HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April


Parker Hannifin

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Hall 23, Stand C37

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Hydraulic Vane motor for fan drive of cooling systems. With or without integrated speed control valve. Designed for Superior, Smooth, Silent and Severe Duty.

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Pipes, hoses and connections (pneumatics)

Parker Hannifin presents pipes, hoses and connections (pneumatics)read more

Pneumatic pressure regulators

Parker Hannifin presents pneumatic pressure regulatorsread more

Pneumatic proportional pressure regulators

Parker Hannifin presents pneumatic proportional pressure regulatorsread more

Pressure control valves; pneumatic

Parker Hannifin presents pressure control valves; pneumaticread more

Control fittings, control valves, regulating valves, regulating flaps

Parker Hannifin presents control fittings, control valves, regulating valves, regulating flapsread more

Condition monitoring systems

Parker Hannifin presents condition monitoring systemsread more

Filters for compressed air

Parker Hannifin presents filters for compressed airread more

Hydraulic filters

Parker Hannifin presents hydraulic filtersread more

Filters for internal combustion engines

Parker presents filters for internal combustion enginesread more

Lightweight Composite Hydraulic Cylinders

* Pure CFRP barrel without metallic liner * Composite cylinders or accumulators save up to 60% weight vs. Steel equivalents * Superior fatique life * Corrosion-resistantread more

Drive Controlled Pump

Variable-speed hydraulic systems, essentially consisting of an AC drive unit (frequency controller and regulation electronics), an asynchronous or synchronous e-motor. as well as a hydraulic pump. Parker Drive Controlled Pumps enable the central, regulated hydraulic supply of all drives. In so doing, more


Parker A-LOK Instrumentation Tube Fittings are designed as leak-free connections for process, power and instrumentation applications. These two ferrule fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in a broad range of sizes, materials and more

Compact EHA

Compact EHA is a new and innovative electro-hydraulic actuator from Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies. Compact EHA is an integrated, fully self-contained electro-hydraulic unit that offers a high power density with relatively light weight, low noise and a small envelope. Simple more

Large bore crimped return line hoses > 2 inch

New crimped solution for large bore industrial hoses up to 8 inch. Available for the well known Industrial hose types CARBURITE 10/16, CHEMIOEL, MINIERA, as well as for the new developed Industrial hose type CERVINO (for extended fluid compatibility and a temperatures up to -40 °C, developed for the more

Hose for alternative fuel systems

Preformed hose to connect pressure reducer, vaporizer, injection nozzle. Preformed hoses ease the installation process. Available also in jump sizes with ideal transitions in tight environments. Temperature range -40 °C up to +120 °C).read more

Hose/Tube-Combination for Power Steering Application

New hose range for power steering application assembled with standard fittings/Parker Universal Push-to-Connect. High Pressure hose PS21 - 210 bar / Return line hose PS2 - 20 barread more

Parker Compact Spiral - Four Spirals of high tensile steel wire

Parker Compact Spiral unprecedented 35.0 and 42.0 MPa hose performance in a compact design. Compared with conventional spiral hose, Parker s Compact Spira 787TC/797TC hoses offers measurably greater advantages in routing and installation, product size and weight, inventory savings and much more


Parker Rectus offers complete quick connect coupling systems for low, medium and high pressure applications. In addition to the standard ranges, Rectus also develops customer-specific solutions for special more


From an industrial vacuum to up to 230 bar, the PARKER LEGRIS CONNECTIC LOW PRESSURE range offers innovating and reliable products for air, water, oil, foodstuffs or chemical circuits: fittings, valves, tubes, pipings, ball valves, couplers, more


Parker's Hiross Zander offers solutions of combined experience in the development, manufacture, application and sale of innovative technical solutions in more

Domnik Hunter

From the filtration and purify of compressed air, gases and liquids - all from one more


Parker's Hiross Zander offers solutions of combined experience in the development, manufacture, application and sale of innovative technical solutions in cooling & more


Parker ORIGA are specialists in automation solutions for industry from engineered systems to standard components, including pneumatic rodless cylinders and electromechanical linear actuators. The Origa System Plus (OSP) represents a unique modular system that stands for full compatibility and interchangeability more

Parker Tracking System

PTS - hose labeling - Fast, accurate and safe identification of hose assemblies - records of each unique hose assembly including data and location of assembly, configuration, components etc. and break down reasons - No mismatching of products - increased safetyread more


A convenient local store where you can source products and technical advice: - Convenient local, location helps reduce downtime - Local availability reduces inventory costs - Improves your productivity - Increases your profitability - Dedicated 15,000 part number catalogue - Hose assembly workshop, more


Your emergency on site hose replacement service: - 24 hour availability - Hose replacement completed by fully trained personnel - National free phone number* - Extensive on board stock allows you to reduce inventory - More than 800 vans worldwide - National, European & Global coverage - Access more

