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Monitor MEg46DIN

Monitor MEg46DIN

MEgA - Merici Energeticke Aparaty

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Hall 12, Stand B73

Ms. Ing. Markéta Bolková
economic director
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Product description

The MEg46DIN monitor is designed for measuring in industrial energy operations on the
LV level. It is characterised by the flexibility of its functions and expectations of integration
into measuring systems.
For 3 voltages and 3 currents:
For voltage, it calculates voltage quality parameters (RMS, harmonics, inter-harmonics,
symmetry, flicker, THD), and performs their aggregations. For current, it calculates
true RMS, harmonics and inter-harmonics to the 25th order and distortion.
It measures and evaluates the electric power and electrical work in each phase, also
summarily. The device measures four quadrant energy with type resolution and direction
of the reactive power flow in each phase separately, evaluates quater hour maximum.
Records voltage events as well as events caused by overcurrent. Records their timing
(URMS1/2, IRMS1/2) or the waveform in 0.2 sec time frames in the area of start / termination
events with the possibility of pre-trigger.
Registers a peak value of the surge in the level above 1 kV (instantaneous value),
including the time of occurrence with phase resolution, up to 9 kV.
Receives and decodes the ripple control messages, measures the size of start and
stop signals in V for all 3 phases. Records ripple control signal, ripple control oscilloscopic
telegrams also possible.
Optional is also an oscilloscope mode that stores instantaneous voltage and current
sample values in the selected interval.
The unit has two inputs for resistance sensors (contact, thermometer Pt100, etc.) and
passive binary input.
Recording of measured and calculated data is stored internally, which consists of temporary
memory (256 MB), and further via high-capacity memory consisting of an 8 GB 32 GB SD card. Transfer from temporary memory into high-capacity happens automatically
at the selected time.
The range of measured data depends on connection and measurement parametrisation.
The measured data is divided into immediate data

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