump assembly, for the fine filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids, and removing water from the system. The direction of flow through the filter element is freely selectable (from inside to outside or vice versa). -Improvement more

OffLine Filter OLF 5

The OLF 5 series filters are used for the fine filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oils offline. The series encompasses numerous versions, for example with or without motor-pump unit, element removal from either top or bottom, tank-mounting, with the options of integrated cleanliness code determination more

Filtration Unit OFX

The filtration unit OFX serves as a portable service unit for filling preloaded systems, such as the supply circuits of hydrostatic transmission drives and work hydraulics in a closed circuit. The handy design and light weight make it ideal for service calls on mobile machines (e.g. construction, agricultural more

Filtration Unit OFCM 7

The filtration unit OFCM 7 with ContaminationSensor CS 1000 is a portable service unit for filling hydraulic systems, rinsing smaller hydraulic systems and offline filtration. As an option, the additional ContaminationSensor CS 1000 allows the oil cleanliness to be monitored at the same time. The cleanliness more

Filtration Unit OFCM 5

The mobile OFCM 5 filtration unit is designed to fill / drain hydraulic systems and to filter offline hydraulic and lubricating oils. The integrated CS 1000 ContaminationSensor serves to simultaneously monitor solid particle contamination in oil. The optional AS 1000 AquaSensor measures the water saturation more

MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000

The MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000 is used for recording metallic solid particle contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The particles are determined in accordance with the inductive measurement procedure, whereby a coil system forms the core of the sensor. The MCS 1000 is used for more

FluidMonitoring Module FMM

The FluidMonitoring Module FMM series combines HYDAC's ContaminationSensor CS 1000 and AquaSensor AS 1000 condition monitoring products in one system. It provides the user with a robust and stationary system for online measurement of solid particle contamination and water saturation (e.g. for detecting more

Flexmicron FM

The candle filter elements of the series Flexmicron are used to separate out solid particles in the most different applications. They are characterized by enormous flexibility regarding to application, medium, filtration rate and adapters. The series Flexmicron offers the suitable element for each application more

ContaminationSensor Module CSM Economy

Monitoring operating fluids is essential to ensuring the efficient operation of hydraulic and lubrication oil systems. The CSM Economy ContaminationSensor Module is a compact and economic online condition monitoring module system. Combined with the fluid sensors available in module format, it measures more

FluidControl Unit FCU 1000

The FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 series is a portable fluid service unit for short-term measurement of solid particle contamination in hydraulic systems. The integral AS 1000 also measures water saturation and temperature. The measured values can be stored via the USB port on the USB stick provided, transmitted more

FluidAqua Mobile FAM 5

The FluidAqua Mobil FAM 5 serves to dewater, degas and filter hydraulic and lubricating fluids. It works on the principle of vacuum dewatering to extract free and dissolved water as well as free and dissolved gases. By using HYDAC Dimicron filter technology, with its high capacity to extract and absorb more

AquaSensor AS 3000

The AquaSensor AS 3000 is a fluid sensor for the online detection of water in oils, particularly as a sensor for condition monitoring (Condition Monitoring). It records the water saturation and the temperature of the operating fluid. The display allows you to view the current measured values or to adjust more

HYDAC Diesel MainCare

Due to the consistently increasing utilisation of combustion engines on the one hand and due to antiquated legislation on the other, pollution with respirable finest and nanodust particles in the ambient air is alarmingly high - in spite of the exhaust regulations, which have in the meantime been tightened. more

Optimicron® - Innovative Filter Element

The new Optimicron® filter elements by HYDAC were optimised in terms of filtration efficiency and energy efficiency: They offer the best combination of filtration efficiency AND pressure drop: The innovative features of the new technology in total show a highly positive impact on differential pressure more

Optimicron® Pulse

The application specific filter elements of the Optimicron® Pulse product range are characterized by a special flow fatigue resistance in applications, exposed to extreme pulsations. An application, where pressure changes in the hydraulic system occur is for example, when cylinder pistons are moving more

Stat-Free® Filter elements

The trend of using ash-free hydraulic fluids, providing more compact systems and applying finer filtration, has led to an increase of electrostatic charging problems in hydraulic and lubrication systems during the last years. In its innovative Stat-Free® filter elements HYDAC combines excellent electrostatic more

Niederdruckfilter mit integriertem...

The partial flow which has to be cooled is lead over separate connections and passes the thermo bypass valve. During cold start the lobe of the thermo bypass valve locks the cooler intake, i.e. the medium directly flows to the filter element. The lobe position is controlled by oil temperature. At a temperature more

Filter-Tank-Unit with intank return line

Due to special customer demands HYDAC Filtertechnik developed a cost-effective and space-saving leak oil filter, which is integrated in the tank. The cooling fins surrounding the tank, offer a bigger tank surface and are supposed to cool down the hydraulic fluid which is heated through operation. Also, more

Inline Filters according to API guidelin

The filter line AFLD was developed for the use in lubrication applications, which underlie the API (American Petroleum Institute) guidelines. The filters are available in steel or stainless steel and are selected according to ASME VIII. A 3/2 way ball valve serves as change-over valve, in order to enable more

Optimicron® Power

The application-specific filter elements, Optimicron® Power, convince with increased resistance, safety and an especially low pressure drop. They are characterized by a compact design and enable a homogenous flow of the fluid thanks to the innovative filter mesh pack. The integrated Stat-Free® technology more

Controllers for Mobile Applications HY-T

The new controller series of HY-TTC 500 is based on a 32 Bit platform with a modern µ-Controller platform. The controller is characterised by its high performance capacity thanks to its high range of inputs and outputs. This new controller series HY-TTC 500 is therefore suited especially for complex more

Inclination Sensor HIT 1000

The HIT 1000 Inclination Sensor is capable of precise, fast and long term stable detection of inclination angles for mobile machinery in 2 axes. This is for example required for the safe levelling of machinery as well as the monitoring and if necessary the active control of levelling during operation. The more

I/O Expansion Module HY-TTC 30X

The new HY-TTC 30X series of I/O expansion modules provides an outstanding power balance combined with extremely compact design. The HY-TTC 30X series expansion modules are integrated very easily. They provide an simple extension of on-board electronics. The communication and integration of the expansion more


The HYDACLAB® 1400 is a further development of the renowned HYDACLAB® series. This version has been enhanced with some interesting new features which include the measurement of conductivity. Additionally, the customers requirement for local indication of the sensor status and oil condition has been more

Angle Sensor HAT 1000

In recent years, HYDAC ELECTRONIC have been systematically developing their sensor portfolio for mobile work machines. The focus of attention here has been on the realisation of sensors meeting the increased requirements regarding functional safety. HYDAC now introduce the HAT 1000 as a new series of more

Process Booster Block PBB

The coolant supply for machine tools in a minimum of spaceread more

Process Inline Filter PLF1

The HYDAC Process line filter series - PLF1 is suitable for the continuous separation of solids from low-viscosity fluids, e.g. water of all types and origins, as well as cooling lubricants, washer fluids and processing oils. The heart of this filter series is the specially developed line filter element more

Fuel Gas Filter FGF

Specifically designed for use in the fuel gas systems of gas turbinesread more

AutoFilt® RF12

Efficient alternative to cyclone separatorsread more

AutoFilt® RF10

Hydrodynamic suction effectread more

AutoFilt® RF9

Hydropneumatic back-flushing with secure media separationread more

AutoFilt® ATF TwistFlow Strainer

Hybrid ¿ centrifugal separator with secured separation limitread more

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