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MASI68 simplifies installation solutions

What is the easiest way to get the apple into the bottle?


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Murrelektronik's MASI68 simplifies decentralized installation solutions - like those in bottling plants.

Decentralized installations with MASI68 are, above all, very easy. They have a short installation time, are very flexible, offer efficient technology and are also very rugged. This makes them a viable solution for a wide range of applications.

MASI68 installations are easily integrated into higher-level fieldbus systems with gateways. Meaning, once a concept is designed, it can be used in like systems and machines without adaptation. Only the interface component has to be changed. This illustrates the principle «Change the control without having to change the system».

MASI68 is easy in many respects:

MASI68 stands for Flexible Applications
MASI68 modules are available in a wide range of configurations: with four or eight ports, as input, output or mixed models. The installation concepts can be structured in small units as required by the application. Even with complicated topologies the level of flexibility is high. Many of the MASI68 modules are expansion ones.

MASI68 stands for Quick Installation
MASI68 modules are installed close to the sensors and actuators allowing you to use short M12 connection cables. Murrelektronik's principle is: «Plugged, what else.»

MASI68 stands for Efficient Technology
Data and power are transferred via unshielded, four-wire cables. Distribution is done without switches which considerably reduces costs, especially in comprehensive installations that have a high number of stations and a wide extension.

MASI68 stands for Rugged Design
The IP68 modules are fully potted. Because they are reliably sealed, they can be used in the most demanding industrial environments.

MASI68 - an easy solution for
Machine Building and Plant Engineering
Packaging Industry
Logistics and Material Handling Industry
Assembly and Handling Technology
Automotive Industry

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Modlink Vario

Praktische Medienkopplungread more

MVP12 Steel - Food&Beverage

IP69K-Edelstahl-Verteiler für Anwendungen in der Lebensmittelindustrie öffnet auch die Tür in Richtung Dezentralisierung Komponenten in Maschinen und Anlagen der Lebensmittelindustrie müssen einfach zu reinigen sein. Darum ist der neue Verteiler MVP12 Steel von Murrelektronik aus hochwertigem Edelstahl more

Neue Safety-Module für Cube20S

Sicherheit wird in der Automatisierungsbranche großgeschrieben. Das Ziel: Optimaler Schutz für Mensch und Maschine. Deshalb bietet Murrelektronik für die modulare Feldbusstation Cube20S nun Safety-Erweiterungsmodule an, mit denen sicherheitsrelevante Zustände zuverlässig übertragen werden. Die Erweiterungsmodule more

Emparro 3-phase - Premium Power

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Advanced Logistics

The right products in the right quantity in the right time and place, in the right quality and at the right price... Time pressure and postponed delivery dates - these are the problems machine builders often have to worry about. A sensor that was installed cannot be connected because the necessary more

Murrelektronik App updated

Download, install and get the information you need. The Murrelektronik App is a useful tool for smartphones. It makes sure you immediately get all the information you need about Murrelektronik products. Simply scan the QR code on the product or packaging of components - and you'll have all the information more

Encoder Functions for Cube67

Murrelektronik's Cube67 modular fieldbus system is made up of many function and expansion modules. Those modules make it possible to design installation concepts for machines and systems that meet the specific application requirements. The Cube67 encoder module is the newest member of this family. Measuring more

MASI68 simplifies installation solutions

What is the easiest way to get the apple into the bottle?read more

Buffer Module for 48V Applications

The right products in Murrelektronik's Emparro power distribution system for 48V applications is finally complete with the arrival of the new Emparro Cap 20/48 buffer module. This compact component, which joins the Emparro family of power supply and filter modules, bridges power drops coming from the more

Escape the Installation Maze

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Product Quality and Protection

Murrelektronik's Transformers Product Quality and Protection at its Finest New video + new packaging = even more plusses for transformers and rectified power supplies Murrelektronik is known for their quality products! Our new video, showing how our transformers are produced, reinforces that idea. more

Wireless Signal Transfer

The compact MIRO BT and MIRO BT IO modules have been designed for reliable wireless signal transfer. They are used in applications where cable based systems reach their limits. MIRO BT and it's built in Bluetooth technology makes it possible to cover distances of up to 100 meters. The Murrelektronik more

Module for Voltage and Current Signals

Murrelektronik's new MASI68 module makes installations much easier Murrelektronik presents a new MASI68 analog module with a special feature: This compact expansion module processes analog voltage signals and current signals in one module. Four measuring channels are available that can be configured more

Time Savings That Add Up

Relays endure wear and tear which means they have to be continuously replaced. Do it faster with Murrelektronik's MIRO 6.2 Pluggable! This relay features a convenient plug connection. And during service it can be easily replaced by a new relay within a few seconds. Relays are exposed to mechanical more

