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Dold & Söhne, E.

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Flexible Option module for safety switch - and trapped key interlock System

The robust option module extends our safety switch- and trapped key interlock system SAFEMASTER STS.
It allows a simple integration of command-, signal-, and emergency stop functions in already existing systems as well as in new safety concepts.
Therefore the SAFEMASTER STS system will be a real «Control Center» that is able to control command functions, releases, main- and maintenance accesses.

With only a few single components of our SAFEMASTER STS- system it is possible to realize a huge number of different locking units and to combine them with different command functions of our option module.

It can be installed directly underneath a switching- or interlock unit. It can be connected easy and fast via a plug connector. Its slim design allows a space saving mounting on the protection fence.
Therefore the option module allows a direct command execution on accesses of machines and plants.
This requires a faster operation of the command device and a higher plant availability. The option module can also be used as Stand- Alone module.

The stainless steel model guarantees highest stability and safety also in rough conditions. The flexible option module is available with cover plates in different colours and symbol stickers.

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KS 4460

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Sanftanlaufgerät UH 9018

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Drehzahlwächter UH 6932

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UG 6970

2 out of 8 selectable safety functionsread more

Isolationsfehlersuchsystem RR5887

Precise error localisation during ongoing operation!read more

Spannungs- und Frequenzwächter RP 9811

Mains and plant protection, internationalread more

Isolationswächter RN 5897

Electrical Safety for Power Supplies!read more

Differenzstromwächter RN 5883

VARIMETER RCM: Reliably identify current faults!read more

Phasenwächter RK 9872

Space-saving phase monitor!read more

Not-Aus-Modul RK 5942

The smallest emergency stop module in the SAFEMASTER familyread more

Halbleiterrelais PK 9260

Switching up to 88 A while saving space!read more

Sanftanlaufgerät PF 9029

Intelligent, flexible and high-performing!read more


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Messrelais MK 9300N

Multifunctional measuring relayread more

Varimeter MK 5130N

For clear network signals!read more

Isowächter LK 5896

Electrical safety for power supplies!read more

Isowächter LK 5894

Electrical safety for power supplies!read more

Varimeter RP 9800

Das Netz im Griff VARIMETER überwacht Einspeisung regenerativer Energien Bei der Einspeisung von Strom in das öffentliche Netz ist bei Anlagen > 30 kVA eine zusätzliche Spannungs- und Frequenzüberwachung bei Eigenerzeug-ungsanlagen, wie Photovoltaik, BHKWs, Wind- und Wasserkraftanlagen, Pflicht. Der more

Reversing contactor UG 9256

Saves space and cost Reversing contactor with softstart and current monitoring The reversing contactor UG 9256 of the DOLD POWERSWITCH series controls economically 3-phase motors with reversing operation up to 4 kW. It includes up to 5 functions in a space saving, only 22.5 mm wide enclosure. Besides more

Sanftanlaufgerät GI 9015

Intelligent, flexibel und leistungsstark! Softstarter mit Motormanagementsystem bis 800 kW Das neue Sanftanlaufgerät GI 9015 aus der DOLD MINISTART-Serie sorgt für einen verschleißarmen und schonenden Start von Maschinen und Anlagen bis 1600 A. Dadurch werden hohe mechanische Belastungen, ruckartige more

Safemaster Pro

Now with safer speed monitoring!read more

Safety relay OA 5642, OA 5643, OA 5644

Super flat! Innovative safety relays The new forcibly guided safety relays OA5642, OA5643 and OA5644 of DOLD are with only 10.3 mm height among the flattest on the market. Combined with a minimum required mounting area, they set new standards for the minimisation of safety solutions. In addition more

Enclosure for electronic KS 4400

More room for ideas Enclosure for electronic equipment with variable connectors When designing the new innovative enclosure series KS 4400, all requirements to a modern enclosure for electronics have been taken into account. Therefore the enclosure offers a wide range of design and application more

Enabling switch

Wireless enabling switch Ergonomic, flexible, safe The wireless Enabling switch SAFEMASTER® W of DOLD permits a safe operation and disconnection in the case of dangerous situations. It can be used for various applications and allows maximum mobility. It fulfills the safety requirements up to PL more

Speed monitor UH 5947

Safe Speed Monitor SAFEMASTER® S Comfort in safety that will convince you Easy handling and comfortable features make the safe speed monitor UH 5947 in the new SAFEMASTER® S-series of DOLD outstanding. Standstill, over- and underspeed are safely monitored in automatic and set up mode. In addition the more

saving e-stop module LG 5928

Space saving, flexible and safe! E-stop with adjustable time delay The space saving e-stop module LG5928 of the DOLD - SAFEMASTER®-Series can be used according to the latest safety standards in e-stop and safety gate circuits. It meets the safety requirements for SIL CL3 EN62061 and PL e DIN EN ISO more

