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Compressed air condensate reliably separated, efficiently processed

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A more economic solution for an environmentally sound condensate management is the decentralised oil-water separation directly at the source. Condensate which was processed with ÖWAMAT® can be directly introduced as cleaned water into the sewerage system. The devices have a national technical approval and do not require a permit according to the law on water.

In addition, the ÖWAMAT® oil-water separators do not create any energy costs, boast enormous filter service lives and can be retrofitted into older systems without difficulty. With this, the ÖWAMAT® meets the highest demands on sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

ÖWAMAT® has the national technical approval Z-83.5-9 of the "Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik" (an institute of the federal and state governments for a uniform fulfilment of technical tasks in the field of public law). With this, the devices take into account the environmental and water protection and follow the holistic approach of sustainability.

The cartridge technology is particularly user-friendly. It allows a fast replacement of the filter and facilitates low-waste disposal. Furthermore, the filter service lives are significantly longer than the service lives of conventional activated-carbon filters. The prolonged maintenance intervals also result from this high product quality.

The ÖWAMAT® also proves its saving potential when it comes to the life cycle costs: they are particularly low, as no additional energy is required for the processing procedure. Thanks to these advantages, the ÖWAMAT®, in most cases, pays for itself within a few months already.

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