New Online Shop

The new Murrelektronik shop is online since December 2013. And ordering is now much easier! The users have already noticed and more and more people register every day. Ordering online has been established for a long time in the consumer sector. In the B2B sector, however, there are reservations from more

TREE67 Networking Effectively

Murrelektronik's Unmanaged Switches In Rugged Metal Housings for IP67 Applications Murrelektronik's TREE series switches can connect Ethernet terminal devices. The new TREE67 models - equipped with four or eight M12 ports - are suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments. They make it more

Power Supply in the Field

Emparro67 power supply units are specially designed for applications outside the control cabinet. They withstand extreme environmental conditions and can be installed directly in the field. This makes them the ideal solution for decentralized installation concepts. Power loss is reduced to a minimum. Such more

Transformers with multi-voltage input

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When Split Seconds Count

Murrelektronik's tough fieldbus module, MVK Metal with 7/8" connection, is now available with Fast Start-Up and galvanic separation. Fast Start-Up gives you the shortest possible setup and start-up times. This is extremely important for paint shop and materials handling applications in the automotive more

Emparro - The Power Supply Unit with Maximum Efficiency

Emparro's efficiency rating is up to 95% - an impressive result that means only 5% of the energy remains unused. Compared to power supplies with an efficiency rating of about 90% and a power loss of 10%, Emparro reduces power loss by 50%. This is an impressive improvement that has positive effects on more

Emparro Cap buffer module stabilizes power supply systems

Fully automated production plants experience short-time voltage drops that can interrupt the production and incur high costs and overtime. The Emparro Cap buffer module is a useful solution to avoid these problems. It can be easily integrated into new and existing 24 V DC power supply systems. It offers more

M23 Connectors

Servo motors are often connected with M23 connectors - these compact connectors have become more established as standards rather than terminal boxes. They are by far the most common connection system. Murrelektronik offer power cables and signal cables (size 1.0) in top quality. They seal tightly, resist more

MICO+ Improves Your Energy Balance

When loads are switched on, they need energy. Often current is already flowing, even though no productive activity is being carried out. For example, during pause times: 60% of the energy is consumed as stand-by power: pumps are running, displays lighten, loads are heating ... With MICO+ you can switch more

Murrelektronik in the EPLAN Data

Murrelektronik's customers plan their machine and system installations with CAE pro-grams. Therefore, they need component views that are accurate in every detail. Murrelek-tronik now offers comprehensive EPLAN-P8 data material with individual files for each article. This information is now available more

Perfect Balance with 100% Redundancy

Having the highest machine availability is an important subject. That's why power supply systems are often redundantly designed, with two power supply units. Murrelektronik's active redundancy module, MB Redundancy Balance, decouples two independent power supply units and generates a redundant 24 V DC more

Complete Range of Ethernet Cables

Murrelektronik has a wide product range and can offer connection accessories for all these areas. Field-wireable M12 and RJ45 connectors are the right choice for IP20 applications. There is a large variety of pre-wired and molded models. The 15° locking mechanism of the M8 and M12 connectors and top more

As Bright As Daylight

The new Modlight XTREME 440 LED machine lighting provides excellent lighting that's equivalent to daylight. And the innovative LED technology really pays off: the energy costs compared to conventional fluorescent lamps are permanently reduced - for the complete life cycle of the system. The lighting more

Cube 20S - Small, Speedy, Safe

Cube20S connects slim input and output modules with a width of only 12.5 mm for base modules with integrated bus nodes. Digital and analog modules with two, four or eight channels are available, as well as function modules like counters or potential distributors. Combining the standard output modules more

Murrelektronik's Compact Status Light

Murrelektronik's Comlight57 status lights are especially compact. The light modules have a diameter of 57 millimeters and feature the latest LED technology. Comlight57 is durable (lasting up to 100,000 hours), maintenance-free and environmentally friendly since it consumes only a small amount of energy. more

Hochwertige Leitungen auf praktischen Kabeltrommeln

Hochwertige Sensor-Aktor-Leitungen gibt es bei Murrelektronik ab sofort auch auf Kabeltrommeln in Länge von 100 bis 500 Metern. Verbindungsleitungen können damit auf Maß abgeschnitten werden - exakt in der Länge, in der sie für die Maschineninstallation benötigt werden. Passend dazu bietet Murrelektronik more

Now Ethernet up to 10GBit with RJ45 Professional

With the RJ45 Professional, Murrelektronik has introduced a new member to its comprehensive Ethernet family. The field-wireable RJ45 connectors are available in two different forms: straight and angled. The 45° outlet of the angled version makes stacking connections with multiple ports simple. The flexible more