ParkerStore Service-Container

Onsite Hose workshop and component store - ideal for construction sites, large manufacturing locations or offshore/remote locations: - Onsite location keeps downtime to a minimum - Reduces inventory levels and costs - Improves your plant utilisation & productivity - Workshop and inventory customised more

Parker High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) - Handling Mechanics

We offer Parker High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) - Handling more

Compax3M - High performance Servodrive with advanced Safety

We offer a high performance Servodrive with advanced Safetyread more


The new Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) ACR-9600 includes logic, motion and HMI in a single scalable product. The ACR-9600 controller combines PLC programming with advanced motion control. The ACR-9600 supports standard PLCopen function blocks, and adds Parker multi-axis functions for segmented more

Parker Zander heat regenerated adsorption dryers WVM by vaccum process

Heat regenerated dryers from Parker Zander operate in temperature-swing-adsorption (TSA) mode with heated ambient air and are availabe for capacities from 410 up to 14,500 m³/h, higher capacities on request. The development of the superior vacuum regeneration process by Parker Zander with heated ambient more

High performance filter GL series from for treatment of compressed air

Filter for the removal of solid particulate, aerosoles and oil vapour for air purity classes acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010 independently validated by Lloyd s Register under the strict challenges of ISO 12500 for solid particulate and aerosol loads. Highest efficiency by lowest energy costs possible: constantly more

Railway Dryers

The domnick hunter TDH, TDV & TDS ranges of railway dryers will guarantee performance by providing filtered air to ISO 8573.1 quality class 1.2.1 and better (with up to -40°C dewpoint suppression). This proven package combines high efficiency filters with an adsorption dryer which is engineered for more

Railway Filters

Coalescing filters are probably the single most important purification equipment in a compressed air system. They are designed to not only remove aerosols (droplets) of oil and water using mechanical filtration techniques, but also to remove solid particulate to very low levels (as small as 0.01micron more

Membrane Modules

Parker hollow-fibre membrane modules produce nitrogen gas from compressed air to offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional cylinder or liquid nitrogen gas supplies. Nitrogen is used as a clean, dry, inert gas primarily for removing oxygen from products and/or processes. more

Legris LF 3400

The technical specifications of this range take into account all of the requirements necessary for demanding environments: very low and high temperatures, resistance to mechanical and chemical aggression, paint...and are suited to applications with both moderate and stringent more

Legris Ball Valves

A wide range of ball valves in polymer, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel, dedicated to pneumatic and fluid transportation applications. This range is 100% tested and guarantees a high level of sealing in pressure or vacuum for a wide range of temperatures, excellent resistance to scaling and smooth more

Legris Blowguns

A complete range with an ergonomic design that allows high flexibility for adapting to all applications of blowing and cleaning operations and that also guarantees perfect security of use and energy savings. This range of blowguns complies with OSHA and CE more

Legris Thermoplastic Tubing

A wide range of tubing made of several different types of material: polyamide, polyurethane, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, anti-static, anti-spark, recoil, multi-tubing for pneumatic systems and fluid transportation in low pressure applications. The close tolerances and the high quality of the manufacturing more

Legris Compression Fittings

A range of products in brass or stainless steel designed to solve all fluid distribution problems and provide a complete system of fittings suitable to all types of more

NS series for multi-coupling

In stainless steel with FlatFace valves to avoid spillage during connection/disconnection, NS couplings allow a high flow rate in a small size. With a very small connection course, this is a configuration designed especially for multi-coupling installations. Mounted with special seals, this is the perfect more

NSS Series - AD Blue

In line with the special constraints of the AD Blue chemical performance, the design of the coupling is specific to this application. This avoids crystallisation and corrosion on the surroundings. The FlatFace valves prevent any spillage during connection/disconnection. The end configuration of both more

FMS Series - CNG Receptacle

For automotive applications, this receptacle (nipple) works with compressed natural gas at up to 240 bar. Designed in accordance with the NGV1 standard, it can be connected with all standard nozzles (couplers) available on the market. The assembly process is ECE R-110 certified, with 100% of the pieces more

006KL series

Designed for cooling circuits, these couplings offer a compact design for a high flow rate. The FlatFace valves avoid any fluid spillage during connection and disconnection. The push connection function is a plus for the installation of these couplings in areas that are difficult to access and it makes more

CST Series - Castings with hydraulic cartridges

The CST Series comprises iron castings with integrated hydraulic cartridges, offering multiple functions in a compact solution. Effortless connection/disconnection under pressure, high resistance to hydraulic shocks, fluid drainage and dirt protection are some of its possibilities. The design of the more

FF Series - FlatFace Couplings

The coupling system of the FF series has double shut-off, dry break and single-handed operation. During uncoupling there is no oil loss, and during coupling there is no inclusion of air into the system. A safety closing ring prevents unintentional disconnection. Twice as safe through double sealing. more

