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Nickel thin film sensors

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Topic: AMA Center for Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technologies - Meeting Point Sensorics

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In many industrial sectors and fields of research, temperature measurement is one of the most important parameters which determines product quality, security, and reliability. Temperature sensors are available in several types all of which have a unique performance characteristic. The performance capability of the various sensors are a result of the manufacturing process and component materials associated with their technologies and intended application. It is IST Charter to produce sensors that exceed the industry standard of temperature measurement with additional capability to directly replace older traditional methods and provide the maximum performance. To this end IST has concentrated its development and manufacturing on the process and materials of high-end thin-film temperature sensors. Additionally these processes, partially derived from the semiconductor industry allows IST to manufacture sensors in very small dimensions.

Because of their low thermic mass thin-film temperature sensors exhibit a very short response time. IST core technology and processes results in thin-film sensors that combine the good features of traditional wire wound nickel sensors such as accuracy, long-term stability, repeatability, interchangeability and wide temperature range, with the advantages of mass-production, which contributes to their optimal price/performance ratio.

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Nickel thin film sensors

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