Consumer units DOLD KU 4100

New 70mm high enclosures with exchangeable front Also the new Enclosure series for consumer units DOLD KU 4100 with a height of 70 mm is now available with exchangeable front. This increases again the flexibility for the user. This enclosure series offers many possibilities by individual design features. This more

Compact enclosures KO 4300

Plug in terminal blocks for fast exchange of devices Compact enclosures with different connection options The compact enclosures of the DOLD series KO4300 are available with diffe-rent connecting facilities. Besides nor-mal screw terminals also modern cage clamp connectors are available. These reduce more


Flexible, simple, safe! IN-RAIL-BUS- System The individual applicable IN-RAIL-BUS- System of DOLD is suitable for data transfer and power supply. The economic solution reduces installation time as well as the risk of wiring failures. The base for the IN-RAIL-BUS-SYSTEM is a carrier profile that more


Powerful Minis for high demands! Power miniature relays The power miniature relays DILAIS® OW 5691 and OW5699 of DOLD show minimum dimensions with maximum switching capacity and reliability. The dimensions of these mini relays are just . 10 x 20 x12 mm. Thes switching contacts can conduct a continuous more

Safety relays OA 5621

Solutions for individual requirements! Innovative safety relays The safety relays OA5621 and OA5622 of DOLD are designed for up to 8 A continuous current and various contact arrangements. The user can not only choose between different contact materials and contact designs, but also a number of mixed more

Minimaster IL 5504

Minimaster IL 5504: Eine CANopen-SPS im Westentaschenformat Reduktion aufs Wesentliche Die Verfügbarkeit einer Kompakt-SPS mit kleinsten Abmessungen ist schon ein Vorteil an sich. Mit bereits integriertem CANopen Interface sind weitere erhebliche Platz- und Kosteneinsparungen verbunden. Kleinere more

Ministart BL 9228

Stillstandserkennung gibt Verriegelungen frei Softstarter mit Bremsfunktion für Antriebsmotoren Das Sanftanlauf- und Bremsgerät ministart BL9228 von DOLD ermöglicht einen absolut ruckfreien Anlauf von Motoren bis 15 kW. Darüber hinaus gestattet eine einfache Bremseinstellung die Motorstillsetzung innerhalb more

Load monitor BH 9097

Stops damage on machines Load monitor for industrial motors The load monitors of the DOLD varimeter series are available with relay or with analogue output. Both units measure the effective power of electrical motors with variable motor load. While the load monitor BH 9097 has 2 relay outputs and more

Wendeschütz BI 9254

Spart Platz und Kosten Multifunktionaler Motorcontroller für Reversierantriebe Das Wendeschütz BI 9254 von DOLD steuert kostengünstig 3- phasige Reversierantriebe bis 5,5 kW. Es vereint drei Geräte in einem platzsparenden Kompaktgehäuse. So bietet der Motorcontroller neben der Wende- auch eine Sanftanlauffunktion more

Ministart GF 9016

Low wearing and easy to go motor start Softstarter with softstop function The new softstarter generation Ministart GF 9016 of DOLD controls asynchronous motors up to 75 A. By a special control of the semiconductors it is easy on motor and supply mains. Ramp up/ramp down time and starting torque are more

Differential current monitor varimeter

Reliable fire and system protection Differential current monitor type B with pre-warning function Early detection of insulation faults can prevent failure of complete electrical plants. Fault current monitoring by measuring differential current is the ideal method for this application. The monitoring more

Infomaster B

INFOMASTER reduces standstill times Extendable fault annunciator system for plants and buildings The compact new -/first-message annunciator system INFOMASTER B of DOLD allows fast and economic localisation of failures in plants and buildings. A lot of time is saved when faultfinding and the failure more

Safety Standstill Monitor LH 5946

Sensorless Safety Standstill Monitor 2-channel standstill monitoring of motors The new DOLD safety standstill monitor LH5946 detects standstill of disconnected motors independent of the rotating direction. It fulfils SIL 3 and PL e/SK 4 and is used to release a solenoid locking switch or to activate more

Powerswitch PH 9270

For less rejects in production! Self monitoring solid state relay The compact DOLD solid state relay POWERSWITCH PH 9270 has integrated monitoring functions and is suitable for high frequency operation. It switches wear free, noiseless and has a nearly unlimited service life. In addition it offers more

Safemaster STS

Protection against being locked in SAFEMASTER® STS of DOLD SAFEMASTER® STS is a modular safety switch and key transfer system made of long lasting stainless steel. It is designed to be used on guard systems with gates and covers and combines the advantages of a safety switch, solenoid lock and key transfer more

Safemaster W

This will convince you! Wireless E-stop fuction The innovative DOLD- SAFEMASTER W with BG- approval offers additional safety when entering mobile and stationary machines and plants especially with large or unobserved dangerous areas. The safety details are performance level (PL) "e" according to more

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