IF Series - FlatFace Couplings

The IF series plug profile is produced according to ISO Standard 16028 and is compatible with other makes of the same standard. These couplings offer an absolutely dry break - no oil loss during uncoupling. Thanks to the valve construction, the coupling has a minimum pressure drop, and thus achieves more

07KL Series - Multi-Coupling

Quick connection of several lines (gas, liquids and electric). Innovative locking mechanism with removeable lever. Compact and space saving more

314KB Series - New Clean in Place Coupling Technology

Rotary Valve with safety lock (only when the sleeve is turned does the medium flow unimpeded). Coupling can be completed easily even under pressure. Minimal volume of dead space. Pigable. Few undercuts, allowing optimum cleaning and high flow more

1600KE Series - Self-Venting Couplings

New Generation of safety self-venting couplings. Safety advantages of a self-venting coupling - avoid dangerous whiplash effect. Ultra high flow valve allows high performance with a compact design. Compatible with common profiles (standard Euro profile).read more

New products to assist the installation of a Transair system

Compressed air, vacuum and neutral gases. - New Range of Wall Brackets - New Range of threaded Elbows - New range of manifoldsread more

New green pipe

Pipes for nitrogen applicationread more

New Transair 168 mm (DN150 - 6 inch)

Pipes, Connectors Hoses for air systemsread more


Low speed Gerotor Motor - Zero leak commutation valve for increased, more consistent volumetric efficiency - Roller vane rotor set reduces friction and internal leakage - Constant efficiency throughout the lifetime of the motor - Wide choice of displacement range, flange and shaft options Better efficiency more

Axial Piston Pumps PVplus

PVplus is a variable piston pump line for demanding heavy duty applications. It is available in several different displacements and a wide variety of configurations. Important features of this product are the low pressure and flow pulsations as well as stable controls. With PVplus you can expect reliable more

Axial Piston Pumps PD

PD is a variable piston pump line for industrial / stationary applications with a continuous pressure rating of 280 bar. The product line is characterized by an optimized design for reduced noise emissions, an easy installation and servicing as well as a high more

Gear Pump & Motors PGP/PGM

PGP gearpumps / PGM gearmotors offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures. They are produced in four frame sizes (PGP 502, PGP 505, PGP 511, PGP 517) with displacements ranging from 0.8 to 70 cm³/rev. A wide variety of standard options is available more

High speed motors MGV

MGV series servomotors are innovative direct drive solutions especially designed for applications that require high speeds and low inertias. They are successfully enployed in Automotive or Aerospace components test benches (starters, pumps, alternators, gearboxes) MGV series servomotors meet different more

DC Drives 590P series

The DC590+ uses an advanced control platform to provide high levels of flexibility and performance for a wide range of applications. Designed for machine integrators, the DC590+ features function block programming, multiple communications and feedback options and support worldwide. Available as non-regenerative more

Frameless high speed synchronous servomotors, HKW series

HKW motors are high performances permanent magnet synchronous servomotors up to 230 kW. Delivered as separate components to be integrated into the mechanical structure of the machine, HKW motors take benefit from the field weakening technique, in order to achieve both high torque at low speed and very more

DC servomotors AXEM and R series

Using high energy magnets, R motors series are particularly suitable for applications which require a very compact and economical solution for any servo mechanism applications. They have an excellent low speed functioning and a very long lifetime (from 0.05 Nm to 13Nm). The AXEM series (disk rotor technology) more

Torque motors TM/TK series

Parker TMW torque motors are especially designed for low speed operation, they advantageously replace traditional gearbox based systems in applications such as extruders and injection molding machines, as well as winders, mixers, crushers, presses, etc. The frameless TK series lead to simplified mechanical more

Solenoid Valves, stainless steel for Beverage Dispensing application

Compact solenoid valves for the use with various media, 2/2, normally more

PD Express vacuum induced flow test unit

Through our range of vacuum equipment Parker KV were able to design a system to measure the pressure drop through a cigarette filter. Filters are singularly tested. Measurement is taken from a battery operated digital display. Employing Parker KVs Rapid concept was key to this product with the pneumatic more

Pneumatic Manifold

Diffusion Bonded medical manifolds have become a standard in the industry. They are typically used to handle fluids, gases and reagents within point of care or laboratory equipment. Manifolds can be enhanced with a number of additional items such as pumps, valves, solenoids, heater modules, electrical more

Fluidic Manifold for Haematology

Diffusion Bonded medical manifolds have become a standard in the industry. They are typically used to handle fluids, gases and reagents within point of care or laboratory equipment. Manifolds can be enhanced with a number of additional items such as pumps, valves, solenoids, heater modules, electrical more

Gas Alarm Module

The Gas Alarm Module provides an audible alarm in the event of falling gas pressure. Its modular construction makes it ideal where one or more gases need to be cut off automatically, should the controlling gas fall below a predetermined level. Its inherent safety features include the prevention of cross-contamination more

