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Odorless & Requiring almost no Cleaning

Reagent Bound to Polymer Facilitates Introduction of Protective Groups

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

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Protective groups have important functions in synthetic organic chemistry. Attaching protective groups to a source substance prevents unintended conversion of the functional group in a chemical reaction. In this way, selective conversion can be achieved of one reactive group in the presence of one or more other such groups. Special sulphur protective groups also offer a possibility to remove the group and, at the same time, introduce other advantageous groupings into the molecule. Synthesizing these dithiane protective groups normally involves organic sulphur compounds which are highly toxic and extremely odorous. Moreover, the individual target substances must be cleaned carefully, which is not only time-consuming but also means extra financial expense caused by the solvents and separating materials required. To overcome these drawbacks, KIT scientists of the Institute of Organic Chemistry developed a polymer-bound reagent which greatly facilitates the introduction of dithiane protective groups and allows application in parallel synthesis. An aldehyde or ketone as the source material can thus be converted, by means of the reagent and the addition of a solvent, simply, quickly, and safely into the target molecule carrying the protective group. The reagent invented contains two substances needed in protective group synthesis which, because of their polymer binding, are no longer volatile and thus are less toxic and do not smell. In addition, the polymer material inclusive of the reagents and any byproducts generated can be removed from the reaction mix at minimum expense by filtration and evaporation of the solvent. Use of the reagent bound to the solid phase in most cases permits a synthesis with simplified or no purification at all by separation methods, as the reactions proceed very cleanly and, in most cases, without any byproducts. Applications of the polymer reagent developed are found in synthetic organic chemistry as protective groups.

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Whether it be escalators, industrial robots or trams - not having electric motors in everyday life is inconceivable: In a fixed machine component, the stator, a winding generates a rotating magnetic field. The pivoted rotor orientates its movement on this magnetic field, thus generating mechanical power more

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It makes sense to use heat exchangers in many processes in which heat develops as a by-product. Here, unused thermal energy is utilised with the aid of heat transfer. Released heat energy moves to a liquid in a cooling circuit. The coolant is then guided past at least one flow passage. Via the heat conductive more

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Wherever energy-efficient light engineering is required, light diodes consisting of organic material, so-called OLEDs, are often used. Light diodes emitting white luminescence are in particularly high demand. In addition, lasers either emitting white luminescence or whose colour can be set offer interesting more

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Separation of a gas from explosive liquids is a challenging task. An example is the production of peroxo compounds that are used as bleaching agents in detergents and hair tinting lotions. These highly reactive compounds are frequently produced with ozone. After the reaction, excessive oxygen has to more

Light Sheet Dyn. Detects 3D-Objects

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Frequently, telemanipulators are applied at hospitals for minimally invasive surgery, which is of particular advantage for the patients. These robot-supported systems allow for remote interventions. The precision and free moving space of surgical instruments are enhanced by the use of telemanipulators. more

Laser Diagnosis in the Combustion Chambe

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Grating-structured biosensors

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New method for desalination of seawater

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Bio. Ink for Dip-pen Nanolithography

Phospholipids are biomolecules with self-organization capability under physiological conditions and the formation of a lipid bilayer on a biomembrane. However, the familiar ways of producing phospho-lipid arrays are greatly limited in lateral resolution. A new approach for the first time allows phospholipids more

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The mechanisms determining blood clotting on a foreign surface are complex and have not yet been investigated fully. Cell behavior, such as adhesion, cell division and differentiation, is influenced by the surface properties of an implant. Consequently, integration and tolerance of an implant in the more

Correct Astigmatism in Ring Resonators

The greatest challenge in the amplification of laser pulses is the correction of the astigmatic thermal lens of a flashlight-pumped and water-cooled laser medium.A special arrangement of prisms and lenses solves the problem. First, two spherical lenses correct the thermal lens as if it were free from more

X-ray Lens for a Broad Range of Energies

X-ray spectroscopic examinations require a constant size of the focal spot at the location of the sample, which spot should be less than 1 µm over a wide photon energy range, possibly several keV. For instance, the energy range in EXAFS investigations is approx. 1 keV, in XANES examinations, approx. more

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Plastic Deformation of a Workpiece

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Increasing complexity of modern vehicle structures results in increasing requirements on the complexity of development and validation environments. This particularly applies to cases in which the interaction of vehicle, driver, and the environment has to be considered. The vehicle-in-the-loop development more

3D in the motor

Optical analysis of processes inside an Otto engine provides useful information on how emissions can be reduced and performance of an engine can be increased. However, acquisition of optical data in a cylinder is highly complicated. So far endoscopeshave been used to study the interior of a combustion more

Detection of Paint Damages

Items made of wood with painted surfaces are produced in large volumes. However, painting plain wooden surfaces often gives rise to defects causing a high rate of rejects. Defects, such as cracks, pits or blisters, so far have been detected manually by visual inspection. That technique has drawbacks more