MASI68 - Now with Round Cable Wiring

MASI68 modules combine the convenient AS-Interface technology with industrially proven M12 connectors and round cable wiring! Ideal for applications in rugged industrial environments with high mechanical stress, exposure to lubricants and coolants, or in C-track applications. The extremely compact MASI68 more

M12 Steel with LED

The unbreakable M12 Steel connector is now available with an LED. The light is large, bright and clearly visible. Now it is possible to check the switching state of sensors on-site, even in extremely demanding applications like the Food & Beverage industry. Integrated LEDs are often difficult to see more

Modular Fieldbus System Cube67+

More modules, longer cables, increased performance: these are the outstanding features of the new innovative bus node Cube67+. It perfectly complements the tried and tested Cube67 system. With Cube67+ , Murrelektronik offers customers even more options for creating field bus installations in a very economical more

Safe industrial processes with MB Cap Ultra

Voltage drops in industrial environments occur with greater frequency since power -distribution systems are becoming more complex. If production processes are interrupted by voltage fluctuations or installations have to be reconfigured this will cost a lot of time and money. Data loss or defects may more

MICO - Intelligent Power Management

MICO, the intelligent power distribution system from Murrelektronik, monitors current, indicates current rating and detects overloading. It simplifies trouble shooting and re-duces machine downtime. Power supply systems have to combine two functions: The have to provide high inrush currents for the startup more

Great Variety of Valve Controls

Solenoid valves are important components in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction. Murrelektronik's MSUD Valve Plug offers an efficient and proven solution for the control of these valves. The MSUD plugs are available standard in forms A, B, BI, C, and CI for different input voltages. more

Compact fieldbus module Impact67

There is an ongoing trend to remove confusing clusters of input and output connectors from control cabinets. Murrelektronik provides the right solution for applications that need to meet basic machine installation requirements without having any special demands. Impact67 is the module for very economic more

MB Diode - redundancy module

The failures of a machine can cause high costs. In order to prevent this, electrical engineers take extensive measures to increase the reliability of their machines and installations. Murrelektronik offers a solution with the new redundancy module: MB Diode. MB Diode decouples with power supply units. more

M12 Lite - die clevere Alternative zu Edelstahl

M12 Lite von Murrelektronik ist der neue Steckverbinder für den Einsatz mit korrosiven Medien und eine interessante Alternative zu den kostenintensiven Varianten aus Edelstahl. Die neuen Rändelschrauben bzw. -muttern der Steckverbinder bestehen aus glasfaserverstärktem Polyamid. Damit sind sie beständig more

Impact20 - 16 inputs or outputs in one small space

Impact20 is the new fieldbus I/O station from Murrelektronik! This compact module features 16 inputs or outputs in a very small space. Thanks to the small amount of space required, Impact20 is perfectly suitable for applications in terminal boxes and in control panels. A special advantage is the low more

Plug Connectors for Food & Beverage

In the food & beverage industry performance demands are high regarding hygiene, cleanliness and corrosion protection of the products and components installed. Therefore, stainless steel is the main material used in installations for the production of food and beverages. This allows fulfilling the requirements more


Brochure MASIread more

T-coupler M12

Usually two signals can be processed on one M12 port of I/O modules and passive distribution boxes. Sensors, however, often require only one signal. If they are connected to the port by means of a connection cable, one channel remains unused. T-couplers from Murrelektronik provide rationalization potentials. more

Modlight Signal Tower - Forever bright

The signal towers from Murrelektronik are extremely bright. And thanks to their innovative LED technology they help save energy. Modlights are available with diameters of 30, 50, and 70 millimeters and can be used in many different applications. A patented double reflector system and high-intensity more


The new Evolution three phase power supplies from Murrelektronik are strong, powerful, and efficient. They are available in models from 5 to 40 A, the output voltages are adjustable from 22 to 24 VDC. They represent a consequent and continued development of the proven power supply series. Evolution more

Passive Distribution Box Exact8

Compact as never before - Exact8 distributors can route a maximum number of signals in the smallest possible space. Components in the new generation of M8 distributors have an ultra-slim design. The double-row distributors are only 30 millimeters wide. The Exact8 family has a large number of variants. more

Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway

Murrelektronik's Cube fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. A new diagnostics gateway makes access to this data even easier. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear information in case of failure and speeds up troubleshooting, resulting in maximum availability of machines and more

Mico Pro

Mico Pro is the new and innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik. The modular system enables you to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications offering a favorable cost-benefit ratio while also being economical in their use of space. The patented tripping process assures optimum more

Emparro67 Hybrid

The innovative Emparro67 Hybrid switch mode power supply unit is an all-rounder with many powerful features: it not only relocates power supply from the control cabinet to the industrial field, but it also monitors currents using two integrated channels for 24 VDC load circuit monitoring, to ensure high more

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