Gas-powered Emergency Transport Ventilator

This gas powered oscillator gives a constant I:E ratio over a range of frequencies and flows. The oscillator circuit is based around the proven technology of Parker KVs own pneumatic timers and capsule valves. Sole energy source is bottled oxygen or more

Rail Vehicle Coupling System

This is a custom system for the control of automatic rail decoupling. The material and component selection is in line with the requirements of the rail industry and its design is based on the required performance conducted with a dynamic simulation software package, it has fail-safe actuation of the more

Axle lift

The Axle Lift System is designed to meet international legislation. Typically, the systems incorporate on-board load and position sensing, override facility for traction control assistance, IP67 compliance, correct ride height self-compensation, automatic axle load protection, wide temperature and voltage more

Pantograph System

Pantograph systems provide direct contact with the wire of the Overhead Catenary Systems (OCS) and typically, this requires air cushioning and precision pressure regulation to maintain consistent power more

External Train Door System

The control systems for both external and internal doors are designed to meet individual customer specifications and to satisfy particular requirements specified by the customer for safety, operational needs, space availability and more


High-dynamics active cartridge, energy-efficient prop. throttle valve with maximum process control for flow directions P to A and A to Tread more


High-dynamics active cartridge, energy-efficient prop. throttle valve with maximum process control for flow directions A to B and B to Aread more


Energy saving valve DFplus, energy-efficient servo prop. valve with integrated switch between regenerative and standard circuits; one compact unitread more


Pilot operated DC valve DFplus without functional limits, available as prop. or servo prop. typesread more

D3FB CANopen

Prop. DC valve in spool/sleeve design; max. process control and repeatability; for pitch control in wind turbinesread more

Starlette Plus - Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated dryer family with direct expansion technology. Feature an all-in-one compact aluminium heat exchanger (patent pending). Extremely low pressure drops and compact dimensions. Air-cooled versions. Available with float, timed or electronic zero-loss drain. Model range from 0,2 to 6 m3/min, ecological more

Polestar Smart - Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated dryer family with direct expansion technology. Feature an all-in-one aluminium heat exchanger (patent pending), a smart energy saving function (patent pending), low pressure drops, scroll compressors and microprocessor controlled zero-loss integral drain. Air-cooled and water-cooled versions more

Air cooled aftercooler with pneumatic motor

Finned tubes heat exchanger with pneumatic motor, pressure regulator, monometer and lubricator, dedicated for applications where electrical power is either not recommended or not more

ULE Probloc

- Compact single pice design eliminates potential leakage point and saves installation time - Sealing technology allows Parker to achieve leakage rates to ISO 15848 Class A - Available with A Lok® Tube Fitting outlet to complete the high integrity installationread more

Transair Air pipe systems

Pipes, Connectors Hoses for air more

Liquifit fittings tubings and accessories

Liquifit fittings tubings and accessories for water and beverages applicationsread more

Legris Function fittings FSCE

Flow controllers, Blocking fittings, non return valves, quick exhaust valves, flow more

Instant Fittings, Push to Connect Fittings, Compression Fittings

Legris Instant fittings in polymer, in brass or in stainless steel for pneumatics application : LF3000 LF3600 LF3900 Compression fittings in brass or stainless steel for pneumatics applicationread more

Gerotor (TF)

Parker Gerotor motors are ideally suited for tough jobs under tough conditions. Torqmotors are available in sizes of 36 - 1000cc with maximum torque of 2400 Nm. Features are: - Easy to install - Excellent low speed characteristics - High efficiency - High load capacity - No drainline needed - Built-in more

Solenoid Valves, 2/2 way pilot operated for ATEX application

compact solenoid valves for the use with various media, 2/2, normally more

37 mm ATEX coils

ATEX certified 37mm electrical parts for Stainless Steel solenoid valves, as well as the brass and aluminium valves, dedicated for Process Industry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical more

Parker ParLock Hose and Fittings in steel and stainless steel

With the ParLock hose and fitting range, Parker offers a full range of multispiral hoses according to ISO 3862-1 (4SP bis R15) for working pressure range up to 43,0 MPa. Hose and fitting combination giving performance that exceeds the EN requirements. The ParLock fittings in steel and stainless steel more

Nitrosamine-free Parker Industrial hoses

Caring for and ensuring the sustainability of the planet and safeguarding human health is Parker's main intention during product development processes. Parker's Industrial hose products are produced with nitrosamine-free compound formulae and based on environmentally friendly technologies whilst safeguarding more


CERGOM hose assemblies are based on a new unique hose technology for compressed air and vacuum conveying systems. With the added benefit of the ultra high abrasion resistance the hose has an increased service life in comparison to elastomer hose qualities and rigid tubes. Together with the respective more

Parker Push-Lok - self-grip hose system for low pressure applications

Parker leads the world with its Push-Lok self-grip system for low pressure applications. As a result of continuous customer-orientated product development, high quality hose types and a comprehensive fitting programme for a wide spectrum of requirements are available. The latest development result is more