Luminescent nanoparticles

To label individual cells, organelles, organs, or smallest components, nanoscaled luminophores are introduced into cell structures. The challenge consists in developing luminescent nanoparticles, whose luminescence is so intensive that they can be detected in spite of their small size. KIT scientists more

Flexible Section-machining

The extrusion process is of high economic importance. Vehicle or aerospace technologies have a high demand for extruded profiles for ultra-lightweight construction.To date, bent extruded sections have been processed with the help of stiff devices that are adapted individually to every workpiece. This more

Sustainable software architect. Palladio

Performance prognoses reduce costs in software more

Hybrid Bonding

Novel Technology for Bonding Structural more

Carbamates Based on Renewable Resources

Sustainable Synthesis Process to Produce for Chemical more

Printable Electrolytes

Special Electrolyte With Printable more

Chloride-ion Accumulator

The federal government would like to have one million battery-operated vehicles on German roads by 2020. Growing electric mobility will increase the demand for new and sustainable battery systems. In addition, sustainable and safe solutions for stationary storage systems will have to be developed. Research more

Cost-saving Semiconductor Production

Mineral Layer Allows for High Doping Densities of more

Switchable Magnets

Magnets can be applied in many ways: Magnetic forces can move machines or make robot hands grasp objects. Valves are opened and closed by magnets, similar to small locks. It is also possible to bind magnetic particles to chemical or biological substances and to sort these substances or specifically guide more

Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide

Microstructured Reactor for Production of Hydrogen more

Milling procedure for Battery Material

Modern small medical devices, such as hearing aids or cardiac pacemakers, have to be as light and compact as possible. For this reason, they are operated with small batteries, mainly button cells. In medical applications, these batteries have to have maximum storage capacity, frequent exchange is to more

Innovative Clutch Disk

In vehicles, the clutch is the component separating and linking the engine from / with the drive train. It interrupts power flow for changing gears or in standstill and balances the speed difference between the combustion engine and drive train, in particular during startup and changing gears.For comfortable, more

Phosphorus Detector

Phosphorus is a major constituent of many fertilizers. In the future, the substance will continue to play a key role in agriculture in order to produce sufficient food for the growing world's population. As no phosphorus mines exist in Germany, phosphorus has to be recycled from sewage. For this purpose, more

Perfect Crystalline Layers

They soak like sponges: MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks) are highly porous material powders able to accommodate molecules or nanoparticles. This property makes MOFs attractive in many areas of use. They can accommodate gases, such as hydrogen or methane, in this way serving as energy stores. In medicine, more

Magnetization on Request

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Flexible Hydrogenation

In the production of margarine, vegetable oils are hydrogenated to make them solid at room temperature. Such hydrogenations are reactions in which hydrogen substitutes other elements in a substance or is attached to free double bonds. The production of many chemicals or pharmaceuticals is based on hydrogenation more

Odorless & Requiring almost no Cleaning

Reagent Bound to Polymer Facilitates Introduction of Protective Groupsread more

Pressing and Turning

Tool Solidifies Metals and more

Protected from Radiation

Structured Magnetic Layer Attenuates Electromagnetic more

Precision Welding

Strongly Focused Laser, Whose Shapes Can Be Set more

Tailor-made Extraction Technique

The production of food, such as cheese, often gives rise to byproducts, such as whey. It would be good if the proteins and other valuable substances contained in whey could be extracted and sold instead of being disposed of with the whey. Extraction techniques removing a substance from a solution as more

Fluids on a Conveyor

Today, many analytical processes in medicine, pharmaceutics, and chemistry can be carried out with the help of microfluidic chips that are also referred to as lab-on-a-chip. So far, an individual chip has been designed for every application. Fluids are pumped through very small channels. Small production more

Modular Plug-in Systems

Integration and Miniaturization of High-frequency Electronic more

Energy-efficient Algae Production

Algae can contribute to securing our future energy supply by providing biomass for biodiesel production. Besides, the biomass from algae can be used for generating electricity. Algae modified for production of certain proteins or pharmacologically active substances, moreover, are of interest to the cosmetics more

A New Focus on Focusing

Optical System Whose Focus is Adjusted by Turning the more

Photon-based Structuring

Quantum computers working with single photons i.e., light particles, are expected to one day be calculating much faster than any previous computers. Single photons also play a role in novel systems for tap-proof transmission of messages. Such encoding is referred to as quantum cryptography and makes more

Filament Winding for Joining

In the past years, fiber composite materials have gained importance. Due to their high suitability for lightweight construction, combined with an excellent mechanical performance, these materials are used in aviation as well as in automotive engineering, ship construction, energy technology or sports. more