Parker PowerLift 477 - 2 Wire Braided Hose

The PowerLift 477 hose exceeds the working pressure specified in EN 853 (Standard SN hose) and EN 857 (SC Compact hose) and the EN required impulse cycles twice. PowerLift is the ideal choice where lower weight, high pressure and tight bending radii are the driving factors influencing the product selection. more

Parker RemoFlex 412 - 1 Wire Braided Hose

RemoFlex 412 pilot line hose is a highly flexible 12,0 MPa constant pressure hose, ideally suited to the compact build requirements of modern equipment. The combination of a high abrasion and ozone resistant cover with its small outside diameter and the excellent fluid compatibility of the hose, through more

Hydraulic manifold control blocks

Custom manifold design and manufacture. Control block solutions can incorporate steering; braking and fan drive circuits into a single more

Hydraulic flow control valves

Flow control valves are available up to 420 Bar and have a range of spring settings to meet the required operating range. A choice of four primary types of adjustment, screw, knob, fixed style and tamper resistant. Fine meter needle options are available to achieve finer control in the small flow range. more

Hydraulic pressure control valves

Pressure control valves are available up to 420 Bar and have a range of spring settings to meet the required operating range. A choice of four primary types of adjustment, screw, knob, fixed style and tamper resistant. Seals are available in both Nitrile and more

Hydraulic load and motor control valves

Load and motor control valves are a range of counterbalance valves that offer one or more of the following: control of an overrunning load, control in critical metering applications, the ability to hold a load in one direction until pilot pressure is applied and to assist in the protection against hose more


The VP1 is a variable displacement pump for truck applications. It can be close-coupled to a gearbox PTO ( or to a coupling independent PTO (e.g. an engine PTO) which meets ISO standard 7653-1985. The VP1 is designed for trucks with hydrauilc load sensing sytems. It is sturdy , yet simple more


Series V12 is a bent axis, variable displacement motor. It is intended for both open and closed circuits, mainly in mobile applications, but the V12 can also be utilized in a wide variety of other applications. Series V14 is a new generation of variable displacement, bent-axis motors, a further development more


The T1 fixed displacement pump is a further development of series T1, which was specifically designed to meet the requirements of truck applications with short, non-frequent operating (in combination with high pressure peaks) cycles such as tippers, and small more


Parker's truck gear pumps are ideal for operations of light trucks for their hydraulic power needs. The GPA/GP1 series gear pumps are available to suit most applications. They are light and compact, and can be installed in either rear or side mount configuration thanks to their unique dual port more


Parker's truck gear pumps are ideal for operations of light trucks for their hydraulic power needs. The GPA/GP1 series gear pumps are available to suit most applications. They are light and compact, and can be installed in either rear or side mount configuration thanks to their unique dual port more


Series F2 is a further development of the twin-flow version of series F1, the very first bent-axis truck pump on the market to feature two entirely independent flows. With a suitable build-up of the hydraulic system, the main advantage with a twin-flow pump is that three different flows can be provided more

F11 / F12

F11 and F12 are a bent axis, fixed displacement heavy-duty pump/motor series. They can be used in numerous applications in both open and closed loop more


The F1 offers many additional values for operations of cargo cranes, hook loaders, skip loaders, forest cranes and similar truck applications. Series F1 is a very efficient and straight forward pump design with unsurpassed more

Parker Zander Öl-Wasser-Trenner ecosep

Öl-Wasser-Trenner der Serie ecosep mit integrierter Aktivkohlestufe bereiten zuverlässig nicht emulgierte Kompressorenkondensat more

Parker Zander high-pressure adsorption dryer HDK-MT

Heatless regenerated dryers operate in pressure-swing-adsorption (PSA) mode with pressure ratings of 100/250/350 bars and the respective capacity ranges from 40 upt 650, 60 up to 910 and 70 up to 1180 m³/h. The adsorption of water vapour to high quality molecular sieve desiccant results in residual water more

Parker Zander Membrantrockner sunsep

- Membrantockner im Kleinstformat. - Kompakte Hochleistungsmodule zur Trocknung von Druckluft und Gasen im Leistungsbereich von 25 - 800 l/ more

Parker Zander Atemluftaufbereitung BSP-MT und BS-MT

Überall dort, wo Umgebungsluft von Arbeitsplätzen verunreinigt ist, oder wo aus Druckluft Atemluft erzeugt wird, müssen besondere Maßnahmen zum Schutz von Gesundheit und Leben getroffen werden. Dies gilt für die Erzeugung von Atemluft in Krankenhäusern. Eine große Zahl von unerwünschten oder lebensbedrohlichen more

Adsorptionstrockner mit patentierter Vakuumregeneration

Serie concept WVModular: extern warmregenerierende Adsorptionstrockner mit patentiertem Vakuumregenerationsverfahren, absolut kein Spülluftbedarf, kein Taupunktpeak, Drucktaupunkte bis -70°C, hohe Trockenmittelstandzeiten, kompressorunabhängige Regeneration, höchste Wirtschaftlichkeit von 410-14.500 more

Parker Zander heatless regenerated adsorption dryers K-MT/KE-MT

Heatless regenerated dryers operate in pressure-swing-adsorption (PSA) mode and are available for capacities from 8 up to 6100 m³/h. The adsorption of water vapour to high quality molecular sieve desiccant results in residual water concentration of 0.5 g/m³ down to 0.003 g/m³ (equal to pressure dew-points more

Kälte-Drucklufttrockner arctic-star AS + AS-K

Parker Zander Kältetrockner sind für eine Nennleistung bis 10.800 m3/h ausgelegt. Die Lösungen für die Kältetrocknung zeichnen sich durch sparsamen Energieverbrauch dank Komponenten und Regelungen, die maximale Effizienz und mehr Energieersparnis gewährleisten, sowie einen geringeren Wartungsbedarf more

Reinigung und Aufbereitung von technischen und korrosiven Gasen

Parker Zander p u r g a s - Serie TG zur Filtration: Mit dieser technischen Konzeption stehen maßgeschneiderte Lösungen zur Verfügung, um die speziellen Anforderungen zur Filtration von technischen und/oder korrosiven Gasen ideal zu erfüllen. Die praxisorientierte Serie an Hochleistungs-Filterelementen, more

Parker Zander Sterilisation von Luft und anderen Prozessgasen

Sterilfilter: Be- und Entlüftungsfilter sowie Dampffilter für zuverlässig keimfreie Druckluft bzw. Luft und sauberen Dampfread more

Microfilter für hochqualitative Aufbereitung von Druckluft und Gasen

Hochleistungsfilter für saubere, ölfreie, neutrale Druckluft und Gase. Als ein-, zwei- und dreistufiges System lassen sich die Filter nach dem Baukastenprinzip entsprechend der Problemvorgabe kombinieren. Die Filterelemente (4Phasen Filtration) mit integrierter Vorfiltration und abgestufter Endfiltration more

Parker Thermoplastic Hoses

Top quality and always the right product. Starting at smallest diameters like DN2 up to highest pressures of 4000 bar working, from food approval up to PTFE hoses for highly aggressive media, from multiple lines with 5 hoses welded together to multiple kilometres length of the assemblies, Parker Hannifin more

Prestoweld Soft

The new and highly flexible pneumatic tubing for use in industrial welding robots. Available in various colours, completely coloured for easy identification, these tubes save time at assembly and reduce the forces needed when the robot moves. Extended service life and reduced costs are the more

Low Pressure thermoplastic tubes and hoses

Versatility and quality from Parker Hannifin. The portfolio of tubing made of a vast variety of materials covers pneumatic, general industry applications and the beverage industry. It scores with the always right material for the targeted use. Available also in welding spark resistant version - now in more

Components for wind energy systems

Filtration Solutions and Contamination Control for Hydraulic and Lubrication Fluidsread more

Condition Monitoring Systems

- On-Line and Off- Line Fluid Analysis - Measurement of Particles and Water Content for Hydraulic Fluids and more

Oil Hydraulics

- Low, Medium and High Pressure Filtration for Hydraulic Fluids. - Hydraulic Reservoirs with integrated Filters and Reservoir more


Hydraulic High Torque Low Speed radial piston motor. With integrated manifold block that is including all necessary valves for a complete hydraulic drive more


Hydraulic Vane pump with high performances, high speed and pressure capabilities at low noise levels. This triple pump is featuring one single inlet and 3 fixed displacement oulet ports, offering many different displacement combination possibilities in order to fit each application requirement with optimum more


Hydraulic Vane motor for fan drive of cooling systems. With or without integrated speed control valve. Designed for Superior, Smooth, Silent and Severe more

Palletizing Robots

Palletizing Robotsread more

Precision Mechanics - ProMech, HD, LXR

Precision Mechanics - ProMech, HD, LXRread more

Precision Mechanics - MX80

Precision Mechanics - MX80read more

SMB / MB / NX / EX Servomotors

The NX series brushless servomotors are characterised by a 10 pole innovative design for highest quality of motion. The compact and robust construction form is reached by the use of rare earth's magnet (Neodym) which possess high magnet flux density and a innovative rotor design with concentrated flux. more

Stealth Gen II Planetary Gearbox

Stealth Gen II Planetary Gearboxread more

Handling Mechanics - HPLA Linear actuator with tooth belt

Handling Mechanics - HPLA Linear actuator with tooth beltread more

Handling Mechanics - LCB actuator with slider bearing

Handling Mechanics - LCB actuator with slider bearingread more

Handling Mechanics - ET Cylinder

Handling Mechanics - ET Cylinderread more

High Power System Drives AC890PX

The AC890PX is a high power modular systems drive designed for industrial and power conversion applications. Available as a standalone drive as part of a high power drive system, the AC890PX features removable phase and control modules, which allow for simple servicing and flexible system design. Power more