Ideal Adhesive Strip

Geckos can walk along walls and upside down on horizontal surfaces. Their feet adhere to nearly any surface and never lose their adhesive force even in case of repeated contact with dirty surfaces. Adhesion is due to the fact that the toes of many types of geckos have a lamellar structure and are covered more

Hard Material Coatings of Tools

To maximize the productivity and economic efficiency of components and tools, their service lives have to be extended, which means that the tools have to be used as long as possible without major damage due to wear. To reduce wear, components subject to high loads or milling and drilling tools for machining more

Shuttle for Material Specimens

Vacuum Box for Simple and Safe Handling of Dangerous more

Electronics from the Printer

If it were possible to print electronic components simply on paper or film, intelligent packages could be produced at low cost, for instance. Printed electronics is an attractive proposition also for all large-area applications, such as wallpaper equipped with light emitting diodes, or films fitted with more

Controlling Turbulences

Optical Tomography for Process Optimization in Combustion more

Metal-doped Polymers

Reactive resins are used in a large number of applications, such as coatings, electronics or adhesives. In addition, they are an important component in the production of fiber composites. The Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC-CPV) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has developed a versatile more

Monitoring System for Emission Sources

In spaces with emission hazards, such as warehouses containing chemicals or technical process plants, an emission source of unknown intensity may start at any point in time in any location. Hence the need for a method allowing the location, intensity, and onset of an emission to be determined by means more

Complex Modular Micro-optics

Miniaturization is not the only feature that is expected from modern microsystems. In addition to being small enough, today's systems are required to be highly integrable to be able to solve complex tasks including signal evaluation and the active readjustment of their own functions. To meet these demands, more

Composites for lightweight construction

Plastics for automatic materials more

Safe bridges

Rapid test to control external stressing more

In the Green Area

In connection with climate change, a worldwide trend to do without fossil fuels in the long term can be noticed. Consequently, electric motors and hybrid drive trains will be important in the future sustainable and environmentally compatible mobility concept. Electric motors are inseparably linked with more

Superfine, Robust, and Low Priced

Porous ceramics are used as filters in water or waste gas treatment, as catalyst carriers and medical implant materials, and in various other applications. Conventional methods for porous-ceramics manufacture have significant disadvantages for product manufacturing processes or material properties. Particularly more

SupportStructures WeldedHollowArchitect.

Optimum results of metallic-solids diffusion welding require very high temperatures and pressures. Using suitable presses, pressures of at least 25 megapascal must be generated at temperatures above 1,000°C for components made of materials with high melting temperatures such as highly heat-resistant more

Viewed from a Distance

Remote-sensing radar methods are used in many fields of application e.g., in environment and traffic engineering for glacier monitoring or observation of unstable. In industry and agriculture, they are used for automatic detection of small deviations and are thus helpful in developing new quality assurance more

Micro-scale Skyscrapers

Technique of Manufacturing Microstructures with High Aspect more

Cleansing by Daylight

Photocatalysts are substances initiating a chemical process under the influence of light in which inorganic or organic pollutants are removed by oxidation. When applied to outside surfaces, for instance, of façades, tiles, roofs, sanitary ceramics, glass or textile membranes, they can dissolve depositions more

Microbial Sensor for Biogas Plants

Biosensors are used wherever exact monitoring of analytes is relevant in the smooth operation of chemical processes, for instance in environmental, food and biomedical applications. These sensors use a biological component, such as bacteria, which responds to the concentration of a chemical substance more

Customized Pores

Layers of Highly Porous Metal-organic Frameworks onto more

Rapid and Homogeneous Heat Transfer

Temperature-sensitive Fluids with Cross-flow Micro Heat more

Nanoparticles from the Printer

Printed components are applied whenever large-area electronic components are required: Applications of printed electronics range from touch sensors to solar cells to diodes, storage systems, and displays to antennas and batteries. Printed electronics are produced by standard printing methods, such as more

Grape Berries under High Voltage

Innovative Treatment of Grape Mash Improves more

Efficient Thermal Management

High-performance gas discharge lamps generating UV radiation are employed mainly to kill pathogens in water treatment and for UV curing of paints in industrial plants. The challenge this poses is the need to keep the plasma in the lamps thermally stable to achieve an optimum effect. In conventional gas more

Versatile and Robust Ceramic Filter

Monolithic Ceramic Filters for Stepwise Separation of Substance more

Nanofur Separates Oil from Water

Nanostructured Plastic Foil for Use in Case of Oil Spill more

Connection of Polymer Components

Laser Welding Replaces Bonding and Heating for Joining more

Highly Precise Microcomponents

The demand for highly precise microcomponents is increasing. In medical technology, these microcomponents are needed for the construction of miniaturized diagnosis instruments. In precision mechanics, e.g. in the production of clocks or optical devices, such minute components are indispensable. The microinjection more

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