Frequency converters AC650S and AC650V

The 650S and 650V series is a family of ac drives that provide a no-fuss, cost effective solution for the simplest to most complex open-loop motor control applications. The AC650S series is designed to save energy in general purpose applications by replacing induction motors by more efficient permanent-magnet more

Compax3 - High performance Servodrive

Compax3 is Parker Hannifin s global servo drive. The drive series includes single axis and multi axis drives as well as hydraulics controllers in a power range from 1 to 110 kVA. The servo drives are completely developed and manufactured in Germany. An additional Compax3 production site was established more

Servodrive TPD-M integrates three powerstages in one

Das TPD-M von Parker ist weltweit einer der ersten Servoregler, der drei Servoendstufen in einem Gehäuse integriert. Für den Anwender ergeben sich neben der Reduzierung der Anschaffungs- und Betriebskosten auch eine Reihe neuer Möglichkeiten bezüglich Installation und Flexibilität. Der Servoregler TPD-M more

ServiceJunior Digital Pressure Gauge

The ServiceJunior makes possible the measurement and display of pressures with one instrument. Measured values are shown with high precision on a 4-digit display. Pressure peaks are securely captured at a scanning rate of 10 m sec. The Service Junior is distinctive through its very simple operation. more

SensoControl SCOTC Oil Tank Controller

The SCOTC Oil Tank Controller is a four-in-one unit. It combines the LevelTempController core product with the opportunity of hooking up a venting filter and a tank filter. With only one connector bore, assembly expense and sources of error are significantly reduced. The Level Controller measures the more

Parker High Performance Flange System

A new mechanical flange system for pressures up to 420 bar is now on the market under the Parker High Performance Flange System brand name. Especially in the fields of press manufacture, die casting machines and mobile operations equipment, this product programme satisfies ever-increasing design requirements. more

F37 Parflange System

The new F37 Parflange® flared programme is an attractive alternative to conventional welding of tubes with large outside diameters from 16 mm to 190 mm. With the reduction to just a few operations, flange assembly saves a greast deal of time and costs compared to welding. The basis for the product extension more

The Parker ServiceMaster Plus

The Parker Service Master Plus offers many plus points. Never it was so easy to measure, display and analyse complex procedures. Specially developed Parker CAN bus sensors provide automatic sensor recognition and a plug & play solution. The data display and styling are attractive, whilst the storage more

EO2-Plus: DryTechnology

As a part of Parker-Ermeto s New Generation Fittings the worldwide proven Dry Technology EO2-concept has been developed. EO2-Plus means maximum pressure resistance as well as a new chromium VI-free surface and greatly reduced tightening torques for large sized fittings. Due to the use of higher strength more

Parker Universal Push to Connect

The new Parker push-in system for hose, tubing and hose-to-tube connections. A cost-efficient alternative to fittings with bite type-ring or DKO fittings, it facilitates simple and rapid assembly wherever there is a lack of space and speedy installation is required. The tube or hose termination has only more

Electronic Pressure Regulator

The electronic pressure regulator Parker LUCIFER EPP4 is characterized by its wide range of services and the complete customization of operating conditions by means of more

Filter and Nano Oil Mist Lubricator

The Parker P3X Moduflex Lite made of high tech polymer stands for reduced weight, resistance against aggressive media and advanced consumption controlled nano mist lubricator more

RL Sizing Calculation Software Tool

RL Sizing by Parker Origa helps to find the right pneumatic rodless cylinder together with the matching guides and more

Pneumatic Rodless Linear Actuator

ORIGA pneumatic rodless linear actuators incorporated in a stainless steel housing have been designed for use in the food and beverage more

Electric belt drive linear actuator with integrated heavy duty guide

Parker Origa belt driven electric linear actuators with integrated heavy duty guide are ideally suitable to take high forces and loads and perform highly dynamic more

Electric Belt Drive Actuator

Parker Origa electric linear actuators with toothed belt are ideally suitable for high speed more

Elect. Linear Actuators with screw drive, toothed belt or linear motor

Parker Origa electric linear actuators are available with screw, toothed belt or linear more

Pneumatic Rodless Linear Actuators

Parker Origa pneumatic rodless linear actuators take high loads and moments and are available in many special versions for the demanding requirements of specific more

Global Moduflex Proportional Electronic Regulators

User friendly and esily accessible intergral software G1/4 or G1/2 versions in both stand alone or modular versions Fast response times with accurate out put pressures High visiblity LED displayread more

Isys-Micro Valve System

Up to 32 solenoids per valve island Wear compensating seal system, 50 million cycles + 4 valves mounted back to back in 42mm width Front or bottom ported manifolds Profbus DP, CANopen & DeviceNet protocolsread more

P5W Rotary Table

Rack and pinnion patented movement Continuously adjustable stroke 7 sizes available toques fro 28Ncm - 3926Ncm Optional buffers or hydraulic shock absorbersread more

P1D C Advanced Cylinder technology

Clean' cylinder design. Built in LED displays 4 actuator position 8 pin, M12 electical connection Positions adjustable by more

Compact power unit

Our compact power units let you put the power where you need it. They are completely selfcontained with an AC or DC motor, gearpump, reservoir, internal valving, load hold checks and relief more

Taupunkt-u. Leckage-Messgeräte, Luftreinheits-und Verbrauch-Messgeräte

Mobiles Taupunktmessgerät TM 210 - mit einem Gerät relative Feuchte, Temperatur, Taupunkt messen. Taupunkt-Set TM 220 - steckerfertige Taupunktmessung für Kältetrockner/Adsorptionstrockner. ZDS 200 Stationäres Taupunktmessgerät. Lecksuchgerät LS 230. Als erster Hersteller setzt Zander bei seinen warmregenerierenden more

ED3000 condensate drains from Parker Zander for compressed air

Electronic condensate drains of ED3000 series feature wear-free magnetic core level control for optimized and loss-free drainage of condensate. An integrated strainer after the level control protects the diaphragm valve by permanent alarm monitoring. Large cross section diaphragm of condensate pilot-controlled more

Analytical gas generators

Parker domnick hunter specialise in the design, manufacture and global aftermarket support of analytical gas generators to enable laboratory users to produce a cost-effective, continuous supply of premium quality gas from a compact, on-site source. Hydrogen generators offer cost-effective alternative more

MIDIGAS and MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generators

The updated MIDIGAS and successful MAXIGAS ranges of nitrogen gas generators from Parker domnick hunter are suitable for small to medium and medium to large nitrogen requirements respectively. They are alternatives to traditional nitrogen sources for a wide range of applications in many industries for more

Hyperchill und Hyperfree - Lösungen für die industrielle Kältetechnik

Kaltwassersätze Hyperchill - ideal für die Kühlung mit Wasser oder Frostschutzgemischen im geschlossenen Kältekreis. Sie sind durch größte Zuverlässigkeit, hohe Energieeffizienz und äußerst akkurate Regelung des Kältemediums gekennzeichnet. Rückkühler Hyperfree - bei diesen Wärmetauschern wird das Wasser more

Filtration und Trocknung von Druckluft bei Schienenfahrzeugen

Druckluftverunreinigung und Feuchtigkeit stellen für die heutige Schienenfahrzeugtechnik ein echtes Problem dar. Die Lösung besteht darin, saubere, ölfreie und trockene Druckluft zur Verfügung zu stellen, die einen störungsfreien, ununterbrochenen Betrieb des Schienenfahrzeuges gewährleistet. Die Verkehrs- more

PNEUDRI MX heatless dryers

Using patented Parker domnick hunter technology, PNEUDRI MX heatless dryers provide the ultimate in clean and dry compressed air. Compressed air purification equipment must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability whilst providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation. more

BA-1400 portable breathing air purifier

The Parker domnick hunter BA-1400 portable breathing air purifier provides high quality breathable air from a normal compressed air supply. Combining high efficiency coalescing and activated carbon filtration stages, the unit is housed in compact, weatherproof, impact resistant case which can supply more

OVR Aktivkohle-Adsorber

This product is used for the removal of oil vapour and odors from mineral oil and synthetic oil. Oil residue is less than 0.003mg/m3 through adsorption with active carbon at 20°C 7 bar g in compressed more

PNEUDRI adsorption dryers

PNEUDRI heatless and heat regenerative dryers from Parker domnick hunter has proven to be the ideal solution for many thousands of compressed air users worldwide and in a wide variety of industries. PNEUDRI totally cleans and dries compressed air down to a pressure dewpoint of -40°C as standard. For more

CRD und CRDC Kälte-Drucklufttrockner

CRD und CRDC, die Geräte, die domnick hunter als Weltführer in der Kältetrocknung etablieren. Die heutigen Baureihen CRD und CRDC sind das Ergebnis von mehr als 40 Jahren Erfahrung in Forschung, Projektierung und Fertigung von Lösungen für die Druckluftaufbereitung, die domnick hunter ins Feld führen more

Tiefenfilter und Membranfilter

Die Anforderungen an die Sterilisation von Druckluft und anderen Prozessgasen werden immer höher. Gefordert wird die sichere und absolute Rückhaltung aller Mikroorganismen, bei größtmöglichen Durchsatzleistungen und langen Filterstandzeiten. Die Lösung ist die speziell für diese Anforderungen entwickelte more

OIL-X EVOLUTION high efficiency compressed air filters

OIL-X EVOLUTION high efficiency compressed air filters from Parker domnick hunter consist of coalescing filter grades for the removal of water and oil aerosols, solid particulates and micro-organisms, dust filter grades for the removal of dry particulate and micro-organisms and oil vapour removal filters. These more

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